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Brays Bayou Connector Trail

Brays Bayou Connector Train November 6, 2022

November, 2022 by michael_c_whitt

I recommend parking at the Robinson-Westchase Library for this trail. There are EV charging stations. You will need to walk around to the front of the library to get onto the Library Loop Trail. Walk a little while on the Library Loop and you will reach an intersection with the Brays Bayou Connector Trail. Turn South/Right and you're on the right trail. Most of the walk is a nice walk with pretty scenery. On warm days, you might want to use some bug spray but I went today and had no issues with bugs at all. There is a water fountain as well as a bike tire pump and a tool kit along the trail. There are also several emergency call boxes. There is also a wastewater treatment plant which is quite foul-smelling. But that is only a few minutes of the walk. When you get to Arthur Story Park, there are restrooms in a nondescript grey building. It's not obvious from a distance that restrooms are there. The men's room was surprisingly clean. If you walk up onto Bellaire Boulevard on the way back, you can go West/Left to Little Saigon or right to one of Houston's two Chinatowns.

Overall, it was a nice walk and I felt safe the whole time.

Sims Bayou Greenway

Great peaceful walk

June, 2022 by djgd4ynfnc

I walked this today because it was close by. It is a very well kept trail. There is no shade so choose your time of day wisely. It was not crowded at all but that may have been due to the heat. I’ll definitely be back.

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail


February, 2022 by jonvink

If you ride through the Rice Ave and Chimney Rock areas you are taking your life into your own hands. Very dangerous due to construction and the contractor and COH apparently don’t care. I ride over that way often but beware. I will let you know when things change.


Brays Bayou Greenway Trail


December, 2021 by pmwahrer

I Agree with the construction comments. Should have read the reviews before driving 2 hours to ride. The Hockley Street trailhead starts the trail from the east but suddenly stops due to construction. I would advise not trying to start from this location. We took streets to the Mason Park (South 75th Street) trailhead to get back onto the the trail from there westbound it was hit and miss with the construction. Some places could use better signage for what way to go on the detours. For the most part the trail was concrete and asphalt. There were places in need of repair that was rough and if caught you off guard you could take a spill. The traffic on the the trail was very light due to overcast skies, windy, and being a Friday. Overall not a bad days ride and getting out of the house.

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

The Construction Gaunlet

December, 2021 by riggensh

Unless you are a local Houstonian, I would not recommend this trail at this time. I met many obsticles and managed to go around, by walking thru mud, hitting a street for about 500 feet and navigating thru barriers. So I suggest NOGO if you are coming from out of town.

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

Lots of Construction

December, 2021 by grini

And very few signs. It was difficult to follow the route in several locations. It’s still a work in progress

Southbelt Hike & Bike Trail

Great for Walkers

November, 2021 by shawn_armstrong

This is a great trail for walking. If you start at the beginning, make the loop and return, it's over 6 miles long. The asphalt surface is a little easier on the knees than other concrete trails. There are 3 points along the trail where you must cross street traffic although only one (Scarsdale) is a busy street. The other 2 are neighborhood streets. An added bonus is the tail passes through 3 different parks that provide 3 areas for parking. It's not the widest trail and can get congested in the afternoon especially with bike riders zooming around. It follows the banks of a drainage canal and loops around a large retention pond. Therefore, you're likely to encounter wildlife every now and then. There's even a detour on the back side of the loop that takes you through a densely wooded area for the adventitious folks. My kids call it the "Spooky Forest". Over all, it's a great opportunity to get out, exercise and meet some of your neighbors.

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail

Trail terrain

November, 2021 by scotmandy

I was looking to do a bike run on this trail this weekend. Since I have a road bike with slimmer tires is this trail concrete or is it gravel? Concerned about punctures since I’m new to riding. Also is the construction ongoing?

La Porte Hike & Bike Trail

La Porte’s trail

October, 2021 by bqd6n47fjw

On a Sunday I parked at La Porte’s City Park, 600 Little Cedar Bayou Drive. The bike trail begins to the left of the tennis courts by the blue trash can. No signs are present. I traveled to San Jacinto Community College on the trail parallel to Fairmont Pkwy (13 miles round trip). It’s an 8 ft cement paved trail in mostly decent condition. Fairmont Pkwy has a huge overpass I had to shift to first gear and huff & puffed over it. Sometimes the trail was difficult to follow due to lack of signage. A few 100 ft were under 6 inches of water perhaps the rainfall from the previous night. A small part of the trail was an unmarked business parking lot. The trail is in a rural area along with many industrial businesses. I encountered only one other cyclist and a golf cart. People are friendly. It was quiet and peaceful, but at the same time very desolate. There were a few benches and trash cans along the way. It’s not a bad trail if only a little tender loving care TLC were put into it. It has great potential. I would not recommend to those cyclists that like going faster than 8 mph.

Columbia Tap Rail-Trail

Columbia Tap: Okay

December, 2020 by corrigan.r

People were getting mugged on this route a few years ago, so I would advise traversing in groups, as it's still dicey, in my humble. Lots of trash, broken glass, and there's a stretch through the ward where there's a stop sign every 50 yards or so at every street crossing. It's a shortcut to downtown, but not my fave trail.

Columbia Tap Rail-Trail


October, 2020 by jonvink

This trail has issues ... as noted in the reviews here. My issue was a dog running free and the owner not caring. It’s too bad because this would be a great little cut theough from Brays Bayou to downtown.

Sims Bayou Greenway

Nice Ride

October, 2020 by victoriarenee1

This ride was a great start to my day. Not too challenging but def has some moments where you have to push. Beautiful scenery. Didn’t like that it was so close to so many plants (and a waste site) but it was still a great ride, nonetheless. From the start of the trail to the feeder it was about 3.3 miles and so from Milby park back you’re looking at about 6 and a half miles. I ended up going down to the feeder and then back a bit and up Arizona and back around to add a few miles. All in all, locked in approx 8 miles. My goal was 10 but I’ll make up for it on the next ride.

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