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Recent Trail Reviews

Cotton Belt Trail

Gaylord TX and Great Wolf access

February, 2018 by relambjr

I only ran a brief 1.5 miles on this Trail from the Ball Street (northern) end point, but I did want to mention that there is a relatively new (2-3 year old) sidewalk from up Route 26 going past Gaylord Resort, Great Wolf Lodge and the Embassy Suite/Bass Pro that makes this trail very accessible and great for a long run or ride from any of those properties. The sidewalk is very wide and goes along 114 into downtown Grapevine (Main Street is very cool), and then along Ira E Wood Ave along a commercial strip and then transitions into the Cotton Belt trail.
At the Ball Street entrance there are several businesses where you can probably park and access the trail with little difficulty (chiropractor office, etc).
I didn't have a chance to go too far on the actual Cotton Belt so I can't vouch for the scenery. I stopped when I was about to run under an interstate.

Town Creek Hike and Bike Trail

Very Nice & Clean

August, 2017 by mark140

The Trail is Clean Safe and well lighted. I bike at 5am so the lights are nice. Short flat fully paved trail with bathrooms and benches. Trail great for Families or for beginners. Does anyone know the best route between town creek trail and Lake MineralWells Trail. A connection between both would be nice.

Town Creek Hike and Bike Trail

Nice Trail

June, 2017 by sacoll83

Being new to Weatherford, it was great to find this gem. Very easy trail that is well maintained. Wish it were longer and offered dirt options. Again, a great trail to run.


Campion Trail

Great trail

May, 2017 by megan_reeder

Great trail. A bit of construction at the moment. Also, when riding directly under the big power lines, I kept getting static shocks when i touched metal on my bike. Luckily that segment is short.

Campion Trail

Great, wide, flat trail (but not connected!)

May, 2017 by raynaduggan

The north part of the trail is very nice and of course nicer than the South end. However, the South end isn't as bad as described here. There is some construction occurring and yes, you do pass by a wastewater treatment plant. However, the smell is not as bad once you get east of the plant. On other words, if you park at the South it will stink in the parking lot on some days but as soon as you get a quarter mile east of there the smell is gone. It's not as charming but still a fine trail that is wide and flat.

The big letdown for me is finding that the North and South trails do not connect. And it's not a short and easy jaunt to try and make work either. It's an industrial area with a lot of construction going on so if you bike through the surface streets it isn't a pleasant ride. It's where the Loop 12, Highway 183, Highway 144 roads all merge.

I hope that the plan is to connect the two sections so one can enjoy a nice long ride!

Sidenote: Where the South trail goes on to connect to Lone Star is frequently flooded but still worth the ride!

Campion Trail

Much longer than shown on south trail. Northern trail is also now open.

May, 2017 by turbogeek_tl

The North end of the trail in Irving is now repaired from flood damage, The South trail extends to Verizon theater and the race track. Look at Google maps with the bike trail overlay. It is pretty accurate. The only issue on the South trail is that there are broken sewage mains that make for a disgusting couple of miles.

Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway

April 23, 2017

April, 2017 by jcl744

It was an absolutely beautiful day. Especially with the excitement of being able to explore a new trail. I've been in DFW since 1985 and had no idea this was even here. Plus, to add the "icing" to the "cake", I just bought a new gravel bike. I've been riding it along the Trinity River trail system and while that is fun, it can be dangerous as more people, their strollers, dogs, and Pokemon users (head down and NOT paying attention) are using it.
Enter MWST. This was the most fun I've had in a really long time. Having a nice new ride didn't hurt either. I was treated to 2 snakes, 1 rabbit, a bobcat, 2 farm cats, cattle, horses with people trying to control them, more butterflies than I could count and 2 very eccentric owners of a coffee shop in Mineral Wells. That being said, if you ride the entire 20 miles from Weatherford to MW, you MUST visit the You Maka Me Hot Coffee shop in downtown. It is directly next to the old Baker Hotel. You can sip a much needed coffee and chill out for a bit. This coffee shop is pretty special. They roast their own coffee there and ship it out all over the country. It is truly a small gem in the midst of an otherwise pretty depressing town.
Back to the trail. There is a section from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial into the MW trailhead that uses broken up bricks for the trail. This is a terrible section and is the only part worth avoiding. My butt wishes it had been avoided. I blazed through it and if I hadn't really wanted to visit the coffee shop, I would have turned around. I noticed that certain companies sponsor small sections of the trail. Chicken Express sponsors the section in front of their restaurant. I wondered if Acme Brick sponsored the heavily bricked section. We may never know.
The elevation is mostly flat, but keep in mind if you do the entire 40 miles, you will notice that going back seems to be more climbing. For reference, I started at Weatherford Cartwright park. I was all excited hitting 18-20MPH having a blast, until the return trip. Most avid cyclists won't have an issue. This was the farthest I'd ridden in one day, so it was quite a workout. I will definitely be riding this again. It was not very busy at all. I cannot believe with the gravel grinding crowd out there, that this place wasn't swamped with cyclists.
Thanks again and I hope this helps encourage someone to get out there and RIDE. Enjoy this country while we still can!

Fort Worth Branch (Trinity River Trails)

Map needs updating

April, 2017 by park_place1

The city of Fort Worth has done a few million dollars worth of improvements connecting trails and upgrading other's.

River Legacy Trail

Beautiful Trails

March, 2017 by krinst71

I lived in Arlington, near the park, for several years. I would ride the trails every day on my bike. When I moved I would still return as often as I could. It's a very peaceful, beautiful set of trails.

Campion Trail

Find another trail

February, 2017 by rchleb

Unless you like running/biking directly under power lines, and past major highways, industrial truck yards, and the occasional horse, find another trail. The southern section is close to the Grand Prairie landfill so on a windy day you can't even get out of your car, the smell is awful.

John Barfield Trail

John Barfield Trail

February, 2017 by longengineers

My house is within 40 feet of the trail and every night there are bicycles and walkers traversing the trail past the operational hours. They shine their headlights and strobe lights in my front yard sometimes as late as 11:00 pm and some have their radios playing loud enough to hear inside my house. We feel our serenity and security is compromised by these late night travelers. Can we get signs posted at Rumfield Road informing people of the hours of operation and some police patrols to limit this nightly occurrence. We bought and put our house on 16 acres for our solitude not to live by Grand Central Station.

Lake Mineral Wells State Trailway

Nice Trail

October, 2016 by rreuscher

Rode the trail this last weekend. Part of the trail from Lake Mineral Wells State Park to Mineral Wells is closed due to flood damage. It's not well marked from the park to Mineral Wells just three orange barrels across part of the trail. No signage saying why the barrels are there. At FM1195 the gate on trail towards the park is closed and locked and it has a sign stating that this section of the trail is closed due to flood damage. Would have been nice if someone from the park when I checked in might mentioned that.

The section from 1195 to Rock Creek mine is very rocky, not the crushed limestone of the rest of the trail, but larger rocks and broken bricks making for a very bumpy ride.

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