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Mansfield Road Hike & Bike Trail

Biking Mansfield trail

December, 2019 by jmcfadden69

Extra wide lanes and steep hill on Mansfield Rd. Turn onto Lake Ridge Pwky and the trail continues through a residential area with beautiful scenery and wide bike trails all the way to Hwy 67.

Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

offroading, creek, cemetary, park, downtown. a little of everything!!

August, 2018 by jefftittle1

offroading, creek, cemetary, park, downtown. a little of everything!!

Mesquite Heritage Trail

We had a great time.

April, 2018 by reginayoderbiz

The path is smooth with great gentle inclines/descents. Beautiful scenery along the way even though it’s in town. There’s a couple of busy crossings, but it’s doable.


Glendale Park Loop Trail

Glendale Park Trail

April, 2018 by toushrn

I love this trail! Its just the right length for me and I can see from one side to the other. The people I meet are friendly. Many have been walking this trail for years, I always feel safe on this trail.

Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

Great Trail

July, 2016 by diana.davidson

I'm a novice biker and I really enjoyed this trail. Very well maintained.

Santa Fe Trestle Trail


June, 2016 by lora37tx

I walked this trail with my dog on a Friday morning in June. On one hand I liked that no one was on the trail, but good human interaction was missed. The parking area is adequate and clean. The trails walkway also leads to Moore Park which I think makes this area great for a walkathon. But the trail itself is short (.86 of a mile) and secluded. I wouldn't suggest going alone or at night.

Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

Where do I begin? 5 stars for walking, 2 for cycling

October, 2015 by katygrrl

Wow. I moved here from out of state, and I feel SO frustrated with the lack of info on parking, maps of the trail, amenities, and trail conditions in Texas available on the 'net or at the parks. I am used to posted signage which gives you a visual of the trail and periodic "you are here" information along the path. This trail is no exception. Google Maps couldn't even get me there without several searches the closer I got to the trail, and there is NO signage anywhere in Waxahachie to help visitors find the trail. It's as if they're saying (and it's the same with every other Texan trail I've visited so far) "if you're not from here, don't come". Ignore Google Maps directions which take you onto I35E South and to a small parking area at the Waxahachie Depot at mile 1 3/4 .

That said, the best way to access this trail is to Google Getzendaner Memorial Park and begin your ride there. The park has plenty of parking, and there is easy access to water and bathroom facilities. The trail basically starts/ends here for cycling, although you can hike further using dirt hiking paths, and there are also "Health Stations" sited along the first mile or so where walkers can stop and do some fitness activities. At the Wags-A-Hachie Dog Park (about the 2 1/2 mile mark), there's a garden with info about native plants and benches for resting.

Also note there is a dirt "Mountain Bike" only trail (no walkers) which basically parallels the paved path, but forays into the surrounding countryside on occasion before meeting the main path again, and is very well marked. The paved trail has very good granite markers every 1/4 mile so you know how far you've come and how far until the end of the trail by checking out both sides. The trail is 7-3/4 miles according to the marker at Getzendaner Park.

Be prepared that this path winds back and forth, and you can't make any real speed. The scenery is lovely, and the path is mostly shaded with lots of benches situated along the trail. There is water available at the park, and at the Wags-A-Hachie Dog Park (about 2 1/2 miles) and again at the 5 mile mark, where I suddenly lost the trail at an (Unknown named) park. I rode around the park but never found where the path continues for the last 2 1/2 miles, so I turned around.

Also be prepared for horses (!) named LeBron and Shaq who appear out of nowhere, walkers with MP3 players blasting so they don't hear you ask for passing, and a lot of moms pushing strollers. With the path winding the way it does, I had a few close calls with people taking up the whole width of the path, and was almost kicked by LeBron. There was one other cyclist on the Saturday that I went.

In summary, this is a lovely park to walk, but I wouldn't drive there again to cycle. Except for a Subway on BUS287, I did not see any other places to eat, and unlike small towns back east, no signage to direct you back to the main highways. I literally used up my phone battery just finding the trail and getting back to the main roads because my phone kept losing service. It would be nice for a map of the park to be posted at the beginning so you know where different facilities are, and signage at the mystery park at the 5 mile marker to direct visitors to where the path continues.

Trinity Levee Trail

great ride

April, 2015 by smichaelclark59

does anyone know if the rest of the concrete trail is open in the Trinity that goes under 35 and on out south I see it on the DART blue line when we cross the Trinity from the train but I don't know how to get down there or even if its open

Kiest Park Loop Trail

There's more room to walk, and more room to grow.

December, 2014 by lookatdesktop

From what I see these improvements are a plus for Kiest Park area residents for family and friends to share in outdoor activities especially walking and jogging and biking. I grew up in Dallas since back in 1963 and I have always enjoyed this park. I have seen it grow over the years into a place that is great fun for the entire family.

It offers places to just set and read, or to take the kids for play. The tennis courts are second to none. The recreation center offers many activities for young and old. The basketball courts are up to date and I have enjoyed many hours just setting and watching the basket ball players at practice or enjoyed hours of chess with members of the chess club.

I once was a member of the 100 mile club. That I will one day look into once again.

Santa Fe Trestle Trail

My peace of mind

November, 2014 by steelerlady

I was a little apprehensive to walk the trail at first because I thought the smell of the trinity would over power me or I would see snakes but I just decided to do it and I'm so very happy I did because once I stepped on the trail it was so beautiful you can see downtown dallas and once you get to the bridge its amazing I love the bridge and you look down and you see the cascading water flow its absolutely breathtaking I go every chance I get. So you not only get a workout you get a peace of mind. ENJOY!! :-)

Waxahachie Creek Hike & Bike Trail

Great walking trail

October, 2014 by vloveday

We have been walking this trail for a couple of years now. It is clean and well maintained. There are some who ride bikes but the trail is nice and wide so there's lots of room and lots of stuff to see. If you feel like walking on the original trail...without the concrete, it's still there as well and walks a little closer to the creek. Your dog is welcomed (on a leash) as there is a dog park along the way. We have taken the trail from both ends, peaceful and lovely all the way. We enjoy the very nice butterfly gardens. Beautiful trail, nice people and one of our favorite places to take a long walk. :-)

Trinity Levee Trail

Trinity Levee Trail, not bad but will be awesome!

September, 2014 by trebiesk

So I'm new to riding and haven't checked out too many places yet but I was satisfied with this trail. Nice mix of nature and city scenery and not overly crowded. Sure there is construction going on but it wasn't intrusive or disruptive to my ride and it's only because they are working to make it an even better set up. Overall, I enjoyed this apot and due to the close proximity to my house I will definitely be back an.

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