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Flint Hills Trail State Park

117 mi
State: KS
Ballast, Crushed Stone

Gary L. Haller Trail

17 mi
State: KS

Landon Nature Trail

18.4 mi
State: KS
Concrete, Crushed Stone

Riverwalk Trail (KS)

4.7 mi
State: KS
Crushed Stone

Sunflower Santa Fe Trail

1.7 mi
State: KS
Crushed Stone

Turkey Trail

10.5 mi
State: KS

Whistle Stop Park

1.8 mi
State: KS
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
Located within the Cimarron National Grassland, the Companion to the Santa Fe Trail parallels a portion of the original Santa Fe Trail. The vital 19th century transportation route granted passage to...
KS 18 mi Dirt
In 2018, this 117-mile rail-trail across northeast Kansas officially became a state park. Formally known as the Flint Hills Nature Trail, the trail's new name is Flint Hills Trail State Park. It links...
KS 117 mi Ballast, Crushed Stone
The Gary L. Haller Trail lies within scenic Mill Creek Streamway Park. Although the trail was not built on a former railroad, it parallels an active rail line for about 6 miles of its length at its...
KS 17 mi Asphalt
Closure Notice: As of May 2021, a segment of the trail in southern Topeka between SW 33rd Street and SW 37th Street is closed due to replacement of an adjacent railroad bridge, with no official detour...
KS 18.4 mi Concrete, Crushed Stone
Located in Junction City (about two hours west of Kansas City), the Riverwalk Trail winds along the north bank of the Republican River for nearly five miles between Fort Riley and Milford Dam. The...
KS 4.7 mi Crushed Stone
The vision for the Sunflower Santa Fe Trail is a grand one: 33 miles across a scattering of small cities on the windswept prairie of central Kansas. The heart of the trail lies in Galva, just an hour...
KS 1.7 mi Crushed Stone
Situated within the Cimarron National Grassland, the Turkey Trail provides a unique outdoor recreational experience. The trail, along with the nearby Companion to the Santa Fe Trail, offer wonderful...
KS 10.5 mi Dirt
The Whistle Stop Park meanders through Elkhart, Kansas, a community just north of the Oklahoma border. The path occupies a 23.5-acre slice of land between an active rail line and US 56. Because the...
KS 1.8 mi Asphalt

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Recent Trail Reviews

Gary L. Haller Trail

Great Trail

December, 2021 by jwardell639

Rode the trail while visiting last week enjoyed the day very much.

Indian Creek Bike/Hike Trail

Rollerskate friendly...

November, 2021 by m5dbsccdt6

I went tonight for the first time, and some of the trail is better maintained as far as cracks... but, some is also filled with that black sticky seal coat and it can get a little rough.... Still a go to!

Arkansas River Bike Path

Do This One

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Started at south end and rode to the north end, then returned. Switched sides of river a couple times. The trail at each end isn’t as nice as the portion of trail at the middle part of the trail at the “Keeper of the Plains” plaza. The plaza area is very nice with a Veterans Memorial park to see in addition to the Keeper. Plenty of walkers and riders on the trail on a nice Saturday afternoon. Recommend this trail.


Southwind Rail Trail

Worth a Look

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Started the trail at Riverside Park in Iola on the north end of the trail where the Prairie Spirit Trail ends. This is a nicely done trail with compacted finely crush stone surface. It is a wide trail allowing two to ride abreast with ease. As with all railtrails it is flat and straight. There a few old train signal towers along the trail. We didn’t ride the full length. Noted all the trail are some mileage markers, in this section they are numbered in the low 100’s. Not sure the origin point in the north for the mileages.

Missouri Pacific Recreational Trail

Short Ride

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Took this spur off the Prairie Spirit Trail. It is a short trail leading to a park. The trail crosses a number of streets, one of them has a lot of traffic. Nothing special about the trail but did encounter a few walkers using it.

Lehigh Portland Trails

Plenty of Choices

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Took this spur off of the Southwind trail and rode a short distance into the trail system. The first portion of the trail has a course gravel surface, good for mountain bikes but not sure others would like so well. Once into the trail system the surface improves. This is a very wooded area with plenty of single track options to explore. If had more time would be worth trying more trails. Signage asks that riders stay off trails after rain, they can get real muddy and torn up.

