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13 Results

Frisco Trail

2.39 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Greg Smith River Trail

4.7 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Gravel

Hamestring Creek Trail

0.62 mi
State: AR

Meadow Valley Trail

2.4 mi
State: AR

Oak Ridge Trail

0.5 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Old Frisco Trail

6.5 mi
State: OK
Dirt, Grass, Gravel

Razorback Regional Greenway

36.7 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Scull Creek Trail

4.4 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Shiloh Trail

1.7 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

St. Paul Trail

0.78 mi
State: AR

Town Branch Trail (Fayetteville)

2.1 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Tsa La Gi Trail

1.2 mi
State: AR
Asphalt, Concrete

Walker Park Trail

0.8 mi
State: AR
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Frisco Trail connects the vibrant entertainment center of Fayetteville on Dickson Street with newer development on the south side of Fayetteville. Dickson Street includes numerous restaurants,...
AR 2.39 mi Asphalt, Concrete
Running adjacent to the Arkansas River, the Rice Carden Walking Trail provides a pleasant out-and-back trip of just over 6 miles in the community of Fort Smith. You will have views of the river as you...
AR 4.7 mi Asphalt, Gravel
The Hamestring Creek Trail is a developing path along its namesake waterway in western Fayetteville. Unusually, the trail currently dead-ends at both termini, with access only available from W....
AR 0.62 mi Asphalt
The Meadow Valley Trail is one of the more recent additions to Fayetteville's extensive trail network, and was the direct result of strong local demand for a trail connection from downtown to the...
AR 2.4 mi Asphalt
The Oak Ridge Trail links the heart of the University of Arkansas' campus with Fayetteville's charming downtown. From the trail's eastern endpoint, seamlessly continue north on the Frisco Trail—also...
AR 0.5 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Old Frisco Trail begins on the south end of Poteau, the county seat of eastern Oklahoma's Le Flore County, not far from the state's border with Arkansas. Most of the trail has a crushed stone...
OK 6.5 mi Dirt, Grass, Gravel
Completed in 2015, the Razorback Regional Greenway spans a large portion of Northwest Arkansas, connecting the bustling hubs of Bentonville and Fayetteville with the growing suburban communities of...
AR 36.7 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Scull Creek Trail, which opened in October of 2008, extends from the Frisco Trail at W. Prospect Street north past the Meadow Valley Trail, Mud Creek Trail and Clear Creek Trail to Block Avenue....
AR 4.4 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Shiloh Trail is a work in progress that will ultimately form a significant north–south route through the western reaches of Fayetteville. The developing trail parallels both Interstate 49 and...
AR 1.7 mi Asphalt, Concrete
Fayetteville's St. Paul Trail occupies a short section of what was once an 8-mile long branch line of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (the Frisco) between Fayetteville and St. Paul, Arkansas. The...
AR 0.78 mi Asphalt
Situated in south Fayetteville, the Town Branch Trail connects to the Frisco Trail on its eastern end and heads west to Greathouse Park, a 6-acre green space with picnic areas, a playground and...
AR 2.1 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Tsa La Gi Trail is open in two disconnected segments in Fayetteville. While not particularly scenic, the trail is an extremely useful funnel for residents of the rapidly developing southern sector...
AR 1.2 mi Asphalt, Concrete
The Walker Park Trail loops around Walker Park, providing access to the various amenities within Fayetteville's second oldest park. Visitors can enjoy a large skate park, playgrounds, soccer fields,...
AR 0.8 mi Asphalt

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Recent Trail Reviews

Razorback Regional Greenway

Very good trail! Nice Ride!

May, 2019 by bkn94

Rode the southern portion of the trail in May 2019. Started at the "Bike Route Bike Shop"and went south to Kessler Mountain Regional Park and back. Trail is well kept and thought out. One thing I noticed, as a first time visitor to the area, riding south is more intuitive than riding back north. That being said, the trail is well designed and well kept. 4.5 stars! Lastly, after your ride, make sure to stop at HUGO's for a meal! The "Blue Moon Burger" is tasty!

Razorback Regional Greenway

Best Ever!

May, 2019 by susanaldridge555

I can’t say enough great things about this trail. Rode it without any fuss and beautiful I might add! A treat for sure’

Razorback Regional Greenway

great trail

September, 2018 by rpmagee

I was in Arkansas last week, visiting from PA and rode this trail, one of the best trails I have ever ridden. I am on a quest to ride 100 miles in each state and rode 62 miles one day and 40 the next and greatly enjoyed this trail. Going through a couple of towns the way the trail and the road is separated was fantastic.


