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Ashton-Tetonia Trail

29.6 mi
State: ID
Dirt, Gravel

Boulder Creek Trail

0.25 mi
State: ID
Boardwalk, Gravel

Great American Rail-Trail

3743.9 mi
State: DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY
Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone

Latah Trail

16 mi
State: ID
Asphalt, Gravel

Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail (Pearson to Calder)

36.1 mi
State: ID
Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass, Gravel

NorPac Trail

22.2 mi
State: ID, MT
Concrete, Dirt, Gravel

North Valley Rail Trail

5.9 mi
State: ID
Asphalt, Dirt

Pend d'Oreille Bay Trail

1.5 mi
State: ID

Railroad Right-of-Way Trail

34 mi
State: ID

Route of the Hiawatha

15 mi
State: ID

The Strand

2.2 mi
State: ID
Asphalt, Dirt

Weiser River National Recreation Trail

84 mi
State: ID
Asphalt, Ballast, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Ashton-Tetonia Trail officially opened in 2010 and extends nearly 30 miles between the towns of Ashton and Tetonia, Idaho. The trail occupies a former rail spur once operated by Union Pacific (the...
ID 29.6 mi Dirt, Gravel
The first step in the small city of Donnelly's plan to build a network of trails around its borders, the Boulder Creek Trail is a short but lovely pathway. The gravel and boardwalk path runs through a...
ID 0.25 mi Boardwalk, Gravel
The Crown Point Railroad Grade runs 2.7 miles along a flat grade, perfect for walking, cycling or horseback riding. The trail is in Lake Cascade State Park and follows the southeast shoreline of the...
ID 2.7 mi Dirt
The Great American Rail-Trail highlights some of the country’s most iconic landmarks, well-known geography and storied history across a 3,700-miles-plus route between Washington and Washington....
DC, IA, ID, IL, IN, MD, MT, NE, OH, PA, WA, WV, WY 3743.9 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone
The Latah Trail travels for 12 miles between Moscow and Troy on a 10-foot-wide paved path, paralleling State Route 8 until Howell Road, where it winds north through a forested to Troy's City Park. The...
ID 16 mi Asphalt, Gravel
The Pearson-to-Calder Trail, part of the Idaho Milwaukee Road Rail-Trail system, passes through the scenic St. Joe River Valley and connects the popular Route of the Hiawatha with the towns of Avery,...
ID 36.1 mi Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass, Gravel
Notice: The US Forest Service has closed the Borax Tunnel indefinitely as it is in imminent danger of collapse.Contact the Superior Ranger Station at Lolo National Forest for more information and...
ID, MT 22.2 mi Concrete, Dirt, Gravel
Valley County Pathways, a nonprofit responsible for the rural Idaho county's ambitious trails plan, spearheaded the construction of the popular North Valley Rail Trail as its centerpiece. The trail...
ID 5.9 mi Asphalt, Dirt
The Pend d’Oreille Bay Trail offers a wooded, unpaved route along its namesake bay between Ponderay and Sandpoint in northern Idaho. In addition to the waterfront views, you can see the Cabinet...
ID 1.5 mi Dirt
The Railroad Right-of-Way Trail winds through the pristine wilderness of Idaho's Targhee National Forest. The sprawling forest is a unit of the even larger Caribou-Targhee National Forest, which...
ID 34 mi Ballast
Note: Route of the Hiawatha is operated by Lookout Pass Ski Area under a special-use permit of the U.S. Forest Service. Trail users must obtain and display trail passes, which cost $10 for adults and...
ID 15 mi Gravel
The Strand, sometimes referred to as the Cascade River Walk, meanders along the Payette River with sweeping views of the valley and surrounding mountains. It runs between North Bridge and South Bridge...
ID 2.2 mi Asphalt, Dirt
The Weiser River National Recreation Trail is a feast of desert canyons, evergreen forests and alpine meadows, following the former right-of-way of a Union Pacific Railroad line between Tamarack and...
ID 84 mi Asphalt, Ballast, Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

NorPac Trail

Been there, done that, don’t need to go back.

July, 2021 by acewickwire

Went from Saltese to Lookout Pass one day and Lookout Pass to Mullan the following day. Take a map. Only saw three signs indicating Northern Pacific Trail and they were on the Idaho side, very little help. The Borax tunnel is closed but a steep bypass route is available, hike-a-bike up this steep road. Again this is a multi-use trail, 10 ATVs passed by, campers along the trail, Forest Service truck and semi with excavator on a trailer came down the trail, plus a few bikers encountered on the trail. Saw a number of deer, including a very nice buck. Trail condition was good and easy enough to ride. On the Idaho side a couple mile section of the trail has a 4% grade, the norm is 2%. That section was easy to coast down with a little more effort to come up but still not terrible. The trail map shows the trail ending at the fish hatchery but the description talks about starting in Mullan. Estimate the overall trail length from Saltese to Mullan to be close to 28 miles. Don’t expect trail signage, take a map, and read the trail description details.

