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Eisenbahn State Trail (Route of the Badger)

24.3 mi
State: WI
Asphalt, Crushed Stone
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
Overview The Eisenbahn State Trail gives a nod to Wisconsin’s German heritage in its name—Eisenbahn is German for “railway.” The strict translation, “iron road,” refers to the iron rails originally...
WI 24.3 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone

Recent Trail Reviews

Eisenbahn State Trail (Route of the Badger)

Fantastic trail for biking

July, 2024 by rkhilt

This trail exceeded our expectations. Scenery was beautiful and trails were in great condition. This seems to be a hidden gem. We rode from the Eden trailhead to Kewaskum. We will definitely ride this trail again.

Glacial Drumlin State Trail (Route of the Badger)

Cottage Grove to Lake Mills and Return

July, 2024 by t5n8nj6tsn

Nice, peaceful, perfect weather Monday morning ride. There is a tree laying over the trail @ 5.3 miles from Cottage Grove. Had to duck low, but was able to ride under it on the side that is still off the ground. No other issues for this part of the trail. Very enjoyable trail.

White River State Trail (Route of the Badger)

Perfect Morning Ride

June, 2024 by tvisintainer1

Did this ride starting at the East end. Loved the views and the trail was well maintained. I do wish the connection through Burlington as more direct or better signed.


New Berlin Recreation Trail

trail flooded east of hwy 164

June, 2024 by y1htak2

We use this trail all the time. Flooded portion was about 100 feet long by 1 foot deep in places. Shoes got very wet as we pedaled through it. Ducks were happy. Usually the puddle is not this deep and long but we’ve had a lot of rain lately.

Bugline Trail (Route of the Badger)

Bug Line Review from behind Costco Gas Station to Menomonee Park

June, 2024 by 5sdc5y9xrc

The trail was nicely paved and had frequent shady spots to take a break out of the heat. Slight incline as we made are way. It was approx 5 Miles on Bike to Menomonee Park. Went swimming, had a picnic. There is a shelter. Bathrooms, changing room , shower and bubblers.You can rent kayaks. Easier coming back as the incline slants down so areas to just coast. Surprised by the cars stopping for people to let them cross. I was impressed! My legs are jello but we had a great time!

Root River Pathway (Route of the Badger)

Enjoyable Trail but you’ll need your phone!

June, 2024 by bradleymalcom04

Biked this trail yesterday to complete a loop with the Lake Michigan pathway. The trail itself is enjoyable…getting out your phone to figure out where you are is not! The trail does have signs, but all signs are located in places where you don’t need help. I actually starting laughing every time I saw a sign with the arrow pointing forward on a straightaway. Almost every time I had to make a decision, there was no sign anywhere! Poor planning.

Bugline Trail (Route of the Badger)

Does it require entrance parking permit

June, 2024 by diavh

We are planning to visit there and does it require parking permit?? Where is best place to park?

City of Franklin Hike and Bike Trail (Route of the Badger)

No complaints. Just a short paved trail.

June, 2024 by alloy_smile

No complaints. Just a short paved trail.

Muskego Recreation Trail (Route of the Badger)

Ride at your own risk is correct. This trail is not maintained. Started over by Muskego county park. It gets a little better as you go towards the Franklin bike and bike trail but it's nothing to go out of your way for.

June, 2024 by alloy_smile

Ride at your own risk is correct. This trail is not maintained. Started over by Muskego county park. It gets a little better as you go towards the Franklin bike and bike trail but it's nothing to go out of your way for.

Lake Andrea Multi-Use Path

Very nice ride

June, 2024 by tvisintainer1

This path is very fun to ride. At the right time of day the reflections on the lake are awesome.

Robert McClory Bike Path

My Thoughts On The Trail?

