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Recent Trail Reviews

Guest River Gorge Trail

In serious need of maintenance

May, 2022 by johnstonf

Had a friend ride this trail last week on our recommendation. He said the parking area was seriously overgrown and that about a mile or so in, the grass growing in the middle of the trail was more than knee-high and got stuck in his pedals. This is too nice a trail to neglect;hope it is tended to soon!

New River Trail State Park

Awesome Trail

May, 2022 by speidel20

We spent three days May 10-12 riding the New River Trail. We stayed in Galax at the New River Trail Cabins, which were great.
Day 1 we rode from Galax-Byllseby Dam-Fries and back to Galax...~41 miles round trip.
Day 2 we drove to Foster Falls and rode from Foster Falls to Byllseby Dam and back, which was ~28 miles round trip.
Day 3 we drove to Draper and rode from Draper to Foster Falls and back which was ~38 miles round trip.
The trail is in excellent condition and the views of the river are amazing. There are significant rock formations along the cliffs of the trail. Some of the pictures of the rock formations do not capture the scale of these rock formations. Most of the trail is very remote so it is very peaceful and you only hear the sound of the water.
We came across a billy goat at Buck Dam, which was something new and was also saw an eagle flying at Foster Falls.

High Bridge Trail State Park

The High Bridge is the high point, but otherwise not as appealing as other top VA trails

May, 2022 by jonesandrewd_tl

I rode this trail on 5/11 and 5/12, 2022. I'd divide it into roughly three sections - west, from almost-Pamplin to Tuggle, central, from Tuggle to the eastern cutoff to the Spur Line Trail a bit east of the bridge, and eastern, from that point to the eastern terminus.

The Central section (4.5/5) is by far the most interesting. Tuggle to Farmville is relatively scenic. Farmville to the High Bridge is decently scenic. The High Bridge is impressive; yes, it's "just trees", but you are above them, can see 20 miles, watch the crows and other birds flying above the tree or landing on the bridge, relax with a great view, and see the Appomattox from a great height. In my opinion, the Bridge itself delivered on what was promised online, and at nearly half a mile long, it's probably the longest bridge I've biked across, and quite possibly the longest as well.

Then, you can then lock your bike to one of the racks east of the trail, and take the Camp Paradise and/or Spur Line Trails. If you only have time for one, take the Camp Paradise. Not so much for Camp Paradise itself - a Confederate camp meant to guard the bridge; you can still see the earthworks, but it's not particularly impressive. Instead, take that trail because it takes you below the High Bridge. This gives you another perspective on just how impressive the bridge is, particularly for being originally built in the mid-1850s, lets you see more of its construction, and shows why it was strategically important. Hike back up the southern side of Camp Paradise to get a hint of what it may have been like to move an entire army, carrying packs with supplies as well as rifles, up from crossing the Appomattox without the bridge. It was much easier for the Union to catch the Army of Northern Virginia with the bridge still relatively intact!

The base of the bridge by Camp Paradise also happens to be a butterfly hangout.

The Spur Line Trail is a nice hike through the woods, though the promised overlook is fairly obscured. Still, it's a nice break from the relative visual sameness of most of the trail.

The Rochelle Area mountain bike trails are also in the eastern section; I didn't have enough time to try them out.

The Eastern part of the High Bridge Trail (4/5) is, as another reviewer mentioned, a "zen trail". If you've had a stressful week and just want to get away from it for a while and pedal, without having to think too much about the scenery, this would be a great option. It doesn't change direction much, sometimes the rail bed is above the surroundings, sometimes below, giving a cozy feeling, but it's always visually pleasing but not in an attention-demanding (or especially memorable) sort of way.

The Western part (3/5) has similar scenery to the eastern part, but parallels Route 460 (the Prince Edward Highway) pretty closely. Route 460 gets a fair amount of traffic, including truck traffic, which spoils the zen aspect of the eastern part. I'd rather ride most of the trails near where I live in Ohio, not just my favorite local ones, above re-riding the western section.

I'd put all the other Virginia trails I've ridden ahead of this one in terms of scenery - Jackson River Scenic, New River, and Virginia Creeper. Those are also all farther west, and if you are in the area, it's worth at least riding the Central section. There's also a bike shop in Farmville, right near the trail, where you can rent bikes, so you don't even have to plan very far ahead to make a trip out to the Bridge.


Mount Vernon Trail

One and done!!