Route of the Hiawatha

second time

July, 2021 by xfpcdx56mb

For our second visit to Hiawatha we were on pedal assist e-bikes. Rode down then up, WOW what a blast. Can’t wait to do it again.

Route of the Hiawatha

Hiawatha Trail

July, 2021 by petermunk7

Rode this trail in June, 2021 on the 3rd day of the 300k Bitterroot loop. We started in Harrison & rode to Wallace on Day 1, to Haugan on Day 2, then turned around and headed West & South to Avery on Day 3, and on to St Maries on Day 4.

The Hiawatha trail is managed by the Lookout Pass Ski Area. You are supposed to pick up your trail pass at the Ski Area on the day you are riding, but our route that day did not take us past the Ski Area (we were riding from Haugan on the Olympian trail). So we purchased our trail passes online, printed out our receipt, and exchanged the receipt for our trail passes at the East Portal of the St Paul Pass Tunnel.

Trail surface was excellent -- packed dirt with no large rocks or ruts, and just a few potholes. No problem riding on our road bikes (gravel bikes) with 35 mm tires. A little muddy inside the tunnels, but still ridable. Our pannier racks kept the mud from spraying up onto our backs. Be sure to bring headlight, rear flasher, and a windbreaker or long sleeves for the tunnels. Awesome scenery through miles of wilderness, did not see any roads or buildings for miles.

At the South end of the trail in Pearson, you can turn around and ride back, or arrange for space on a shuttle bus when you purchase the trail passes. Or you can continue beyond Pearson to Avery. There are 2 routes to Avery -- Moon Pass Road is a public gravel road that uses the old RR grade up above the St Joe River. Road 300 is a narrow road alongside the St Joe River. We took Moon Pass Road to experience more of the old RR trestles and tunnels. But the gravel was loose, we had to do a lot of weaving to avoid loose peastones. I think the surface is better on 300.


NorPac Trail

Nor Pac Trail

July, 2021 by petermunk7

Rode the Nor Pac Trail in June, 2021 as second leg of the 300k Bitterroot Loop. The signs showing the connection from the Coeur D'Alene trail have been swiped, here is the route we took: At the Coeur D'Alene trailhead in Mullan, continue East on River, which turns into Friday, which turns into Larson. 1 1/2 miles from the Coeur D'Alene trailhead bear left to stay on Larson (not right to WIllow Creek). After another 1 3/4 miles on Larson, turn right onto Yellowstone (no street sign). Go up the hill and the Nor Pac is at the top -- take a sharp right onto the trail. After 2 1/2 miles on the Nor Pac, take a 180 turn to the left to stay on the Nor Pac (the railroad must have had a switchback here).

The Nor Pac surface is packed dirt with no soft sand. There are some small rocks, ruts, and potholes, but you can steer around them. I was able to ride it without difficulty using a road bike (gravel bike design) with 35 mm tires. Beautiful scenery of forest and mountains climbing up to Lookout Pass. Snacks available at the Lookout Pass ski area. I would have given this trail 5 stars, except that the dirt surface will be muddy after a rain.

As others have reported, the Borax Tunnel on the Montana side is closed, with no ridable detour. We rode the 5 miles from Lookout Pass to Taft on I-90, which is legal in Montana. Yes, there is truck traffic, but there is a wide paved shoulder for the bikes. We have rear flashers & rear view mirrors & are comfortable riding on highway shoulders at home, so for us it was not a problem. We exited at Taft & jumped back on the Nor Pac to Saltese. The trail runs alongside I-90 between Taft and Saltese.

If you are going to stop at the Old Montana bar in Saltese for lunch, ride all the way to the end of the NorPac at the I-90 Saltese exit. If continuing East beyond Saltese, turn right off the NorPac 1/2 mile before Saltese and climb up the hillside to the Olympian Trail. The turnoff is marked with a sign pointing to the "upper grade" which means the Olympian Trail. Saltese has a motel & dinner is available, but not breakfast. So we continued on the Olympian Trail to Haugan & stayed there.

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

Coeur d'Alene Trail

July, 2021 by petermunk7

Rode the trail in June, 2021 as the first leg of the 300k Bitterroot Loop. Left our car at Harrison, stayed overnight at the Lakeview Lodge, and rode next day from Harrison to Wallace. Stayed at the Wallace Inn & then next day continued East to Mullan, then continued on Nor Pac & Olympian trails to Haugan. Trail surface was paved & very smooth, no problem for road bikes. Great views of Coeur D'Alene Lake & River. If it fits with your schedule, ride on a weekday, it will be less crowded.

