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Recent Trail Reviews

Cascade Trail

Trail west of Concrete

September, 2017 by james.houston1

As of Sept 4, 2017 the landslide blocking the trail west of Concrete had still not been cleared. Try as we might we were unable to find a trailhead with a portapotty in the vicinity of Challenger Crossing. There's supposed to be one there.

Cascade Trail

Alot of downside

August, 2017 by jeffowens507

The trail is quite flat and the scenery is lovely, so for those two key elements it is an excellent trail. But the surface condition is so bad that it detracts from the enjoyment. It would take very little effort to correct most of these problems. Maintenance on this county trail seems to entail throwing down piles of loose gravel. Even the widest tires will sink into loose pea gravel with no stone dust, so you have to be constantly alert to these wide areas. It doesn't help that these areas occur more frequently at road crossings. Also, the barricades at road crossings are unneccessarily enormous and positioned in a way that you cannot easily get around them. riding around the outside can be done at alot of them, but it's not consistent. The barricades could be unlocked and opened just a little more so a cyclist could ride through, while still blocking road traffic. As it is, there are too many crossings to have to stop and walk through 2 of these at every side street. The area at mile 4.8, near Minker Creek, is abominable. The ladt straw for us was how rough the trail got as we approached Hamilton. We finally gave up and turned around before we got to town. We typically ride 12 to 14 mph on good stone trails, but we were reduced to 8 mph for this trail.

Cascade Trail

update on trail/landslide

July, 2017 by shadsmom

talked with a Skagit Parks employee last week, and he said that the landslide blocking the trail west of Concrete is due to be removed in the next week or two


South Bay Trail

The South Bay Trail

July, 2017 by dpad31

I really enjoyed this bike trail; It has a breathtaking view and my bike ride was refreshing! The trail was short but I biked it twice. I can't wait to go again!

Kulshan Creek Trail

Hard to follow

June, 2017 by lisathurm

I think without this map it would have been hard to follow this trail when it is on the surface streets. While the trail is in the green belt it is a nice afternoon walk.

Cascade Trail

Late Spring ride

May, 2017 by shadsmom

Rode this trail over Memorial Day weekend. The weather was lovely, but sadly the trail was blocked about 1/2 mile east of Challenger Rd. There was a landslide and a large tree is blocking the trail. You can't go over ,under or around the tree. Apparently, you can ride up Challenger Rd and get back on the trail. Check a map, before you. do this. Trail needs a bit of cleanup. lots of horse pucks in the middle of the trail.

Snohomish County Centennial Trail

My Birthday Year Ride

May, 2017 by gjswitek

Did the entire trail in both directions plus the extra six miles to match my age of 67. It was a wonderful experience, relatively quiet even when the trail ran adjacent to roads. Loved the scenery, met some very nice people, and the discovery of Nutty's Junk Yard and Grill was worth the 20 mile ride to get there. The deep fried mushrooms and burger did a great job of replacing the calories I burned on the ride. The northbound leg was a bit slower than coming back south so I would recommend starting in Snohomish. Would definitely ride this trail again.

Cascade Trail

A bit rough

April, 2017 by pocoken

My wife and I recently rode this trail and found a little too rough for cyclo cross bikes the scenery was indeed spectacular but switched over to SR20 on the way back which was much better. The road has a nice wide shoulder and we felt safe.i would imagine that horseback riding or cross country skiing would be much better. When in Sedro Woolley you should pop in to the market store on Metcalfe street. They have a little bit of everything

Snohomish County Centennial Trail

Fantastic trail with beautiful scenery

February, 2017 by mark.whiteside

As a round-trip, this makes a beautiful metric century ride. There is parking at both ends as well as many spots along the way. The trail is wide and in great condition. While the area around Arlington runs along a busy street and through light industrial sections, most of the trail is Royal and quite scenic.

South Bay Trail


November, 2016 by scarlette.ander

This is a great open trail that is easy to loop a few times. Also running next to the water is amazing

Cascade Trail

another lovely summer ride

August, 2016 by shadsmom

My husband I and started riding from Sedro-Woolley. Part of the trail is paved inside the city limits. Again, we had the trail mostly to ourselves. We rode fat tire bikes and had no difficulty riding the trail surface.We turned around at the bridge over Wiseman Creek,as the trail got a bit rougher and narrower.
Two suggestions: Park on Metcalf near the Police/Fire station.[It is the first street on your right after going under the trestle on Hiway 20] There are public restrooms 1 block away, in downtown.south of the Police station.Secondly, have lunch at Coconut Kenny's in downtown Sedro Wooley. Perfect end to the day!

Whitehorse Trail

TRAILBEAR FINDS TRAFTON – A trailhead on the Whitehorse

August, 2016 by trailbear


A bit of web searching and Der Bear came up with a trailhead for the Whitehorse – a former farm out at a place called Trafton. After a morning surveying a trail at Langus Park in Everett, amid the sloughs of the Snohomish River, it was time for a change.

The Whitehorse has been on Der Bear’s radar for several years. He had dreams of Arlington at the crossing of two nice trails, the front street lined with ice cream parlors, beer joints, bike stores and fast food emporiums to serve crowds of lycraed up roadies. (What they do in February is another matter which we shall ignore.)

He kept hoping that the county would get to work on it after finishing the Snohomish Centennial. An article on-line from last year suggested they were doing just that – brushing the trail, decking the bridges, rebuilding the section wiped out in the Oso slide and more. Time for a closer look.
So, off to Trafton, wherever that was.

Finding the Trafton Trailhead is a job for the GPS. Enter 48.231807 x -122.07994 on Google Earth or find 115 Ave. NE east of Arlington. Hint: There are two options for 115 Ave. Heading east from Arlington, you first see a sign for it on the right. Ignore this. Continue on a bit and there is another sign for it on the left. Nothing obvious. No signs.

Take this and head down the road until you see a blue silo on the left. You have arrived. Park inside and there is a sign for the trailhead with all the naughties to avoid.

TrailBear parks at the silo and goes limping off to see the trail. Past the barns, down a slope you can see the trail bed crossing a meadow. Limp down to the trail. To the west is a cleared track heading to the junction with the Snohomish Centennial about four miles off. The bridge on this section has been decked. (TB read the review.)

To the east is a new section of compacted gravel trail bed going out of sight around a curve. Bear loves this. If you can’t get blacktop, this is second best and good riding. Too late in the day to do any riding. Der Bear heads for the van. Time to find a bridge and see if it is decked and open.

Some miles further on both Rt. 530 and the Whitehorse cross the Stillaguamish River. Pull over, park, grab camera and take a look. The RR bridge is decked, has railing and is clear to ride. Last time Der Bear checked it out, it was unimproved. Something really is happening.

Head further east, see two more bridges and both show new railings. Wife wants to see the Oso Slide. We go to Oso. Oso looks quite untouched. Turn around for the day a bit further on. A later check of Google Earth shows the Oso Slide is 3.7 miles east of Oso and further by road. Next time.
They have to build a mile of new trail here.

TrailBear will return and spend the day seeing what they have done with the Whitehorse. Will it be ridable next summer. Stay tuned.

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