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Recent Trail Reviews

Panhandle Trail

Enjoyable Day

June, 2021 by crableg300

June 5th - my brother and myself had a wonderful day biking the Panhandle and a little of the Montour. We started at the McDonald Trail Station and on a surprising note there was a pancake breakfast benefit. We met a nice couple that was working there selling the tickets and items benefiting the trail. Were awesome to talk to. We started the trail going east. We always enjoy seeing dedications to the war hero's - there was a very nice one in Oakdale. We met folks / scouts working on the flower beds that day too. Trails always offer things to see or explore. Rennerdale - there is a place you can look for fern fossils. The best part of this trail was near the end before Walker's Mill. There is a beautiful rock quarry that is a must see. We came back to the McDonald Trail Station and had some fantastic blueberry pancakes before going west. The trail station is a museum too. A lot of oil history. Not to far west is where you are by Montour trail. We did go over the McDonald Trestle bridge on our way back. It really is a must to do. Our west trip took us as far as Joffre. In Bulgar, is another nice war memorial to those that served. What was most enjoyable is a stretch where the trail travels through a large open area where it has a slight hill climb but there are some good pictures if you like this type of scenery. The day ended with good ice-cream in McDonalds at M.A.'s Ice Cream Shop. My brother had the largest 'small' ice cream cone I ever saw.

Greenbrier River Trail

Renick to Seeburg

June, 2021 by bendtheredonethat

For me, this is by far the prettiest section. Much more wilderness... cliffs, open fields and wildlife.

Panhandle Trail

Good, with some reservations

June, 2021 by jessevirago

This pretty trail is less than ideal for only a few reasons: 1) parts are gravel and parts paved, which frustrates riders who crave pave 2) it can be quite hot on a warm day, with too little shade for long stretches, 3) it does not parallel a stream or river, for those who prefer to bike along waterways, and 4) if you want to do the whole trail from PA to WVA in one day, stay overnight, and come back the next, the good news is that there are at least 3 motels near the trail's end in Weirton. The bad news is that they're over 1 mile straight up a long hill from the trail's end, requiring bikers to ride on the berm of busy Rte. 22 (or take the longer Cove Rd.) to the lodging options at Three Springs Drive. For those who might want to travel from Weirton to Pittsburgh and stay over, I know of no lodging w/i 3 miles of the Walker's Mill endpoint.


Mon River Trail

Only a few places towards the shinnston end are not blacktop very nice ride do recommend

June, 2021 by delsolsi1980

Only a few places towards the shinnston end are not blacktop very nice ride do recommend

Harrison South Rail Trail

Great Trail!

May, 2021 by msw1067

This is such a great trail! Close to home, shaded,nice scenery and excellent trail condition. Only rode 2 miles, just started riding again and it was late, but plan on going back soon and doing a picnic ride. :)

Greenbrier River Trail

Bikepacking 3 day/2 night May 2021 by Paul & Greg

May, 2021 by paulz

We started our 3 day 2 night (Fri-Sun) bike packing trip in North Caldwell. We went to Cass and did a return trip. First day we rose about 47 miles to the campsite before the Marlton area. We had dinner in Seebert at "Jack Horner Corner" before camping. It is a multi purpose store. There is a grille, they had pizza, ice cream, package goods, snacks, some bike supplies and some sporting goods/rentals. The next day we had breakfast in Marlton and on the return trip we had dinner . Marlton was a small town. It had several food options and services. In Cass we visited the "Cass Company store. They have food, ice cream and touristy items. We did not look for any other services in Cass. That is pretty much it for services.
The trail itself was mostly two hard tracks with grass in the middle. There was a short section around Marlton that was paved. The trail was ok. I rode a hardtail with front suspension. Greg rode a hybrid without suspension. His hands tingled by the end of the days. Hybrid size tire were fine. Could get muddy in sections if the trail was wet. There were campgrounds about every 5 miles. They all had a table and area for a tent. Some had a water pump, shelter, comfort station or trash can. They all varied.
I suggest that you get the" Greenbrier River Trail" brochure or download it at https://wvstateparks.com/park/greenbrier-river-trail/ . It is rather helpful with trail info. Cell service was extremely limited. The businesses had wi-fi so we could face-time, IM or use Wi-fi enabled calling. The river was almost always next to the trail. It was scenic but the trail got monotonous. By the third day, I was ready to get off the trail partly because we did 70 miles the second day. The tunnels were short but you need lights. You may consider bringing a water filter. They were a couple tool stations but too far apart to be helpful. Horses could use the trail. We did not see any. There were some dried droppings. We did not see many people on the trail. We mostly saw day users around N. Caldwell on Sunday. The trail was nice but could use some upgrades to get into the elite category.

Deckers Creek Trail

Up hill but worth it!

May, 2021 by ejbeckl

I followed the review from September 2020 "Beautiful scenery...good trail surface...enjoyed the coast back down the hill

He knows what he's talking about! The Spring Suites was the perfect spot to start the trail unless you want to see the dilapidated area of Morgantown, although the trail is paved. Behind the hotel is a HUGE lot for Semi-truck parking and you can easily slip over to the trail without being in danger or crossing any barriers.

