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Recent Trail Reviews

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

Bike Riding

November, 2017 by tommybyars48

I love the Swamp Rabbit Trail and give it a 5 star but it does need to be repaved because it makes for a very bumpy ride.

Doodle Rail Trail

Great afternoon Ride

September, 2017 by brentadcox

This trail is up and down almost the whole way. There a short breaks both ways but you will need some gears to deal with the long hills. Such a pretty ride and it was not crowded at all. This is a beautiful bike ride. Can't wait till the leaves turn.

Doodle Rail Trail

Nice wide pavement, but several minor hills

September, 2017 by lexingtonflyer

This is a lovely, wide rail trail. It's new enough that there aren't any rough spots in the pavement. There are few road crossings of much significance. There are more hills than typical, but fewer than you'd find on nearby roads. Frequent distance markings add to safety and help pace the rider. A mid-point rest stop was added by local Rotarians. The ride is a more rural experience than the nearby Swamp Rabbit Trail, with less traffic, and more trees. I've ridden trails from Maine to Georgia and this is a good one.


Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

Multi-faceted trail

September, 2017 by haga1106

We rode this trail from Cleveland Park to Travelers Rest and back. This is a great trail with many great places to stop, eat and have a cold beverage.

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

Vacation week of cycling

July, 2017 by riicr48

7/17 we arrived next morning I hit the trail for the next 5 days up to Tate Rd.then back to downtown Greenville, i promised to try Paris Mt. in the future Virginia Creepy bike trail is sprinting bike trail where i live no longer seems accurate

Doodle Rail Trail

Doodle Rail Trail

June, 2017 by insky132

While vacationing in nearby North Carolina, I looked up nearby railtrails and found the Doodle trail about an hour away. We were well please with great trail with great asphalt, a lot of split rail fences, benches, air pump station about midway along the trail, and a port-a-john @ the beginning. Once outside the city limits, the trail became rolling thru fields and forest. I believe the trail has been extended about a half a mile through the cemetery in Easley. Nice ride!

Wadsworth Trail

is not a trail but now a sidewalk

May, 2017 by dlcoldren

This might have been a trail 10 to 15 years ago, but with all the new home building in the last few years. It is now a sidewalk next to a busy street.

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

tons of fun

April, 2017 by ddicer

The detour was inconvenient, but that should be fixed soon. The tons of people were fine. Only about half of this is Railtrail.

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

swamp rabbits trail

April, 2017 by riicr48

Two years early my oldest son ( software writer n programmer) after a Greenville visit said Dad you need to visit the cleanest and one of the most beautifull cities downtown I've seen. Now in one ear out the other i let it pass, well a month ago i asked my GF when will our daughter be off, of course with Easter holidays coming up i was given the dates. Pondering what and where to go i checked on links trail and found out Greenville has a bike trail called Greenville Swamp Rabbit bike trail which is a little less of 20 miles.well being a crazy cyclist who puts in 120 a week i booked 5 days in Greenville. Afte a full day of trying to figure out Swamp Rabbit trail (where to start etc etc., I had it down! i get up first second day at 7am figuring who would be out and i take off on yhe trail ( great trail point ) back to who wpuld be out, well jogger on top of jogger...Folks i've cycle the N.C.R trail in gun powder park Md. most yhe way up to Pa. , this Swamp Rabbit Trail is the beat incline decline i loved it, up to Travelers Rest the back to Greenvillebe careful be respect and dont be stupid thinking you can get around someone in time, its a busy trail..No forgive the misspells etc 4 beers later...its that good

Greenville Health System Swamp Rabbit Trail

Swamp Rabbit Trail

March, 2017 by jimtalone

My son and I got on the trail at the YMCA and headed to downtown Greenville. We never got there. We got lost and wound up on streets four different times, a thing that never happened to me before. The tail is nice and the valley is pretty but the signage was confusing or non existent in many cases. It was also very hilly. This might be a great trail if you know where you are going but it was very difficult for us.

Doodle Rail Trail

Clean and wide

February, 2017 by ivy_rea

I parked on fleetwood entrance and ran 5 miles on the trail and 5 miles back. The trail was very clean and looks very new. The scenery was okay. Mostly backyards of people's homes or businesses. I went at 7am on a Sunday so it was very peaceful and quiet. there were some slight elevations throughout the trail but manageable

Doodle Rail Trail

Love this trail

October, 2016 by cherylsaunders_tl

As an inline-skater, runner and cyclist, I use this trail at least once a week and I love it.

Just focusing on inline-skating. The trail is wider than the Swamp Rabbit and the paving is new and pretty solid. I find that the trail itself is kept pretty clean throughout the year (thank you to the caretakers). For non-skaters, a trail covered in leaves, twigs and stones is almost impossible to use on skates.

The hills are tough. There are long gradual gradients and shorter sharper gradients. The ups are a great workout, and the downs require the ability to control yourself on skates, and to slow and stop yourself safely.

There are road crossings. Some of these roads are busy and for some you don't have visibility until you hit the crossing. Again, knowing how to stop quickly and safely is needed.

Because of these challenging aspects of the trail, I don't go out without my helmet and wrist, elbow and knee guards. I have tumbled twice (slipped and quick stopped) and, thankfully, only have a couple scratches to show for it (knock on wood).

Comparing the three parking lots, Alice's Manufacturing and Easley are slightly off the trail, while Pickens isn't. You may need to put your skates on at the trail if you don't chose Pickens. For me, the easiest full ride starts at Alice's (heading toward Easley initially), followed by Easley end, then Pickens end. This is due to how tired I am when I hit the final hills.

When I started inline-skating last year (2015), I had previously hardly ever tried inline-skating and was not in great shape. It took me about 1 hr 50 min to complete the full 15+ miles (I worked up to the full distance). Now, a year later, it takes me less than 1 hr 20 min at my fastest. What this means to me is, I can probably skate the trail and keep up with my casual cyclist friends as they bike it, making inline skating a viable option for a group outing.

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