Razorback Regional Greenway

Signage ??

August, 2018 by adrianwright100

As visitors, rode some of the Greenway for first time this week. Awesome trail system. We thought the Tulsa OK trails were good but this system has them beaten for standard and variety of users. We rode trikes but the systems available for all grades of mountain bikers was phenomenal.
Only complaint we had, maybe more of a comment, signage could be better in some places. As the system is made up of many trails, it was confusing when trying to go from one to another. Got onto the wrong trail twice because no signage at any trail splits.only reason we didn't give 5 stars.

Old Frisco Trail

Love this trail

September, 2017 by daysinn1

I love yo run the trail. There are four bridges on the trail the first one is 3/10 Mike in and very long. Right now 3 of the 4 bridges have art murals on them. The 4 th at the wister end will be done soon! Lots of kids ride their bikes here and lots more adults run this trail. It is a very safe area. I've been out there alone at 3:30-4am to stay out of the heat

Razorback Regional Greenway

Fun times!

July, 2017 by randy17

We love riding our bikes on the Razorback Regional Greenway. You can pick and choose different places to park and ride. We enjoy riding with friends whenever we can.

Razorback Regional Greenway

Well done NWA

April, 2017 by schinnerer

I am fairly new to biking, but this is one of the most amazing trail systems I have ever seen. I have only ridden the northern half so far, and have enjoyed it every time I've gone out. Don't stop branching out. I live in Cave Springs and would love to see a trailhead closer to me where I can jump on. There are some signage issues that need to be dealt with. Especially around the New Hope area. Thanks again for providing an excellent trail.

Razorback Regional Greenway

Extensive, picturesque trail; however...

January, 2017 by trikesterhal

I live in Springdale and ride four miles from home through city streets to downtown where I catch the Greenway.

At the moment the trail is blocked in two places going north. Signs say the trail is closed at Pleasant Grove Road, but I continued on all the way until where it crosses under I-49. It's blocked there and will be for several months because they are widening I-49 and building the trestles under the highway.

There is a detour shown from Pleasant Grove up over and around I-49 but I'm told it's on city streets and bit hazardous. And up near Bella Vista in the north its closed by more highway construction for the new bypass.

It's called progress and when it opens again it will be possible to traverse then entire path from north to south. It is a fun and picturesque ride. In some fifteen months I've ridden some 3,000+ miles on this system on a recumbent trike. It's a lot of fun.

More and more trails are connecting to the system in the coming years. You just need to be patient. It's only going to get better and better.

Old Frisco Trail

A Trail to Be Recommended - with Exceptions

November, 2016 by hickok23

It proved true for us that the trail is prone to flooding, even it was not rainy weather. [More later] We can also confirm that the reviews that spoke of the neglected state of the second half of the trail proved true. As to the surface: in the beginning it was finely crushed stone and gravel, alternating with hard-packed soil and grass, but later, in the second half, the crushed stone became rougher and rougher, sometimes with pieces as big as a fist: not at all good for even my 2.2" wide tires, let alone Mary's with just 35 Millimeters. The result for her were three broken spokes in her rear wheel and a flat. We also found the second half of the trail way more overgrown than the first, and all bicycling ended for us shortly after we had reached mile marker 5, when there were trail-wide and deep puddles which we dared not ride our bicycles through. The sides of the trail were too overgrown and looked too swampy there for us to try and walk our bikes around the puddles. So we just turned around. As to the bridges: they were well maintained, but I decided to stop before each of them and walk my bicycle onto them as they were not level with the bike path but had steps of 5 to 8 inches to get onto them.
Conclusion: the trail is well worth riding as it leads you through a beautiful landscape, mostly under a great canopy of trees, which makes it pleasant even in the heat of a summer day, but I'd recommend the first half only. After that the surface becomes way too rough even for wide and knobby tires like my Salsa Fargo. The second part definitely needs a lot more care, cutting weeds and shrubs that overgrow it, replacing the way-too-coarse ground-stone surface with finer gravel, and filling the depressions in the trail so that it'll be rideable even after some rain. The trailhead in Poteau [since we didn't get to the other end I can't say anything about the trailhead in Wister] could also be improved: there's nothing but parking on the grass or at the side of a dirt road: a bench under a roof, a water fountain and facilities would greatly help there. But in spite of this, we really enjoyed our ride.
More about our experiences, with pictures, here:

Greg Smith River Trail

Beautiful Upgrades!

