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Recent Trail Reviews

Louisville Loop

Bridge day

September, 2021 by mem9622

We called this bridge day because we started on the east end of the Louisville side of the Ohio River at the beginning of the trail and then traveled west and actually saw and four bridges. The concrete trail meanders along the waterfront and is a very beautiful and well-maintained trail. There was a concert being set up at the waterfront area which we had to detour around which was very easy: we went all the way to the section past the railroad yard, where the mud disallowed us to go further; There was a homeless community underneath the bridge; Towards the end of the West Trail, there is a really interesting section where the markings of how high the river came during floods is embedded in the sidewalk that you bike along.

Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail

prestonsburg passage trail

September, 2021 by elizadams

This trail is 8.5 miles asphalt. Beautiful area. Several wooden bridges and school bus cover . In the summer there is lots of shade. There are several sheds, picnic tables , bike racks, and port-a potties. Also water access in 3 locations. The trail is flat no hills or incline … we very much enjoy this trail and ride it often - we live near by.

Adkisson Greenbelt

Sunny trail

September, 2021 by jpetho59

Went on this trail one sunny afternoon for two miles and found no shade. We just drove 30 miles south to Greenville and found a great paved 6 mile, shaded trail.


Louisville Loop

We rode a part of the southeast loop today. 11 miles of it, 22 total miles. Rest stops with air pumps. Nice wide paved throughout. Ya need to go if you have a chance.

August, 2021 by dundeeyank

We rode a part of the southeast loop today. 11 miles of it, 22 total miles. Rest stops with air pumps. Nice wide paved throughout. Ya need to go if you have a chance.

Louisville Loop

closures confusing

August, 2021 by amyarrendell6

One southern point said Parking however there was no parking. Went to another location to park and had a nice shady ride along the river for almost a mile and the trail was closed with no detours shown. I biked through a golf course and then back the way I came. Tried to head south but the routes were on city streets or through a park to get to the river garden. Not clear where to go. Very unsatisfactory

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

Nice trail

July, 2021 by jwyrick550

We went in at Jenny Creek and rode to a little pass Gun Creek tunnel. The path had some fresh limestone down that was hard to ride through at spots. We all have hybrid bikes and were able to handle the path well for the most part. You do go gradually uphill for a few miles and then down hill is nice, its pretty much a straight line. Half sun/half shade. About 6 miles in a dog joined us that we could not shake. She stayed on the side, and didn't get in our way riding, I'm sure we were not her first escort. She was the best part of the trail, her tag said owners name but not hers and turns out her name was Marly, she's brown hound dog mix. All six of us said she was the best part of the trip, she hung with us like a champ. She even posed with our group picture in front of the tunnel which I sent to the owner so they knew where she was. We found out she is known to join bikers and you won't be able to shake her. On the way back we stopped at the Griffith Farmer's Market (well worth the stop) that is where we learned of her name and they held her for us and called the owner. If you are ever by this path, it is worth it, hopefully you'll see Marly. We ended up doing 13 one way (26 total) Marly was with us for about 10-12 of them. Recommended path.

Brighton East Rail Trail

Perfect for families.

July, 2021 by apalomonte

Great clean trail, easy to ride bikes. Paths wide and scenic.

Lake Barkley Bridge Multiuse Path

Land between the Lakes

July, 2021 by dmsgls101020

On the Fenton side of the Island, the west side, the paved part of the trail extends west from the Fenton TH over the bridge and ends at approximately 1.3 miles. From the Fenton Trail Head to the Sunset Trail Head is not paved. From Fenton to Sunset is not paved, 8.2 miles. From Sunset Trail Head headed east over the east bridge is approximately 3.3 miles. From that point, east is approximately 6 paved miles.

We hiked from the Fenton side to the Golden Pond Visitors Center, which is 4.2 miles, round trip 8.4 miles. We rode our bikes on the east and west paved sides but did not ride on the paved area on the east side of the east bridge that is on the north side of the highway.

We loved the hiking and biking on this trail. You can bike the unpaved trail, but you need to be skilled enough to do that. We are in our 70s and tried to bike the first mile on the west side headed east but turned back. We give this trail both paved and gravel a 5. It is a very good trail to hike. We cannot comment on the North-South Trail.

We estimate the total length of this trail with the approximate 6 miles on the east side to of the east bridge ar around 16 miles plus.

Dawkins Line Rail Trail

Worth a Visit

June, 2021 by jawinner

We rode from the Jenny Creek trailhead (mile 3.8) to the Tip Top Tunnel entrance (mile 25.3?) and back, for about 43 miles total. There were a couple things to mention. The previous reviewer says the tunnel is open, he means the shorter Gun Creek tunnel, not Tip Top which is still a mess inside. FYI near Carver there are a couple miles of actual paved trail that we did not know would be there, kind of an odd section to be paved but it's there! Also the last mile or so to Tip Top is rougher gravel and has had the gates vandalized and people can drive right up to the tunnel, we met a couple side-by-sides on the section.

The gravel is pretty well packed most of the route, but horse tracks have made it rough for bikes in a few sections. Two sections had loose gravel that was hard to ride through with my hybrid bike. The trail station and farm store at the Swamp Branch trailhead is really nice - give them some business and buy something. The only other stores we saw were a dollar general and old gas station convenience store in Royalton. Water fasucets were turned off and bathrooms locked in late June 2021 when we were there. Also one of the neighbors has a dog that routinely follows people for miles as we were told - we couldn't outrun her on our bikes until she got tired after Royalton.

Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail

Pleasant Summer Day

June, 2021 by dmsgls101020

Very Nice Trail – The pavement is new. There is a lot of upgrading taking place. There are around 10 or poles that stretch across the path with a narrow passage for bikes. The track is 8.5 miles long. Most of the track is shaded. It is basically straight and easy to bike, remarkably close to level.

Prestonsburg Passage Rail Trail

The Prestonsburg Ride

June, 2021 by dmsgls101020

Great! It is a great experience and we recommend it. The track is around 8.5 miles from end to end. The pavement is new. Much of the work is complete. It is an easy ride. There is one very good place to park in Prestonsburg. Don't bother to park anywhere else. If there is a negative it would be the blocking method used to keep motorized vehicles off this trail. Picture a bar across the trail that leaves just enough room to ride your bike through. On the one side is the metal yellow pole about 4 inches in diameter. Most of the poles will be lower than your handlebar, but at least one maybe two the same level. You will enjoy the bridge with a school bus cab place over it. Take time to record your name on the remaining space inside the bridge. Most of the trail is shaded with trees, great for summer riding. It is a very family-friendly place.

Legacy Trail (KY)


June, 2021 by tnnjpierce

We road a portion of the trail this morning. It is well maintained and very pleasant. There is lovely artwork built into the trail. We are novice bikers and this was a good trail for us as beginners.

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