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Recent Trail Reviews

Dearborn Trails (Aurora - Lawrenceburg - Greendale)

Wonderful trail

March, 2018 by kgoodpaster_tl

Grateful to have this gem in my county. We utilize this entire trail for walking & biking whenever the weather allows.

Great Miami River Trail

Middletown Section to University of Dayton Athletic Complex

February, 2018 by orangedoug

I rode this section of the trail north in August 2017. Like the rest of the trail it is well-maintained and signed. The Middletown section is the most industrial portion of the trail. There is a 1.5 mile gap between where the trail ends north of Middletown and where it picks up again just south of Franklin, Ohio. This gap can be bridged by riding the shoulder of Route 73 until you reach Baxter Road. Route 73 is a divided roadway so the cars and trucks are traveling at high speed. Fortunately, the shoulder is pretty wide and the distance can be covered in 10-15 minutes. Once you are back on the trail heading north, you pass through the cities/towns of Franklin, Miamisburg, and West Carrolton before reaching Dayton and the UD campus. Like much of this trail the towns and cities nearby embrace the trail and cater to cyclists. This section of the trail is the least shaded of all, so those with fair skin definitely should lather up with sunscreen. You might also want to consider the temperature forecast before riding this section as it was pretty hot during my August ride.

Great Miami River Trail

Troy to University of Dayton Athletic Complex

February, 2018 by orangedoug

This is a great trail. The surface is in good shape and the route is well signed. Despite traveling through the suburban/urban setting of the Great Miami River watershed much of this ride feels as though you are in a park like setting. Worth checking out more than once.


Lunken Airport Bike Path

A Flat Loop Seems Good for Training.

January, 2018 by orangedoug

I have ridden the trail several times both as a part of a link in the Ohio to Erie Trail and as a destination trail itself. The last time I rode this trail was on May 24, 2017.

The Lunken Airport Bike Path is a 5 mile loop that essentially follows the perimeter of the airfield. It is flat path except for two short climbs onto the levees that protect the airport from floods of the Ohio and Little Miami Rivers. For those of you that have or will bike the Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) I have found that the part of the Lunken Airport Bike Path that crosses through the Reeves Golf Course at the end of the runway, is a much safer way to go than the on road route suggested for the OTET to get from Lunken Airport to the Village of Marimont as it will help you avoid what I found to be a very troublesome and dangerous Beechmont traffic circle. It may add a few extra miles to your trip, but I have found that I do not enjoy negotiating this traffic circle with it's driver blind spots. Someday, according to a sign at the corner of the Lunken Playfield at the end of the Lunken property along Wilber Avenue, the OTET will be connected directly to Little Miami River Trail so that OTET riders will be able to avoid riding along very busy Columbia Parkway (US Rte. 50). If you are going to ride the OTET this is definitely an area you want to look at in Google Maps.

Armleder Park Trail

A Nice Little Exercise Loop

January, 2018 by orangedoug

Last May I once again rode through this park. I have previously ridden through this park twice on journeys along the Ohio to Erie Trail. Using the trails of the park and its airport connecting trail is a good way to avoid a difficult-to-navigate-safely double traffic circle near Lunken Airport where Wilmer Avenue and Wooster Road intersect with Beechmont Avenue.

The Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Recreation Complex is a Hamilton County MetroPark that sits along the Little Miami River and in the landing and flight path of Cincinnati's Lunken Airport. This airport serves primarily private planes and corporate jets and because of this the land the park occupies probably would not be a good fit for residential housing.

The park consists of soccer fields, picnic areas, a dog park, a 1.9 mile biking/hiking loop and a few addition pathways along the athletic fields that can be added to the primary bike/hike loop for variety and additional length. There is also a 1.2 mile connector bike/hike route that connects to the Lunken Airport Bike Path.

This is a nice little park, and riding the primary loop trail was fun but it certainly didn't take very long to complete. Adding in the additional pathways in the athletic fields and taking some pictures took up some additional time but it was a pretty quick ride. If you are looking for a safe, flat pathway to work on speed and distance this very well could be the trail for you. I was here on a Tuesday afternoon and there were only 4 other riders/walkers I encountered. It may be much more crowded at other times or on the weekend. Multiple laps would add to your mileage totals. After finishing a once around all the parks pathways, I took the connector trail and rode around Lunken Airport. Parts of that trail seemed much busier than the one in the park.

Williamsburg to Batavia Hike/Bike Trail

A Hilly Trail With Potential

January, 2018 by orangedoug

I rode this trail during the last week of May, 2017. The Williamsburg to Batavia Hike Bike Trail is a planned 13.5-15 mile trail that will link these two Ohio towns and also provide access to parts of the East Fork State Park and the Harsha Lake Reservoir. Currently, there is about 5.5 miles of this trail completed. I parked at the East Fork State Park Campground Entrance and rode out to Williamsburg and back and then out to the other trail endpoint at Zagar Road. There is an additional trail section that is not yet open (gated) that goes to Greenbriar Road which I also biked. Future plans for the trail are to use Greenbriar Road to connect to Batavia and other parts of the Harsha Lake Reservoir via Slade Road. Whether these roads end up being abandoned like Williamsburg Bantam Road is unknown by me.

