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Cheese Country Recreation Trail

47 mi
State: WI
Crushed Stone

Pecatonica State Trail

10 mi
State: WI
Crushed Stone

Riverside Recreational Path

0.63 mi
State: IL
Dirt, Grass, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
If you’re looking for an invigorating motorized-trail experience, the Cheese Country Recreation Trail (aka the Tri-County Trail) won’t disappoint. If you’re on foot, hoof, or self-propelled two...
WI 47 mi Crushed Stone
The Pecatonica State Trail is never far from water as it takes the easygoing Bonner Branch Valley through the rolling hills and rocky bluffs of southwest Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, a region that the...
WI 10 mi Crushed Stone
The Riverside Recreational Path begins as a gravel lane at the base of Riverside Park on the banks of the Rock River in Roscoe. From there, it continues along Rowena Street, paralleling State Route...
IL 0.63 mi Dirt, Grass, Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

Bauer Memorial Path

several paths, not just the Bauer

July, 2019 by ericevan

My review if for three paths; South Main Street Path north to the top of the Bauer Memorial Path. I really enjoyed this trail. I'm not sure why it's not all interconnected, a few lapses can easily be considered part of the trail. Well, at least, that's what I did. The three paths combine to offer great views of the Rock River, Rockford and it's surrounding area. Along the way there are great nature views as well as man-made. If you're looking for a challenge try to find the trail-side pay phone and the massively oversized basketball hoop. All in all I think I came away with around 30 miles from all three paths round trip and can easily see myself riding it again. Cheers.

Jane Addams Trail


July, 2019 by ericevan

My first ride on this path was with my son two years ago when he was in the 3rd grade. I'd just bought him a new bike which he was eager to ride. I'd also just bought a car bike rack, making road-trip rides possible. After doing some homework we headed northwest for an hour and a half to give this trail a whirl. We did not walk away unsatisfied. To shorten the ride we started at the parking lot near Hwy 20. This offers a straight shot north to the Wisconsin border. Away we went. We went on a summer weekday and probably saw no more than a few riders on our 22+ mile trip. Along the way, we enjoyed the sites and experience. My son loved seeing the open farms filled with cows and the occasional critter that wandered across our path. I really liked the rock formations and movement from small town to small town. We took our time biking and made the 22 miles an almost 3-hour journey that, at the time, was my sons longest bike trip. We rode to Orangeville and had a late lunch there before heading back. The trail itself was in great shape. I'd heavily recommend this path to any type of biker. Cheers.

Great River Trail

Campbell's Island to Credit Island

July, 2019 by ericevan

Last summer I finally put my bike tires to Iowa asphalt, cement, and crushed limestone. It was my first ride west of the Mississippi and my first two-state ride in some time. I traversed the Great River Trail from Campbell's Island to Credit Island round trip and experienced everything in between including Arsenal Island, a brewery, flooded segments of the trail, a minor league baseball field, artwork, ghost signs and a vast assortment of incredible views. Easily a favorite path, I'd lovee to get back out here and head north from Campbell's to experience more of this terrific trail. Cheers.


Pecatonica Prairie Trail

Potential, but not a great path yet

July, 2019 by ericevan

I parked in western Rockford and picked this trail up at it's far eastern point. A mile or so into the trail heading west, it turned from compacted earth/small rock to full-on grass, at which point a pool of water from treeline to treeline made it impossible to continue. Ok, headed back to the car and drove down to Winnebago where I picked up the trail heading west again. The trail isn't bad, but I ride a hybrid bike with smaller tires than a mountain bike. Riding wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy either. Halfway between Winnebago and Pecatonica I got tired of the trail and its inconsistent composition and went off-road down hilly side streets to complete my ride to the north side of Pecatonica. What you should know about this path is that the trail is comprised of flattened earth and some gravel (ranging sizes from crushed to large pebbles). The trail also has grass areas either in full, or partially. Personally, I don't care for the grass. The trail itself is 95% non-canopy. For those looking for direct sun and a lot of it..this trail is for you. Along the trail there isn't much in the way of scenery. I'd say it's mostly a 'put your head down and peddle' path. The trail composition wasn't favorable for me nor was the scenery, so I'm at two stars here. I think the trail could be maintained more to improve that side of it. Cheers

Great Sauk State Trail


July, 2019 by diesel50

Paved and scenic trail

Just rode the trail and enjoyed the tree cover on the south part of trail on a hot and humid day. The trail is smooth with some gently rolling hills and some good views of the Wisconsin river. A gate stops the trail about 3 miles before Halweg Road so I had to improvise to find a different road to Hwy 78 or Hwy 113.