May, 2022 by debbieotr

Was not really impressed with this trail, in need of a lot of repairs. Asphalt raised up causing large bumps messing up your bike, old boardwalks with loose boards and splintered wood. Sadly I have to compare it to a “ Park” anywhere! Only able to see the Washington monument from a distance

Mendota Trail

Trail Closed

May, 2022 by rayjimbob

Stopped at Bristol end and was under construction. Sign indicated we could go to Benhams and ride from that end. We drove to that end, rode the trail toward Bristol and in about a mile came to a gate with signs indicating trail was closed. Should take down the sign at Bristol Trail head and indicated it is closed instead.

Little Neck Road Trail

Little Neck Road Trail is nothing like the cover photo

May, 2022 by xrz6m7dq7j

Little Neck Road Trail is nothing like the cover photo. It’s nice and shady, but not scenic. If you ride from Home Depot and head North, you will ride parallel to a 4-lane 45mph road for 2 miles. The last 1.5 miles will be through a quiet, residential area.

Mount Vernon Trail

One of America's most beautiful and worst-maintained trails

April, 2022 by bikeridesandbreweries

I live only blocks from this trail and I've been riding it sporadically for over 30 years. But each year, I ride it less often (maybe twice a summer?) and I get more and more frustrated by it. Only yards from the wide Potomac River most of the way, with inspiring views of the DC monuments, a string of lovely parks, and winding wooden boardwalks through the marshes, it really is stunning. The large number of pedestrians, joggers and other bikers on it at any given time is testament to its popularity. But therein lies the danger for bikers, especially: between tourists and others who have no idea of trail courtesy or safety, most rides include lots of screeching halts, unheeded calls of "ON YOUR LEFT!" and frightening encounters around blind turns. Then there are the untold number of root heaves that rattle bike and bones. These are the worst I've seen on any trail in America and make for white-knuckled and jarring rides. This 15-mile trail is so popular and pretty, it should have been widened and repaved by the National Park Service a decade ago. Bikers and walkers alike should be sadly wary of this national treasure.

Kempsville Road Trail

Not a Trail

April, 2022 by donf624

This is just a wide concrete sidewalk next to a busy noisy 6 lane street.

Rivanna Trail

hiking great, road bike or hybrid… no

April, 2022 by scott.pillath

If you’re looking to go biking, do not use Azealia Park. The trail is best fit for hiking not any kind of biking. If one person comes the opposite direction you will probably run into a tree because the trail is very thin.

Virginia Capital Trail

Suggested rides if you have limited time

April, 2022 by gwilliams2013

If you only have a few days/limited ride time - here are my suggestions, based on 2 days of riding and driving the entire trail (yes - it runs RIGHT BESIDE Hwy 5 for most of its length) Which is why I rate it a 4 instead of a 5.
Background: Trail surface is smooth. I was on the bike at sunrise and finished by 10AM or so - both days (weekdays) I saw fewer than 10 bikers my entire ride, even though this was the week of Spring break (April 4th, 2022) for the local schools. Both trail heads I parked at appeared safe - there were no cars there when I started and only a few when I finished. 
Ride 1: Park at Chickahominy Riverfront Park MM 7, ride East to Jamestown. Jamestown Island has a 5+ mile road that is one way, with a low speed limit. Less than 1 mile from the Jamestown TH is the Powhatan Creek Trail - a nice 2+ mile out and back trail (hilly ride, winding, lots of rough pavement from tree roots, but repairs are in the works). You can also ride several miles of unpaved paths off of the Powhatan Creek Trail. And of course, ride over the Chickahominy Creek bridge to finish your ride. I was able to get in 35 miles on this route. This entire ride is safe for all riders. Also - Colonial Parkway from Jamestown to Colonial Williamsburg is a safe ride with no commercial traffic allowed, but it is a rough surface. The bike route separates from Colonial Parkway - best to follow it rather than stay on Colonial where there is a tunnel that prohibits bicycles.
Ride 2:  Park at Four Mile Creek Park MM 40 (a nice drive on a winding Hwy 5 with minimal traffic from Jamestown), ride West to Richmond. The Great Shiplock Park and Canal Walk are interesting. This is a much hillier ride than the Jamestown end, with several traffic light road crossings. Safe - but not ideal for all riders. With a ride through Dorey Park in Varina, I was able to get in 29 miles. 
Overall a nice trail, very smooth surface, with some sections more appealing than others. Jamestown Island was the highlight.

High Bridge Trail State Park

Originally intended to end in Burkeville. Why was it not completed?

April, 2022 by barrynewcomb1961

Originally intended to end in Burkeville. Why was it not completed?

High Bridge Trail State Park

Can anyone explain why high bridge trail was not completed to Burkeville as originally intended?

April, 2022 by barrynewcomb1961

Can anyone explain why high bridge trail was not completed to Burkeville as originally intended?

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