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East Decatur Greenway

Cute Trail, but short

January, 2022 by courtneynryan.artist

The trail stops/starts at the new green space where the old gas station used to be, and it’s meanders around smoothly. Some areas towards the Marta station are hard to follow, but look for signs!

Clayton Connects Trail

Clayton County Int. Horse Park

January, 2022 by naben55

I rate this trail as one of the easiest trails to ride, especially if you are a beginner to riding bike trails or just getting back into bike riding. No steep hills to deal with, and you get to ride at a good pace. Defiantly a trail kids and adults can ride with ease. You can even go around the trail a few different ways to extend your ride.

Carrollton GreenBelt

Carrolton Belt Line

January, 2022 by naben55

I really enjoyed the lake view ride .. it was a little scary trying to cross over the busy main street on the trail but just take your time and watch out for the cars. I did get lost at one point also because it seems to veer off in a few different directions and sometimes you miss the connecting trail, but It was still fun asking the friendly locals how to get back. :-) I plan on doing this one again.


Silver Comet Trail

Silver Comet-Mableton to Hiram

January, 2022 by naben55

I've ridden this trail between these 2 points a few times now and I always enjoy the ride. The most difficult is getting up the hill at one of the bridges , but the best part is going back down that same hill. I felt like a kid again.:-) Make sure you have a comfy seat on your bike to make the ride even more enjoyable. There's nothing worse than a sore butt! :-) looking forward to starting out from Hiram and exploring even further out and eventually to the other end.

Stone Mountain Trail

Weekly fitness challenge lasting 1 year

December, 2021 by seanrubengaboya

Memories of my weekly cycling/ hiking trek to Stone Mountain from downtown Atlanta on the Stone Mountain Trail keep coming up on my social media, so I thought I would wright a review. Hiking up/down the Cherakee Trail x2 and 1-time cycling sprint abound the base then back Downtown in the bike trail. Highly recommend! Lost 1 star for poorly marked areas in Decator and at the RR crossing on that busy highway (near to the cemetery). I got lost a few times there AND at the gas station in Stone Mountain village! Memories of Stone Mountain Trail are 110% satisfaction

Big Creek Greenway

A Bit Disappointed

December, 2021 by jimleea2

Much need for repair and closed at key point in middle of trail with no suggestion for detour. Pretty, but needs substantial work.

Chief Ladiga Trail

Very nice trail

November, 2021 by biguglymaniac

The Chief Ladiga trail, to me, is a great extension of the Comet (or the Comet is an extension of the Ladiga?) in my opinion, the trail is a very fun trail, but you need to understand it to ensure it is fun for you. Coming from the Georgia border, the trail is very picturesque but there are some rural sections that are a little bumpy for the high pressure 700c crowd, although the 2" tire MTB crowd wouldn't notice anything. In my opinion, Piedmont to the border trailhead is fantastic, and Piedmont to Jacksonville State University is equally awesome. The ride from Jacksonville State University to Anniston is pretty pointless unless you are riding it just so you can say you did the whole thing. The Anniston terminus is very underwhelming, kind of just ending in the middle of nowhere near a small park area.

At the time of this review, Ebikes are not legal on the Chief Ladiga trail, regardless of class. In reality, they are fine IMO since there is zero enforcement and from what I understand, zero plans to enforce. Currently there is no legal distinction between a class 1 Ebike and a full dress Harley. As far as I know, Alabama is simply behind in recognizing Ebikes. We rode half the trail on Ebikes and half on acoustics and even used the Police Station parking in Piedmont to load/unload our Ebikes and had no issues. Ebikes are fun and this trail makes them more fun!

Lastly, there is a time change at the border of the Comet and the Ladiga. The comet is in Eastern time and Ladiga is in Central time. Great place to do some time travelling, and if you want to go for a record, you can start just barely on the Comet then ride to Piedmont to collect your new record time (at least by the clocks)!

Silver Comet Trail

Great trail, some places are better than others

November, 2021 by biguglymaniac

I have ridden the complete trail and just wanted to let people know where the best places are in my opinion. Riding from Rockmart up to the Brushy Mountain Tunnel is perhaps the best part of the trail from a beauty and interest standpoint, and being approximately 8 miles one way, it is a great afternoon jaunt with causal riders. Along the way you hit some nice waypoints to rest.

The trail origin location near Atlanta to Rambo trailhead is really nice and there is a lot of traffic out there. From Rambo to Rockmart is also very nice, but there are some unleashed pit bulls/ferral dogs to contend with from time to time. From Rockmart to Cedartown is not necessarily awesome due to it paralleling the highway, but it is not bad by any stretch. From Cedartown to Piedmont is rough leaving Cedartown near the landfill, but once you get through the hills, the trail to the Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet junction is pleasant as well.

Like most, there are a number of parking locations along the way and we usually tried to keep our segments to 10 miles one way when doing this trail.

Near the Atlanta region, expect a lot of walkers and plenty of riders going extremely fast/racing. We have seen some harsh wrecks when a very fast rider wanders off the concrete into the dirt and tries to get back on, leading to a yard sale crash with ribs and collar bone awesomeness. Be careful.

Carrollton GreenBelt

Great trail to unwind on

November, 2021 by biguglymaniac

This is a very pleasant trail to ride in an afternoon. We usually start near the lake and ride the whole trail as a loop. There are short relatively steep areas but nothing other than a downshift is needed. It goes through the university (UWG) which is fun, through the public school complex which is like a utopian school campus, through the sloughs and plenty of beautiful well marked trails. Taking the spur into the town brings you to a jewel of a square filled with nice places to eat and just gawk at. I have ridden bikes for nearly all my life and this, to me, is the best overall afternoon trail I have ever been on. The fact that it is a loop makes it so you can just go one way and unvaryingly end up back at your car without a care in the world.

Be careful when riding the long boardwalks on slick tires when they are wet. You can be down before you realize you aren't up.

Silver Comet Trail

silver comet trail

November, 2021 by lgibbs137

Trail in excellent condition until you get past rockmart. Then a lot of leaves and debris on the path. Also is a busy trail near Smyrna but thins out quickly when traveling west bound

Camp Creek Greenway

Great, except after rain

November, 2021 by donoltmann_tl

I bike this trail quite a bit. It is generally well maintained but can be a muddy mess after rain. Many portions of the pavement are below the surrounding grade and get mud flows that cover the path in spots.

It can be a bit difficult to bike during high pedestrian traffic times, so if you want to bike, pick your time to ride. A tough hill on one of the Killian Hill forks and on the other end at Lions Club Park, but the rest is river grade.

Nice place to grab a beer or taco at the "bus" in the park in the middle of the trail, too.

Rockdale River Trail

A fine, fine, trail

October, 2021 by gordorad

Great paved trail. It is actually three or more trails, as this trail interconnects to several others. Concrete almost the entire way, and very smooth. I rode this on a Friday afternoon in October and it was very quiet. Went all the way to the Monastery and back and then to the Visitors center and back. Highly recommended.

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