June, 2024 by ij3175974

My Overall Thoughts Of This Path Is Amazing, Except The 12 Miles From North Chicago To The State Line, Is The Downside. Ever Since I've Been Living In Waukegan For 8 Years, This Path Has Not Changed. The Path Is Still Crushed Limestone To This Day, And Lake County Hasn't Paved it Yet. Bike Paths Are Not Supposed To Be Unpaved, All Paths Should Be Paved Except The Forest Preserve. The North Chicago, Waukegan, and Zion Sections Are Sketchy. These Area's Has A Lot of Street Crossings, And I Have An E-Bike, That I Ride On Here Most of The Time. With That Amount Of Street Crossings, It Drains My Battery, And I Can't Even Get To My Destination Without Getting Stranded. Before Spring This Year, I Got Stuck Nearly 3 Times On This Trail. Back On February 11th, 2024, I Was Riding To The State Line Which Was 9 Miles From Waukegan, And Then As I Was Heading Home, I saw 2 Or 3 Deers By The Trail Intersection In Beach Park Where Lions Woods Is At. So I had To Take A Shortcut Home. So I Turned Around And Turned Left On The Lions Woods Savanna Trail West, And Turned Left On Butrick Ave, And Went Straight Down. When I Left The Trail My Bike Tire Pops! With All The Constant Stoppings For These Cross Streets Is Really Bad, And I Had To Walk The 2 Miles Back Home. I Hope The City Of Waukegan Tells Lake County To Pave This Asap. Now The Second Time, On February 18th 2024, I was Riding To Highwood, And Thats 12 Miles Away From Waukegan. So When I was Entering Downtown North Chicago, My Bike Battery Dies. Thanks To The Constant Stops! If This Part Of The Trail Was Continued It Would Not Happen. Lake County! You Really Need To Pave This Path, It's Not Good, And With All This Limestone, Is Making The Treads Of My Bike Tire's Ware Out. If You Guys Have Kids, Make Sure They Have An Electric Scooter With Tires, And Not Rubber. I Contacted The Lake County Division Of Transportation, Asking Them If They Could Pave The Trail From North Chicago, To The State Line, They Never Responded. People Need To Stop Being Lazy And Pave This Path. The Only Part Of This Trail That Is Paved Is When Exiting North Chicago South To Great Lakes Navel Base, Lake Bluff, lake Forest, Highwood, Highland Park, And The County Line. Btw This Path So Far Looks Better With The New Bike Signs, And The Mile Markers, Which I'm Very Happy About. Now, When It Started Getting Warmer, In The North Chicago / Waukegan Section, The People Are Putting Graffiti On The New Bike Signs, Which Is Disappointing. How Am I Supposed To Navigate If They Are Going To Be Doing That? I Don't Know, But They Better Stop! Let's Hope Soon They Pave This Trail Soon! Now 2 Days Ago I Was Taking Some Night Photos Of This Trail, Right By Dugdale, And Belvidere Rd, Which Is The Small Portion Of The Trail Which Was Really Dark With No Lights, And It Was an Amazing Spot To Take Pictures. That Night I Saw Really Bright Lights Coming From The South Thinking it Was The Police Patrolling On The Trail, But There Was 4 People With Electric Scooters Which Was Cool, However, When I was Taking Photos Of The Trail, They Were Looking At Me Like I was Doing Something. Number 1, You Do Not Own The Trail, Number 2, Don't Give People Looks Just Because They Are Taking Pictures, Number 3, Your Kids Should Not Be Out Riding At 10:00 At Night, They Should Be In Bed. Now Today! As I Was Cruising On My E-Bike This Afternoon, I Saw This Idiot Speeding With His Dirt Bike On The Trail, It's A Good Thing I Pulled Over, Because He Would Have Gotten Dust All Over Me From The Ground. If It Says No Motorized Vehicles, Why Are People Doing It? Waukegan Really Needs Strict Rules Here. If I See That Guy Doing It Again, I'm Calling The Police. Anyway It's Still A Nice Trail, It Just Needs A few Updates, And Lets Hope They Pave The Whole 12 Miles From North Chicago To The State Line.

Ozaukee Interurban Trail (Route of the Badger)

Depends what day

June, 2024 by drozey7

I used to love this trail, too many rude and inconsiderate riders from Milwaukee.

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