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Recent Trail Reviews

Omaha Trail

Don't let the negative reviews turn you away

June, 2018 by bcbarringer2

I read through the reviews before my wife and I biked the trail in spring 2018. Some of them noted the rough surface of the trail, but the fact is, it's not that bad at all! Would it be a comfortable ride on a road bike? No, probably not, but any kind of hybrid or mountain bike would be just fine. It's actually pretty smooth in many sections. Very scenic, interesting countryside, and the trestles and tunnel are great. And it's (apparently) hardly used! We were there on a sunny Sunday afternoon and biked the whole thing round-trip and only saw 5 other people the entire time (I walking and two groups of two cyclists). Decent restrooms, water, and picnic tables at both ends and in the middle on the north side of the tunnel. The tunnel is relatively straight and smooth and you can see from one end to the other, but it's surprisingly dark in the middle, so you might want to take a small flashlight/bike light with you (or do as my wife and I did, and use the "flashlight" on your phone...). Overall a great trail and one we will happily do again.

Omaha Trail

Lovely day, lovely trail

October, 2017 by charlieknox

We biked from Elroy to the restrooms on the north side of the tunnel yesterday afternoon. The tunnel, with a very smooth, wide surface, is about 7 miles from The Common in Elroy . The first mile is on town roads, then on to the trail. Lots of leaves and walnuts on the trail at this point in the year. The trail itself is one of the better trails we have biked on. Bridges are well maintained. The scenery was beautiful on the trail. Can't wait to start in Camp Douglas, and head south.

Give it a try, I think you'll enjoy it !

Trout Run Trail

One of the best in Iowa

October, 2017 by juliklec

This is a beautiful, well groomed trail that takes you around the city of Decorah, which is equally beautiful and well groomed. We started on the west side of town at the intersection of IA 9 & US 52 and headed north. The first hill was managable; after a short stint on Oneota Dr. (a dead end; no through traffic) it was an easy ride along the Upper Iowa River. There are no substantial hills until you turn south at Trout Run Road & Siewers Rd. near the fish hatchery. To say that the hills are challenging is an understatement: even a seasoned bicyclist might pause or even hang back at some of these 6 & 7% grade, s-curve, switchback & hairpin climbs. Overall, a terrific trail.


Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Worth the ride, but trail surface needs help

September, 2017 by joe_d_tl

Biked from Sparta to Wilton and back (about 35 mi of biking, 2 miles of walking thru tunnels) last weekend. It's a nice route through mildly scenic wooded and farming areas, but the tunnels are definitely an interesting experience (don't forgot your flashlight--you'll need it to keep your footing since the tunnel floors are pitted and wet/muddy/slippery). While the trail's elevation changes aren't severe, there are long sections that are persistently up hill, so be prepared to pedal consistently for those.

The only concern about the trail is the surface. The trail surface (packed gravel) was mostly in good shape but there are some soft/muddy and rutted spots. It definitely makes you work harder compared with a paved trail. But more bothersome was how narrow the trail is--for large distances it's being overgrown, leaving it at only about 4-5 feet wide, maybe less. I have to agree with other reviewers who have wondered what the trail fees are being used for if not to keep the surface in better shape. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't been paved by now.

In summary, we're glad we biked the trail, but consider it a "been there, done that" experience given the surface conditions.

Root River State Trail

Love this trail

August, 2017 by crosscountry79

Went from Rushford to Whalen and the trail was in great shape. It was the first time I was on a trail in Minnesota. Great first impression. Will try other half after Whalen and the harmony trail next.

Elroy-Sparta State Trail


August, 2017 by emmettbrown

We rode a 10 mile section between the Kendall station and just a bit past Wilton, WI. Just beautiful. There are plenty of good places to stop and good facilities along the way. The towns along the trail are proud of their affiliation with the trail. Wilton has a great stopover with picnic tables and clean facilities with plumbing. The condition of the trail was a bit disappointing. I'm glad we have mountain bikes because there were lots of ruts and much of the gravel has washed away. Granted Wisconsin had a wet spring but it doesn't appear the trail is well maintained.

Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Strange sign

July, 2017 by jimkuiper

We had a great time riding this trail and going through the tunnels. I was amused by the signs at each tunnel stating: "Clothing and articles worn in other caves and mines are prohibited in the Elroy-Sparta State Trail tunnels." I do understand the concern, but I think the sign could have been worded better (i.e. "clothing and articles that have been worn"). It sounded to me like "people wear clothes in other caves and tunnels, but not here!

The tunnels were family friendly when we were there. ;-)

Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Tunnels are worth it

July, 2017 by campbob

We stayed at the Tunnel Trail Campground over July 4th and rode a few shorter sections at a time over several days. The trail was smooth and I don't remember any sandy or rutted out spots. The tunnels tended to be at the high points on the trail, so the return trip was a nice downhill ride. Overall everyone in our group enjoyed the trail.

400 State Trail

Dont ride from Elroy to Reedsburg

May, 2017 by feritozsoy

If you want decent speed, choose to route from reedsburg to Elroy. Otherwise you spend your time with pedalling all the time. There are no steeps on the trail but slightly goes up. It is kind of non-scenic version of Elroy-Sparta trail. Plus not recommended in rainy weather. Not Asphalt

Elroy-Sparta State Trail

Depends on your route!

May, 2017 by feritozsoy

This was my 5th trail on my bike trip between Mankato to Wisconsin Dells. If you use this trail from Elroy to Sparta, it is good. But if you start from Sparta to Elroy, It would be hard for you. Because the surface is little bit slightly up and you have to pedal during 80% of the trail. Hence the reason, you can`t enoy the nature. You always struggle with your pedal and breath. Plus not recommended at rainy weather. It is already gravel surface and you dont want to ride on soft clay. It gives you extra trouble. Still worth to see just the sake for tunnels. Btw Tunnel 3 surface needs to be fixed. It has been eroded by water leaking from ceiling.

La Crosse River State Trail

Smooth ride!

May, 2017 by feritozsoy

This was our 4th trail on our bike trip between Mankato to Wisconsin Dells. even though my priority is asphalt surface for biking, i still loved this trail. It seems so authentic. The trees are in shape and regularly. It was beautiful ride.

Great River State Trail

Just Scenic, the rest of them is nothing

May, 2017 by feritozsoy

This trail was our 3rd trail between Mankato,MN to Wisconsin Dells,WI. We used it from beginning to the end. When we started in Marshland Access, the trail was closed. We had no idea why it was closed. After a mile we saw a puddle on trail and we passed it. Half mile further we saw another puddle and passed it too. It was not a big deal. But after half mile we saw that river was flooded. We already made 160 miles from Mankato and did not want to give up. We passed the flooded river by walking with our bikes. The water was on our hips and pushing us away. It was the unforgettable moment. We enjoyed it. After that finally we got into real trail. It was in the wood. The surface is gravel and crushed stone. Also covered with alot of branches. This trail could be top if it was asphalt but with this bad surface , the rank will be always down. Just scenic.. Not really good for bikers. Maybe snowmobile or skiing would be the best choice for this trail.

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