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Cathy Crockett Memorial Trail

2 mi
State: KY
Ballast, Gravel

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

18 mi
State: KY
Crushed Stone
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Cathy Crocket Memorial Trail occupies the former railroad right-of-way of the Cincinnati–Southern Railway that was relocated in the 1950s when Lake Cumberland was formed. The trail begins along US...
KY 2 mi Ballast, Gravel
In eastern Kentucky, 18 miles of the planned 36-mile Dawkins Line Rail Trail are open for use. Although only half-finished, the trail has already become the state's longest rail-trail. Most...
KY 18 mi Crushed Stone
At the northern end of the Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail is the impressive Mammoth Cave. With 390 miles of passages, it's the world's longest cave, more than double the length of its closest...
KY 9 mi Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

Barren River Lake State Resort Park

great trail, with a few concerns

July, 2020 by revchk

First off, this is an awesome trail. It is completely paved and is shaded for roughly about 2/3 of the whole 2.5 mile loop. Incredible scenery, loved the bridges over the creek, and it was full of spectacular nature, plus it was challenging from the rolling and steep inclines and descents within. It was also nice that there was a playground and restrooms with close parking to the trail head. Plus, one might think it’s not long enough, but trust me- it was a workout! However, there are a few concerns one needs to be mindful of. Much of the trail is cracked or buckled from tree roots growing under the pavement which made for a VERY rough ride on some parts. Also mud,debris, and other hazards like fallen tree limbs will likely be encountered, so pay attention. You will want to use a mountain bike or at least a bike with thicker wheels. On the day we were there, I was pulling a toddler trailer with my youngest son in the back. He giggled at first because of the “bumps” but started to not like them eventually. Make sure if you are pulling a trailer that you have descent ground clearance, and no other items except maybe a water bottle because your children will be “bounced” a lot. Plus, you will want hand breaks and the ability to shift gears...some of the hills are very steep and to maintain control you will likely have to “ride the brake” and shift gears frequently. My wife and oldest son ride bikes that are traditional pedal brake bikes which made the trail less fun for them on a few of the slopes and those occasional sharp turns. But they both enjoyed the trail, and just adapted. There was also a section of this trail that was “slanted” or leaning toward a cliff edge. This made me a little nervous as a parent with the trailer and also having my other young child riding his bike there as well because the trail is narrow. But we didn’t have any issues. Also, a significant portion of this trail runs through a golf course. There are “cart crossings”....and greens that are adjacent or connect to the mindful of this possible hazard if the golf course is busy. At one point a cart was parked next to the bike trial and they were searching for a ball. Minor thing, but with the turns and blind spots, had I been riding fast, there might have been an accident. And of course, having my family with me, made me perhaps a little anxious about the potential reality of someone getting hit by a golf ball. In short, it was a great trail, but it rode more like a mountain bike path than a paved trail. It is family friendly but not family “easy.” So use caution with the above mentioned concerns. Would I take my family there again, I said....awesome trail...just be aware of the unique conditions so it is an enjoyable experience for all. FYI....we rode the whole trail twice that day....had a picnic between..... With an additional ride back down to the creek because my oldest son wanted to and my youngest fell asleep in the trailer and napped on the way....even with the they can be navigated and not be too cumbersome. In short, pay attention and enjoy this little gem of bike trail at Barren River State park.

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

Great ride

July, 2020 by amynstepp

Just finished this trail today, not all 18 miles in one day (yet)! So far our favorite trailhead is Jane Beshear. Great riding in either direction. Tip top tunnel is closed, but still enjoyable ride. It’s 6+ miles west of the trailhead, with a significant portion paved. Less than 4 miles heading east and you get to ride through the Gun Creek tunnel. Another 6 miles from there will take you to the Swamp Branch trailhead and Griffith Family farms (great stop!). The Jenny’s creek trailhead also has a large parking area. Very clean, very blessed to have this in Eastern Kentucky. So far, on 3 of our 5 rides, we’ve seen multiple deer and a fox :-)

Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail

great ride through the woods

June, 2020 by danielfarmer

this is my favorite kind of trail, being more of a road cyclist. not a super technical mtb challenge, just rolling hills, good compacted gravel surface, lots of trees... all kinds of birds on this trail. saw a gold finch, bluebirds, and one big turkey that took off in front of me on a straightaway and stayed on the path, airborne, leading the way for quite a bit. there was one small tree across the trail today, but it looked very recent and i didn’t need to dismount to go around. the trail does zig zag across the highway a few times, but you have unobstructed views upon approach and traffic was not heavy. there are easily visible caution posts at all these crossings, so nothing jumps up on you. great experience.


