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Recent Trail Reviews

Belfast Rail Trail on the Passagassawaukeag

easy, pleasant walk

October, 2022 by tinsleym

Lovely, flat, well kept. I started a bit further back at the Belfast Boathouse, walked all the way out and back for almost 6 miles.

Penobscot River Walkway

Has a nice River view, can occasionally hear trains tooting, people are dining to the side on restaurant patios

August, 2022 by rosalievalerio63

Has a nice River view, can occasionally hear trains tooting, people are dining to the side on restaurant patios

Penobscot River Walkway

Nice River view, can occasionally hear trains tooting, restaurants with people dining can be seen to the side, fine for a City Walk

August, 2022 by rosalievalerio63

Nice River view, can occasionally hear trains tooting, restaurants with people dining can be seen to the side, fine for a City Walk


Kennebec River Rail Trail

Perfect morning walk!!

August, 2022 by bdloubier

Started at Capitol park entrance enjoying the walkers passing by. All were saying good morning! Great walk paved with asphalt. Follows the Kennebec River. A little disappointed it was by the waste treatment facility.

Down East Sunrise Trail

Urban Weekend Warriors Be Prepared

July, 2022 by fennecfox1947

After biking the Aroostook Trail, I came down to Washington Junction for the Sunrise Trail. I encountered several ATVs but only one was miffed (it was a narrow section of sand/gravel around miles 3-4 and they honked at me and I stopped to let them by). I have a Trek Verve with decent tires that I use on the C&O Canal towpath gravel/dirt/and crush-and-run. My experience with the Sunrise trail from mile 1.7 to mile 12.5 is that it was 50-60% gravel with some sand, 20-25% hard-packed smooth dirt, and 20-25% really sandy gravel that was difficult to pedal through. I'm used to doing 30 miles on the easy towpath crush-and-run but after 21 miles on this trail I was exhausted (I'm 63, give me a break). Horseflies!! I wanted to stop to blow my nose but 7-8 horseflies were ready when I stopped so I kept going. I liked the trail and maybe I will check out the other end but the west end is not for the casual biker.

Down East Sunrise Trail

Itinerary: 3 Trails in One!

July, 2022 by ishopforme25

Don't be intimidated by the atvs on this trail, the drivers we encountered on the 4th of July were polite and the trail was just wide enough. Machias is the most "settled" for 35 miles around on the north end with stores and restaurants, which is where we tried it out. Absolutely LOVELY! Plus--the U.S. Bikeway #1 of street routes has an easy section here that crosses the Downeast at Rim Rd, East Machias and heads into Machiasport, passing the site of the first naval battle of the American Revolution. PLUS!--there is a "Sculpture Trail" that intersects here as well, at Roque Bluffs state park and at the U of Maine in town. This well maintained trail needs an itinerary!

Four Seasons Adventure Trail

Extremely disappointing

May, 2022 by dresdelljames

Last weekend we did this so-called shared trail (bikes, hikers, horses, 4 wheelers). Unless you like to inhale the whiff of gasoline from ATVs and the din of their engines, avoid this trail like the plague. We had the bad idea of ¿¿doing this trail back and forth...I believe we must have passed at least 60 ATVs. If some drivers showed civility, by slowing down when they passed us, the majority demonstrated that the words civility and courtesy are not even part of their vocabulary. They make it clear to you that you are not welcome on THEIR path. The majority pass by you without slowing down and I do not recommend this trail for families with young children for obvious reasons. In addition, it is a very rocky trail that requires at least a hybrid bike with good tires, or even a mountain bike.

I'm trying to find a positive to this trail but even trying to be objective I can't find one. There are no infractrustures (no picnic tables, no toilets, nothing). I imagine my review is going to be deleted as it probably won't appeal to everyone but until then hopefully it helps other people not to waste their time on this tasteless trail.

Belfast Rail Trail on the Passagassawaukeag

lovely river amble

May, 2022 by 56x8j2sqr9

Twas a lovely way to start the day, walking above & beside the river with the dogs. Very accessible hard packed stone dust path & fairly smooth bridges. Highly recommend for those visiting Belfast.

WW&F Narrow Gauge Trail

Neglected trail

April, 2022 by nangelia

Initial trail has a lot of barberry blocking it, then the entire trail became deep mud, and finally it was reasonably clear for the rest of the path. The path had about 5 bridges, 2 were completely rotted through, but I just passed under them since the stream was only a trickle. One area was marked with a Poison Ivy sign, but I did not see any, I think it’s just starting to come out so I may have been lucky and gone early enough to miss it. Evidence that a beaver was munching on some rather large trees. Beautiful view of the river near the end.

Kennebec River Rail Trail

Overall a very nice trail

October, 2021 by potterdunn

There’s a lot to like about this trail: •easy ride and it has some hills and curves to make it interesting •scenic •easy parking •well marked •well maintained with a few bumps But there are a few negatives with the major one being the gap in Hallowell. For roughly 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile, the gap in the trail requires one to ride on busy Water St through the downtown area. It’s certainly not the worst road to ride on, but traffic can be heavy and you need to watch for car doors opening. The trail is also very narrow in spots making it difficult to pass through. But overall a nice trail that is worth a visit.

Four Seasons Adventure Trail

Decent Ride

September, 2021 by hollandmp

Rode this on September 1, 2021, from Newport, ME area. Rode 12 miles out on my gravel bike. This is a beginner friendly trail. Not road bike friendly. There are a few sections of loose gravel that can be challenging. Also some sandy spots, but you can power through them. Lots of pot holes and riding on the edges can be helpful.

Old Pond Railway Trail

Beautiful but Tough Running Trail

July, 2021 by sblanshan37

Great hiking trail, love the bridge crossing and bay views. If you’re looking for a good running trail - you may want to skip this one. You can run it - no real elevation gains and pretty straight forward there and back, but the railroad ties kick your butt. In some places they aren’t bad at all, but there are enough spots where there are handfuls of them packed close and tight making it very difficult. You can totally run it, but be ready for a the possibility of a potential fall or a rolled ankle.

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