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Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Nice 3 mile ride, has a bike lane next to the oceanfront. Early morning rides are the best as it might get crowded later on in the day

May, 2022 by thehump71

Nice 3 mile ride, has a bike lane next to the oceanfront. Early morning rides are the best as it might get crowded later on in the day

Little Neck Road Trail

Little Neck Road Trail is nothing like the cover photo

May, 2022 by xrz6m7dq7j

Little Neck Road Trail is nothing like the cover photo. It’s nice and shady, but not scenic. If you ride from Home Depot and head North, you will ride parallel to a 4-lane 45mph road for 2 miles. The last 1.5 miles will be through a quiet, residential area.

Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (NC)

This Trail description needs some work

May, 2022 by dasmithii

Although the trail description does describe this as 4.5 mile asphalt trail, the comments provide some very misleading information that might be helped by some broader clarification in the main trail description.

When accessing this Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (NC), you come in contact with a network of recreational park resources that are adjacent to, but have nothing to do with, the Canal Trail to which this entry refers.

1. The Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (NC), is as described is a paved section of trail from a south-end trailhead parking area at the intersection of Route 17 and NC Highway 343 N going north to the NC Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center. (Note that the trail and Welcome Center are on the east side of the canal, between the canal and Route 17). The actual trail length is about 3.4 miles. I don't know how the 4.5 mile distance in description is calculated. The following description is taken from the Welcome Center website (https://dismalswampwelcomecenter.com/hiking/).

"Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

This three mile paved trail begins at the southern end of the Dismal Swamp Canal Welcome Center/Dismal Swamp State Park off US Hwy 17 and meanders through a wooded area between the historic waterway and the historic highway, ending at NC Hwy 343. A 5 foot wide extension provides access for the trail to the Village of South Mills. This trail is beautifully maintained by Camden County Parks & Recreation."

I checked with the visitor desk at this welcome center and with the State Park Welcome Center (see below) and they both assured me that this was the only paved section of trail along the NC part of the Dismal Canal.
Note that this section of trail is maintained by Camden County Parks & Recreation.

Also note that the Welcome Center is home to a 150’ face dock along the Dismal Canal that provides a rest stop to nearly 2,000 boaters yearly. See https://dismalswampwelcomecenter.com/boating/

2. There is a swing bridge across the Dismal Canal, accessed from the Camden County Welcome Center parking lot on the EAST side, that leads to the NC Dismal Swamp State Park on the WEST side of the Canal.

See both https://dismalswampwelcomecenter.com/state-park/ and https://www.ncparks.gov/dismal-swamp-state-park.

Note that the Welcome Center and the State Park are entirely separate organizationally, and although they cooperate, they are run entirely separately.

The State Park has a system of "trails", although from the perspective of Rail-to-Trail and TrailLink.com users I think the designation of "trails" is a bit generous. The State Park bikeable trails are, for most of the mileage, nothing more than old logging roads, which are quite rough (large gravel, largely ungroomed, sections with tree roots making the trail quite rough, some sections not much more than a grassy overgrown path).

See the map at https://dismalswampwelcomecenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/DISW_mappad15.pdf

Most of the State Park trails (roads) run straight as an arrow in a grid pattern through the swamp. The main rectangle of the grid, which makes up the largest part of the trail mileage is bounded by Kim Saunders Road, Forest Line Road, Corapeake Road and Martha Washington Trail. It's a somewhat uninspiring ride. Gravel Bikers or MTBers may be more inclined to like this ride, but for the typical Rail-to-Trail rider, this isn't an expected experience.

The confusion in this TrailLink entry on "Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (NC)" is that there are comments referring to stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (NC). One comment refers to starting your ride up in "Chessie" (address is 1200 Dismal Swamp Canal). This is way up in Virginia! The Virgina part of the trail is, from what I've read, entirely different than the NC section. Another comment refers to the State Park trails, which again, have nothing to do with the Canal Trail. The State Park trails largely run perpendicular to and away from the Canal. (Comment that refers to State Park trails... "The trails are very well maintained. Despite all the previous rain, I had an awesome 23 mile ride and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The park Staff are very knowledgeable and friendly.")

If you are expecting a Canal Towpath (trail following the old towpath right along the canal) type experience which is more typical of other preserved canal trails in the Mid-Atlantic and NE canals, you will be sorely disappointed.

The State Park trails are what they are, and serve a purpose, although different than what the typical Rail-to-Trail user expects. I'm simply suggesting that this trial description needs to be clarified to make clear to what it does, and does not, refer.


Kempsville Road Trail

Not a Trail

April, 2022 by donf624

This is just a wide concrete sidewalk next to a busy noisy 6 lane street.

Suffolk Seaboard Coastline Trail

Nice Walking Path just be careful On hot days for (SNAKES) if you have Kids make sure they stay on the pavement & watch where you walk. Copperheads andKing Snakes

September, 2021 by rayawrightjr1971

Nice Walking Path just be careful On hot days for (SNAKES) if you have Kids make sure they stay on the pavement & watch where you walk. Copperheads andKing Snakes

Wright Brothers Multi-Use Path

Quad Skate

September, 2021 by shantel.mcduffie

If you have good wheels, you could skate this very short scenic trail.
It's beautiful and partially shaded. I am pretty new to skating but I have outdoor wheels so it wasn't too rough.

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Very Enjoyable Ride

September, 2021 by shcavan

The only reason to not give it 5 stars is that it is very busy but it is scenic with lots of restaurants nearby. Smooth, well kept surface.

Cape Henry Trail

Rough Surface

September, 2021 by shcavan

Parts of the trail are rough with stones and tree roots. Some sections are okay but the trail is better for hiking than biking.

Dismal Swamp Canal Trail (VA)

Smooth Surface.

September, 2021 by shcavan

Easy, enjoyable ride.

Great Neck Road/London Bridge Road Trail


August, 2021 by golferrc

Just a note - as depicted - the mileage from the start near Shore Drive to the end near General Booth Blvd is actually 22 Miles - not 11.5 as in the trail description.

Birdneck Road Trail

Well maintained trail

July, 2021 by tdykz6s8bq

I cycle on this trail 2-3 times a week and the path itself is great; some of the other people who use it aren’t very courteous—they don’t share the path even though it’s a multi-use path—so if you’re cycling be mindful that you may have to go in the grass. My only complaint is the lights don’t come on in the darkest part of the path after dark. As to the complaint about road noise, well, it’s beside the road…Where there’s road noise. ¿¿¿¿¿

Duck Trail

trail experience

June, 2021 by terrie_edwards

Nice but not much shade so stay hydrated.

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