Riverwalk Trail (KS)

Good One

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Started from south trailhead. Very nice crushed stone path. Large parking area with pit toilet restroom. Parking area could have used a good cleanup. Very trashy. Trail was nice and clean though. Saw a number of walkers/runners within first mile of trail and then no one. The trail zig and zags through the trees and along the river offering views of it on occasion. The trail is on part of Fort Riley and a portion is well marked to stay on trail due to presence of old unexploded ordnance. Not shown on the traillink map but at about 2 mile point the trail splits and then rejoins about a mile later, either direction is nice. One small section has some erosion and caution is needed in that area. Overall nice trail through the trees. Would do this one again.

Prairie Sunset Trail

first gravel trail ride

October, 2021 by john.kf0m

This was our first trail ride and we have ridden two sections with our city commuter type bicycles. Both were nice rides. First section was starting at Hoover Road going west. We found convenient parking at a nearby empty business lot. The trail was an easy smooth ride until we got near maize road where the trail intersects the Air Cap memorial park single track area which was rougher ride and we became completely confused where it comes close to Pawnee Prairie park and lost the trail. We could possibly have taken city streets to continue to Maize road but decided to go back instead. Next time we went out to Goddard KS where there is a very nice city park with convenient parking and rode East. Goddard does a very good job maintaining this section of the trail which was shaded and quiet and more like a ride in the country. We rode 4 miles east and then returned. The gravel was smooth and easy to ride on. However we found out going east on this section is a deceptive gradual down hill slope so the return was more of a struggle going up hill. Hope to return to Goddard again and make it all the way to maize road plus eventually ride west from Goddard on that section. We really enjoyed not having to fight with city traffic on the streets and the related traffic noise. It was a much more relaxing and stress free riding environment.

Shunga Trail

A Tale of Two Trails (Actually one, but . . . )

October, 2021 by thejake91739

We stopped off in Topeka while on our quest to ride ride our bikes in ten different states in sixteen days. Our hotel was right on the trail at Fairlawn, so we jumped on the trail shortly after dawn on a crisp fall morning in October for an out and back ride.

We absolutely loved the first half of the ride through the greenway and parks to Shunga Glen Park and its colorful Rip On skate park. It was serene, peaceful, heavily wooded, and the air was filled with the songs and calls of birds as we passed through parks, nature areas, and charming neighborhoods with more bushy tailed squirrels than I have ever seen before!

The trail is smooth, and the curvy twists and turns add to the enjoyment! It is certainly a trail to be taken slowly, not only to enjoy its beauty, but because of all the locals walking and jogging. They most definitely know what a treasure this first portion is!

Unfortunately, the trail continues beyond Shunga Glen Park. We forged on past Fillmore at 21st into a business area, crossed Landon Path circle interchange, and into a heavily wooded area which smelled of camp fire smoke. It was at that moment we realized we had not been seeing the walkers or joggers like we had before. Where had all the fine citizens of Topeka out for their morning exercise go? Homeless then began materializing out of the woods, loud arguing could be heard within the trees, articles of clothing and trash were strewn alongside the trail, and a camp full of garbage appeared. It was at that point we didn't feel safe, so we threw in the towel a couple miles from the endpoint and turned around to enjoy the first half a second time!.

It's one trail, but after Fillmore street it might as well be given different names such as:
Shunga Jekyll ~ Beautiful, serene, and a community treasure
Shunga Hyde ~ Scary, sketchy, and makes senior citizens feel unsafe

Prairie Spirit Trail State Park

Well Done Trail

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Started the trail at Riverside Park in Iola on the south end of the trail where the Southwind Railtrail begins. We rode north for a few miles. The trail surface was mostly paved while in town. At the edge of town the surface changes to the compacted finely crushed stone surface that isn’t much different than the paved surface. This is a wide surface with lots of room to ride two abreast. Nicely done trail. Time permitting worthy of further exploration. Noted all the trail are some mileage markers, in this section they are numbered in the low 100’s. Not sure the origin point in the north for the mileages.

Flint Hills Trail State Park

Small Portion Ridden

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Started the trail at Vasar and rode 11 miles west. The first seven miles were on mostly crushed stone that has been in use for many years. It was nice riding but did have some soft spots from recent rains. The final four miles were on a new trail surface of finely crushed stone, nearly like sand but well compacted making for a very smooth ride. Not exactly like a paved surface but close to it. This portion of trail had many trees along side and is mostly straight with some grade but very little. We enjoyed the ride through the countryside.

Meadowlark Trail

Good Stuff

October, 2021 by acewickwire

Good natural surface with some overgrowth attempting to encroach on the trail. We didn’t ride full length, started at connection with Valkommen trail in Lindsborg. Would be worth riding more, time permitting. Would be nice one trail completed.

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