Lake Barkley Bridge Multiuse Path

i'm going back

May, 2020 by danielfarmer

this trail is one of my new favorites. i started on the east end and traveled west. the off-road trail signage is a little lacking, but you never really get too far going the wrong way before you figure out you've turned wrong. the off-road part between the bridges is very fun. lots of gravel and dirt trail. i saw no washed out parts. they have grating installed to prevent washout in at least one spot. i didn't look at the map closely enough before going. the majority of this trail is off road trail! and it is very fun! nothing too steep or sharp on the hills or curves. just fun riding.

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

May 2020 Memorial Day

May, 2020 by chadwickthompson1971

Had a great ride today. The surface of the trail is constantly improving. Much better than when the trail first opened. Several new facilities have been added to the trail. They were all closed due to Covid-19. However, finding the Royalton trailhead was difficult. Saw the signs on both ends of the road but didn’t see any parking. A local individual told me to park at a church. Other than that it was a great ride!!!

Lewis and Clark Bridge Trail

Interesting Architecture Good River View

May, 2020 by riordanmj

With some steady uphills at both ends, this is a walk that shouldn’t be too difficult. The approaches are asphalt, all the bridge surfaces are concrete so it’s not forgiving at all. Obviously there is no real shade, so choose your time wisely. Bring hydration and sunscreen! From parking area to parking area is about 2.5 miles so you can get a 5 mile round trip. Busy at times with bikes, runners and walkers, but it’s wide enough you don’t feel crowded. Traffic noise is very loud unfortunately given the amount of truck traffic.

Legacy Trail (KY)

Great afternoon ride

May, 2020 by robinskiboo

My husband, boys, and I enjoyed the urban scenery and the horse farms. Very well maintained and populated trail. Our only complaint is that hardly anyone used the courteous term, "passing on your left."

Barren River Lake State Resort Park

great shady ride

May, 2020 by danielfarmer

great views and seclusion. i saw a deer drinking water just off the trail. the only drawback on this trail is lots of buckling from roots in the asphalt. otherwise, this is a great ride through the woods.

Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail

Great mtn bike ride

May, 2020 by markwantemann

The trail is down hill one way and uphill coming back. Save energy for the ride home. Beautiful scenery and you get some level ground where there are traverses. And the campground is great!

Coolavin Rail Trail

Can we call this a trail?

May, 2020 by shoupe

This trail is beautiful. But it's far too short to be it's own trail. It's my favorite way to start on the Legacy Trail. The trail head has easy parking and a little coffee shop. The broke spoke and a distillery are on this trail. The neighborhood around it has a lot to offer. It's just effectively a warm up to the Legacy Trail.

Legacy Trail (KY)

This is the best Kentucky can offer right now

May, 2020 by shoupe

When I first moved to Kentucky, I didn't really like this trail. Compared to others of it's type, it's short, boring, out of the way, and a bit ugly in the way of scenery for most of it's length. But it serves its purpose adequately and is, from what I can tell, a rarity in the area. So it looks really good by comparison.

The pavement is generally well kept, though it is decorated with paintings in a few places (usually in the corners at the bottoms of descents), so cyclists need to watch out.

The path does cross roads and industrial drive ways with an extremely high density in some places, so keep your wits about you.

The southern half largely passes through or along side industrial parks, so you'll spend a lot of time near cars and exposed to wind and sun. The northern half is much prettier and feels more like a multiuse path should: lots of tree cover, nature and farm land and a much quieter experience.

The southern trail head, for all practical purposes, is at the North YMCA. You can find literature that claims it does or will extend into downtown, but if this is the case, it's not practical. Getting to the YMCA by bike is miserable. You have to traverse some of the busier roads in Lexington and the Lexington drivers are the worst towards cyclists I have ever experienced. My wife will only bike Legacy if we drive the mile to it from home.

The trail also lacks access to any sort of attraction other than the horse park. I miss trails that take you places for a coffee/beer stop or a quick lunch. Can't find that here. Not a big complaint, just something I grew accustomed to else where.

The trail does extend past the Iron Works trailhead along side Iron Works Pike for a while, but you're in the sun alongside cars again and the trail dead ends in the middle of nowhere.

Overall, if you want a trail to log miles, this is a passing one, if a bit short. If you are looking for a scenic trip, keep to the north half. The trail is far from the shangri la people view it as. There's just no other workable option for cyclists within a 2 hours drive that's longer than 5 miles.

Muhlenberg County Rail-Trail

fun ride

May, 2020 by danielfarmer

saw some wild turkeys, beavers, an oriole, and other wildlife. pavement in great shape. nice and wide to accommodate walkers/joggers/cyclists. the maintenance crew was out cutting the grass today too, keeping it well kept up. nice little trail. wish we had more like it around south central KY.

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