I found this route confusing as the map given to me by the park ranger at the campground was just in black and white and did not distinguish between park roads, abandoned roads or trails. She simply highlighted the route and suggested that the trail toward Batavia followed the park roads at least as far as the trail has been completed. You will find that there a number of climbs between the campground and Williamsburg. In hindsight, had I paid more attention to the map sign in Willamsburg, I may have actually ridden a bit further down Greenbriar road to see if the Slade Road portion of the trail was accessible.

Sharon Woods Loop Trail

Beautiful Short Trail That Can be Crowded.

January, 2018 by orangedoug

I rode this trail near the end of May, last year. This loop trail within Sharon Woods MetroPark is a very pretty little trail around a man-made lake. The loop is about 2.5 miles long, with extensions to overlook the lake's harbor and to a lakeside lodge. I rode two laps around the lake as well as taking side trips to the harbor overlook and to the Lakeside Lodge for a total of 6.1 miles. The trail actually passes underneath I-275. There are a few short climbs that should not give anyone who bikes every once and a while any trouble. The path is paved but narrow (7-8 feet wide) with quite a bit of pedestrian traffic. I can't image how busy it must be on the weekends. If you're from out of town you will have to pay a one-time use fee of $5. Different levels of season passes are available for locals. This is run by the Hamilton County Metroparks. Definitely, worth a look. I'll be back.

Williamsburg to Batavia Hike/Bike Trail

Williamsburg bike trail

January, 2018 by beautifulsurroundings

Blacktop all the way. Some moderate hills. More enjoyable or easier to walk, than bike. Very scenic along Little Miami. Lots of trees. Take a friend along. Very remote area.

Great Miami River Trail

Southern Section of the GMRT

January, 2018 by orangedoug

On April 2, 2017, I rode the southern portion of the Great Miami River Trail from Fairfield, OH to Rentschler Forest MetroPark at the Reigart Road Entrance northeast of Hamilton, OH. Here the trail ends as there is a gap from here to the northern portion of the trail which picks up south of Middletown, OH. The round trip was just over 20 miles. This section of the trail is well marked. I was especially impressed that almost all of the driftwood and litter debris that the Great Miami River had deposited along the trail when the water level had been higher, had been moved off of the trail by either volunteers or City of Hamilton workers. It is nice to see the pride in what the trail means to the community. I'd love to see the gap between the Hamilton and Middleton sections of this trail completed and the GMRT become one continuous trail.

Shaker Trace Trail

A nice park recreational trail

January, 2018 by orangedoug

While not a rail trail, I rode the Shaker Trace Trail in April of 2017. This trail is found in the Miami Whitewater Forest northwest of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio. Upon entering the park, there is a $5 user's fee, $3 if you are a Hamilton County (Ohio) resident. Season passes are available. The trail consists of two loops. I rode both of them twice for a total of 19 miles. The trail is relatively flat and the area is generally wide open. Riders could encounter strong head/tailwinds on windy days. This early in the season I passed just a few walkers on the inner loop of the trail. I had entire trail to myself throughout both laps of the outer loop.

Williamsburg to Batavia Hike/Bike Trail


November, 2017 by sdarnell54

My grandson and I rode our bikes on the trail. Too many hills. My sister and I walked the trails and it was really enjoyable. Enjoyed the walk not the bike ride.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Little Miami State Park

August, 2017 by dhahnj

I volunteer with Friends of LMSP to help maintain and improve the trail. The LMSP covers 50 miles of the Little Miami Scenic Trail between Xenia and Cincinnati. The recent review copied below prompts me to comment. We volunteers try our best to improve the trail. But we are only volunteers and cannot do everything and are limited to what issues we can address since we are not managing the trail--Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources is the owner. We are limited by ODNR rules and by our limited number of volunteers and financial resources.

Admittedly some sections of our trail are in need of more attention than others. Where volunteers are available we do the best we can. Knowing which sections that trail users feel need the more attention would be helpful.

Keeping debris off the trail is a constant problem since it's a tree lined trail--both a blessing and a curse. But we volunteers regularly use a towed-behind blower to blow the trail. A second blower was recently purchased in order to more frequently clean the trail.

Reducing the overgrowth of the trail has been a major effort of us volunteers over the past 8 years since we were formed as a non-profit group. Mowing along the sides of the trail is the only practical way to reduce the overgrowth and prevent it's return. Broad application of herbicides is not permitted. The mowing is the responsibility of the ODNR based at Caesar's Creek State Park. Concerns about lack of mowing and the resulting overgrowth need to be directed to them.

Rules for trail users are set by ODNR. The rules prohibit headphones for cyclists but not for other users. Yes, it's frustrating for cyclists to pass someone on the trail and announce "passing on your left" only to be unheard since that person is wearing headphones. Until rules are changed all trail users who want to wear headphones should do so in only one ear for safety sake of all users.

Users of the LMSP trail who want the trail to be maintained and improved should become members of our friends organization, donate and/or volunteer to help by going to our website, www.littlemiamistatepark.org or simply www.flmsp.org.

Little Miami Scenic Trail
Submitted: 08/12/2017
Love ¿ to get out to ride it, great for a man of 62 to ride 30 to 40 miles on. Do wish several sections were taken care of better, needs overgrowth cleaned out, and sticks cleaned up after storms. Also need certain people to follow rules about no ear buds or headsets, how do you announce you are passing if they can hear.

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