September, 2016 by elishevah

I can tell the trail is not completely finished, but it has had MAJOR upgrades since people last reviewed it. The first half of the trail (starting at the River Front Park near downtown Fort Smith and following the river) is now a nice wide concrete walkway with a pavilion and statuary near the park and benches along the trail. About mid-way through the first half of the trail there is another pavilion and a nice footbridge. There is also lighting all along this part of the trail. There is no heavy vegetation close to the trail, so no security worries or surprises.

It has been years since I walked on the second half of the trail that leads to Fort Smith Park. It is still a gravel trail, but smooth and level as it was build upon old railway tracks. I'm not sure if this portion of the trail is lighted, but it does have vegetation closer to the trail, so people may not feel as secure at night.

If you haven't been on this trail in a couple of years, I highly recommend it. It's a very easy trail, except the length may be a challenge for some, and a lot of it is now wheelchair accessible.

Town Branch Trail (Fayetteville)

nice country trail in town

August, 2016 by crystal lady

this is a great trail to walk on or to bike on. there are many folks I see using it. its well lit up and people are friendly. id like to see the trail on this website as complete as it is. it is very scenic. many bridges and close to the u of a. plenty of parking at great house park if you start there. so please up date this site with the tail as it is. its very nice. I and my friends enjoy it very much. thank you

Razorback Regional Greenway


March, 2016 by jonc123

I don't know wher to start, but it looks like this is the first review of this trail. I'll start by saying this is one of the top trails in the country. What they (whoever that group of folks may be) have done is a engineering marvel. I live in Missouri and I am a bicycle tourist. I have camped, backpacked and enjoyed the Arkansas scenery for many years.

The way I did the trail was like this...I parked near the Northern end at a Lowe's Home Improvement. They do not allow overnight parking at the trailhead at Bella Vista or Bentonville or any trailhead at for that matter. I rode my loaded touring Bike South to Fayetteville, which was a wonderful ride. The only problem I encountered, was that the 2 campgrounds in Fayetteville did not allow tent camping of any sort. I found a RV campground 6-7 miles South of Fayetteville called the "Cow Patty" and they had no problem with a tent. The only negative thing about that is that 6-7 miles on HWY 71 which is pretty much bicycle unfriendly. After spending the night at the Cow Patty, I headed back North to my vehicle parked at Lowe's which was still in the parking lot. I did call them ahead of time and had the O.K. to park there.

I'll repeat; this trail is an engineering marvel. I won't go into details because you'll have to see for yourself how they wound it through the various cities. It is 95% concrete trail, seperate from the roadway.

The only problem I had with the trail was some of the signage. It looks as though it was placed by someone who has never ridden the trail. This problem is compounded by the fact that the trail travels through many different cities and is composed of 19 trails which are listed on this website at the homepage for this trail. Why they don't get rid of the 19 trail names and just call it the Razorback Greenway and rename the side trails is beyond me.

The worse places I saw for signage problems were in Bentonville, South of the Neil compton home through the rest of Bentonville and in Springdale. I think the powers to be would be really enlightened to find someone who has not traveled the Greenway before, and follow them and see the reaction they have to the signage. they would need to do this North and South.

As it is now, the whole trail is 95% nice concrete and mostly brand new. At some point you have to get rid of the 19 trails it is composed of.

I also think that the mile markers for the trail are useless, they need to be much more often, say every tenth of a mile instead of every mile.

And lastly, they need to provide overnight parking at leat at the beginning, middle and ends. I give the city of Bentonville and Bella Vista zero stars for this matter. The suggestions I was given was to park up at the Missouri state line at the Walmart. I E-mailed the director of the Bentonville Parks and Recreation, David Wright. Much of the parking information I got was from him, another Bentonville Parks employee or the Bella Vista police Department. Mr. Wright was the only one that did not suggest the Walmart up at the Missouri state line and the dangerous highway I would have to navigate on my bicycle to get to the Northers end of the trail.

I was told over and over, no camping alsong the trail, but as I knew I would find, homeless folks are already using the trail and camping. Especially at the Southern end in Fayetteville.

Special thanks to the Lowe's in Bentonville/Bella Vista for letting me park. Even more so, Thanks to whoever engineered & designed the trail. They will always have a job. Pat yourself on the back.

In closing, I would say, fix the signage, allow overnight parking and make public those locations.

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