Route of the Hiawatha

crazy awesome Trail! You must do!

July, 2021 by jessebay333

This trail was amazing with it scenery 2% grade the whole way super flat. If you choose to go up it like we did. It’s 30 miles round-trip. Definitely go early to beat the heat. Trail opens at 8AM and you have to Buy tickets. Suggestion: if you’re going to do the round-trip like we did. You can Park at the bottom of the trail before it opens and bike up. Then purchase tickets at the top for your way down. They have bike rentals at the ski lodge and ticks there to if needed.

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes

The Best Trail. Ever.

July, 2021 by mdp1954

I love this ride. Rode the whole trail over several weekends, broken up into chunks. I'd go 20 miles out – 20 miles back. You are mostly out in nature on this trail. I've seen moose, deer, lots of ducks and geese, cranes, coyote, etc.. Along the way are plaques explaining highlights and history of the area. And should you need, there are clean restrooms and benches and tables (in the shade) along the way. Be sure to treat yourself to a refreshing stop in Harrison, Enaville, Cataldo, Kellog, and Wallace. I planned my bike ride so I'd hit a cafe in one of these towns at just the right time to refresh myself with a cold beer and pulled-pork sandwich. I plan to ride this trail, or at least sections of it, once every year.

Ashton-Tetonia Trail

The Westside Views of the Tetons are Stunning

July, 2021 by socata20fv

We started this trail on the south end by Tetonia. The trail going north from this point is very rough. After a short distance we retreated to the car and drove to the parking area on road W14250N and Reece road which had a very clean restroom.

The trail going north from this point is in better shape than from the southern trailhead. A trestle is a short ride north. The views of the Tetons are stunning causing many stops for photos.

The next morning we started the trail from the north end near Ashton. There is a nice parking area with a restroom just east of Ashton on highway 47 where the trail crosses Hwy 47. This parking area is not noted on the Trail Link map or description. This is an easy ride through farmland and rolling hills. The trestle crossings are awesome.

If you are in need of eats there is a small town restaurant on the main street in Ashton called “Five 11 Main Fountain & Pizzeria”. What a treat this place is, great food, old style ice cream/soda fountain and very good service. Highly recommend this place.

This trail is absolutely worth your time.

NorPac Trail

Borax Tunnel Closed

June, 2021 by williamjreichert

The U.S. Forest Service has closed the Borax Tunnel due to imminent failure. Warning signs are posted on the trail at Lookout Pass and Taft, Montana. The tunnel is located approximately four miles East of the Lookout Pass summit.

A steep bypass trail has been constructed a half mile uphill of the tunnel. The quarter mile long bypass is steep and rocky. Cycling the bypass downhill is tricky; uphill is extremely difficult. Best course of action is to walk your bike both directions. There is currently no signage at either end of the bypass.

Riders can view the tunnel roof's failure from the barrier at the downhill portal. The tunnel will remain closed for the foreseeable future.

NorPac Trail

Borax tunnel is closed

June, 2021 by aparrott58

The Borax tunnel is indefinitely closed due to structural issues that render this tunnel unusable, unstable and very dangerous to ride through. There isn't a go around or any other remedy to continue on this trail using this tunnel. You cannot ride your bike on I-90 in this area due to high traffic volume and huge amounts of semi trucks. The local bike club is working on either a go around or shoring up the tunnel (highly unlikely). This means, for now, that another tunnel on the Northern Pacific is gone. The Borax tunnel is the tunnel that is mentioned in the writeup for this trail between Mullan and Taft.

Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes


June, 2021 by zagnuts26

I have ridden this trail twice. Very nice,relaxing,simply fantastic but that Harrison to Plummer section is one long uphill. The ice cream store in Harrison a wonderful break spot. I wish this trail was closer to my residence. Trail of the Hiawatha is also quite nice but buy or rent a very good light which WILL make or break your ride. All in all, these places are definite bucket list rides you do not want to miss!!

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Such Fun

June, 2021 by fletchercham61

We started at the Shoshone Falls and pulled the hill up to the rim. We have ebikes so it was no big deal. The views are spectacular. We then went on through farm land, Evil Knieval’s failed attempt to jump the canyon location, residential areas and to the welcome center at the fabulous bridge in Twin Falls. We were able to watch a base jumper (unexpected treat). We then went about a mile beyond the welcome center and turned back. It was hot. Once you are up on the rim it’s level. The whole trail is paved. Worth it!

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