The trail itself is..... steep. But it is a slight incline, remember a train used to ride on it so it can't be too crazy steep. I was able to maintain a reasonable speed of 8-10mph with my 26x2.0in mountain bike but i was pushing it. The first few miles had a lot of busy road crossings but afterwards you follow the creek which is quite a bit below the trail. The waterfall pictures you see in the gallery took some rock crawling to get to but nothing too difficult for someone in good shape.

The rapids and waterfalls lasted for a few miles and then the creek gets closer in elevation to the trail and is much calmer. Still a beautiful wooded area with a creek. I rode a mile or 2 past Masontown park, it meets right up to the trail and signs are everywhere. There are a few bridges but the trail becomes much more bland compared to what you've just experienced..... so again I agree with the previous review mentioned, turn around at Masontown.

Your way back will be much easier! You can coast at a slower speed or if you pedal you're able to make it back 3x's faster than on the way up.

All and all, you will be tired but you will be VERY glad you did this trail! Spectacular!

Mon River Trail

Flat, scenic, and convenient

May, 2021 by ejbeckl

The trail is in 2 sections. A north and south section. In between these 2 portions is Morgantowns' downtown Caperton Trail. You can ride the entire Mon River Trail by using the 6 mile Caperton Trail as a connector. Bringing the total mileage to around 30miles one way.

The entire trail is currently maintained very well. Any bike should be able to easily traverse it. No downed trees or unkept areas. The path was very packed down and smooth for not being asphalt. A gravel/road bike would have no problem. I was able to maintain a consistent speed I normally have on asphalt.

There is a parking area for around 5 cars that's almost exactly in the middle of the trail, east of I-79 bridge. Morning could be a 30mile round trip to do the south section. Grab lunch back at your car. Then head north for another 30 miles doing the Caperton Trail and North section of Mon River Trail.

Barnum Rail-Trail

Great Kayak bike Shuttle

April, 2021 by padigioia0

Fun ride last time I did it. Can be a bit bumpy in spots. I did see about 13 Copperheads sunning themselves on the route and one Rattlesnake, so sweep your corners.

West Fork River Trail

Good trail with lots of potential

April, 2021 by vdeal

I have ridden the West Fork River Trail several times and went yesterday for a full ride. Parked in Monongah as I always do. Nice parking area right along the trail with restrooms. Rode downstream and crossed the newly redecked Norway bridge. There's new railing also. Two years ago there was only a metal cable on each side - a bit scary and unsafe. Past the bridge is an unimproved dirt road to what is supposed to be a parking area on a dead end street in Fairmont. I've ridden part of the road but it just isn't worth it.

Other than that part the rest of the trail in Marion Co. is paved. However, the asphalt is not as nice as it used to be. It needs repaved or sealed. Several places the asphalt is getting gritty and not as easy to ride on as a good crushed limestone sand trail. The Harrison Co. side is unpaved and the first mile through Enterprise may make you want to turn back. Yesterday part of the trail was newly laid semi-course gravel as a sewer line is being put in along the trail. Persevere through Enterprise and the trail gets better. The ride to Shinnston is fine then and once in town you'll ride on some back roads for a ways - there are faint blue arrows on the road but if you just stay on the roads closest the river you're in the right place. The last little section crosses a decked railroad bridge to a little park area - very nice.

There's a pizza place at the end of the trail and an ice cream shop one minute from the trail plus a local bike store. Shinnston has several other stores for anything you might need in a pinch. It's on it's way to being a decent little trail town.

If I could I would give the trail 3.5 stars but went for 4 since some maintenance on the trail would improve things but it is definitely worth the ride if you're in the are.

Blackwater Canyon Trail

Best trail ever ridden

April, 2021 by tomghaas1991

Rode from Parsons to Thomas and then back. Took me about four hours, over three to reach Thomas and less than one to ride back. It is sustained uphill coming from Parsons, but never steep. I didn't rush and stopped constantly to take pictures. I bought a low-end mountain bike and drove 100-some miles just to do this trail and both were well worth it. I've ridden many much-lavished trails and none beats this one for its views. Deep valley to peer into, a loud rushing river, a dozen or more waterfalls with two spectacular ones. I feel that I needed the dual-suspension bike because the surface was so rough and bumpy. Not hard at all with my mountain bike but I wouldn't want to do it with a street bike.

Allegheny Highlands Trail

Best trail ever ridden

April, 2021 by tomghaas1991

I've hiked or biked other much lavished trails, like the North Fork near Seneca, the Pine Creek in central Pennsylvania or the Cottonwood Canyon in Death Valley. This one has all the others beat. It really does have a picture for a museum at every quarter mile. T
his is trail could be done with a street bike but I would strongly recommend a mountain bike. It isn't full of obstacles or large rocks but it isn't level crushed stone like a typical rail-to-trail. It would be extremely bumpy on a bike with no suspension. I pedaled from Parsons to Thomas and then back again. I took 4 hours to go just this 25 miles, but the uphill pedal from Parsons is slow and I was constantly stopping to take pictures. This uphill end is not difficult, just not fast. It is never very steep, but it is sustained until near its end. I did the downhill ride back to Parsons in top gear and the only challenge was to stay focused on the trail surface and slow down when needed, so I didn't fly off the bike. I drove over 100 miles to do this trail and it was more than worth the time and gas.

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