Sugar River State Trail

Beautiful surroundings, but the trail conditions were unsatisfactory

July, 2019 by joetgoat

I rode the Sugar River State Trail from New Glarus to Albany on July 2, 2019. The scenery was beautiful, and the grade mild.
The trail conditions from New Glarus to Monticello (5.6 mi) was very good: mostly crushed limestone surface and the trail width 5 feet. The shoulder was recently mowed, this was the best portion of the ride.
South of Monticello into Albany (10.4 mi), the trail conditions were really unsatisfactory. The surface was overgrown with grass, weeds, and wild flowers, with a resulting pair of narrow trail paths, ranging from 6- 12 inches.
There were multiple gopher holes in the trail, some marked with dead branches and one with an orange traffic pylon. These were hard to see given the weed and grass overgrowth.
Until the trail in overhauled between Monticello and Albany, I recommend turning around in Monticello.

Jane Addams Trail

Best rails to trails bike, walking trail within 30 mi.

July, 2019 by bikeandrun

We park near Rt. 20 at the stone part of the trail. Always surpasses every other trail around. Wide and very clear. Kept up perfectly. I would recommend this trail to at least the state line of Wicconsin, where it has not been well maintained lately.

Sugar River State Trail

What a mess this year!

July, 2019 by bikeandrun

I have purchased trail passes for $25.00 a year from the Wisconsin DNR and cycling and jogging this and the Badger Trail since 1986. This year, high weeds, horrible cutting, trees down for a long time and almost hard to find a clear path though the weeds have been the order.
Worst maintenance since 1986. Last week the first cut in ages left it worst than cycling through a farmers fresh cut hay field. Disappointing and Avoidable I would advise. You'll never know if or when it will be clear and enjoyable. I have called, but had to leave messages with the DNR.

Very disappointed in The Sugar River and Badger this year. Embarrassing for the care its not receiving.

Badger State Trail

Unkept, unmowed, worst I've rode since 1986

July, 2019 by bikeandrun

I've been riding this and Sugar River Trails since 1986. I purchase the trail passes every year. This year, I have had to crawl over and under trees. The weeds have been so high, all kinds of wild grass brushes against your legs to your knees.
Jane Adams trail is perfect. The first foot onto the Badger, north of Orangeville is really unenjoyable hell. It has not been mowed regularly, so I can't tell you if and when they mow it. But it's no fun. I called and left a message at the local DNR office responsible. Let's see what happens.

Sugar River State Trail

Terrible trail

June, 2019 by triplett

It was terrible . This trail needs lots of "tender loving" care. High grass on both sides & in the middle of the trail. I would never go back there. The state should be ashamed!!!

Lower Yahara River Trail

Beautiful trail but be aware

June, 2019 by bcmink

Gorgeous trail but be aware that the section of the trail that courses through Lake Farm Park has occasional automobile/truck/camper traffic for a group camp located within Lake Farm Park. Motorists are instructed to stay as far to the right as possible, have to yield to pedestrians and bikes and cannot pass vulnerable users. Other than that enjoy!

Badger State Trail

Beautiful vistas and rolling hills!

June, 2019 by tdbirch

Had the pleasure to ride this trail from the Sugar River Trail junction to Monroe, returning North to the Stewart Tunnel, then returning to New Glarus. The section we rode was compact dirt but very smooth as we turned off the Sugar River trail headed to Monroe. Grass was not cut in this section of trail and 2 tire tracks make up most of the trail. Gentle uphill most the distance to Monroe. There is a detour entering Monroe that is well marked with signage and only several blocks on road before rejoining the trail. You'll appreciate the gentle downhill as you depart Monroe headed back North. We rode through the Stewart Tunnel which made the gentle uphill trek as you approach the tunnel worth while. Once past the tunnel we rode county roads back to the Sugar River Trail to take us back to New Glarus. I cannot attest to the condition of the trail outside of the 20 mile section we rode but recommend this trail for those who are looking for the casual ride and to enjoy the beautiful scenery Wisconsin has to offer!

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