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Groveland Secondary Trail (York to Alexander)

Ballast is a problem

May, 2021 by ab.normative

I biked the eastern section, between Greigsville (63/Genesee St) and Peoria Rd. It appears to be used almost exclusively by 4-wheel ATVs (except for winter).

I parked at the crossroads of Federal Rd and Craig Rd. Google Maps claims there is a trailhead at Dow Rd, but there is no parking there, not even enough room to get your vehicle off the road. This website says there is a trailhead at 63/Genesee St in Greigsville, but I can't confirm that, and the satellite imagery doesn't look encouraging.

As others have noted, there is considerable ballast, at least on this section. My bike has 4.8" tires, and I had their pressure at 4 psi. With that marshmallow tires setup, the ballast was still definitely annoying but not terrible. On the large majority of bikes, this ride would probably be bad.

The wooded setting was nice.

Regarding winter use: A ranger said snowmobilers use and even groom this trail.

Lehigh Valley Trail - North Branch

First 5 miles=wow, north of that=meh

April, 2021 by sroberthudd

From the "Rochester Junction", where the northern branch of the Lehigh Valley Trail meets the main line, there are signposts marking one's progress every half mile. The first 5 miles going south to north get you to about the I-90 underpass. Right here is where the trail gets very sketchy. South of this point, the trail is mostly stone dust and would be doable on any functioning bike. Starting around the thruway, the trail seems to be torn up a bit and gets hilly for a very short wile. A road bike won't cut it, and there was standing water today on many parts. The sign at the Nevins Road outlet said "temporary" trail, though I couldn't find any permanent trail. Also, the Nevins Road outlet has barricades on it so that I needed to physically carry my bike over them in order to get it through. Someone without panniers might be able to squeeze through, but I'm not sure why they are so tight (maybe 10 inches?). Certainly my 14" dropdown handlebars didn't make it. There are a lot of crosstrails through here that aren't too confusing going south, but coming back north it might be a little more awkward. Of course, perhaps I missed something and I was supposed to bypass this area entirely??? [Ed: Nevins Rd is not a trail exit; the trail dumps on to the road for a while. Thus, presumably, all bike trail traffic will need to lift their bikes over the barricade to continue on the trail.]

The southern 5 miles is very nice, with little to no elevation change. It is wooded pretty much the entire time. In my opinion, this trail is a fine link to the (longer) southern Lehigh Valley Trail, but if you're just looking for a trail to ride, the latter is a better choice. It's more scenic and in better shape. The North Branch is, however, not by any stretch impassable, so if you're looking to make a loop or a connection by all means go for it!

Clarence Pathways

70 degrees on March 30-yes please

March, 2021 by dbriankelly

Great asphalt trail. A lot of signage to explain where you are. Numerous benches for rest stops. A nice eatery at the end of trail in Clarence Center.


Ontario Pathways Rail Trail

close to home

January, 2021 by lynloman

I live close to one of the sections of the trail so I walk it with my dog often. But we also venture out to the other parts. I’ve actually done all of it twice with many sections much more. It’s a great trail for walking a dog. There are some really beautiful parts and I am looking forward to seeing them through all of the seasons.

Erie Canalway Trail

Mohawk -Hudson (erie)

December, 2020 by bktourer1

New off road section was created along Broadway in Albany after coming out of the tunnel. Watch for the signs for the Empire Trail also

Keuka Outlet Trail

excellent trail, beautiful scenery

October, 2020 by trichbtch

This is a definite must for you! We loved the ride.

Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)

Deceptive Description!

October, 2020 by frankmaciuska

We rode this trail on 10/13/20. As others have stated it varies from level crushed stone to a dirt path with lots of large roots and rocks that is at time less than level. If you are heading west from Shoen Place you are on the Erie Canal trail which is flat and cinder. Once you turn onto the Pittsford Rail trail it turns into a grass path with occasional spots of cinders but is level. As you go behind the shopping centers on Monroe Avenue the trail turns into a hilly, twisted dirt path that is not level and a little treacherous. Mountain or hybrid bikes will do ok but road bikes will have problems. Mileage is also off, one loop is about 5.5 miles, not the 11 listed in the description.

Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail

We rode our bikes all the way from Waterloo to the Visitors Center in Geneva. Great ride, we loved it.

October, 2020 by bigdave4435

We rode our bikes all the way from Waterloo to the Visitors Center in Geneva. Great ride, we loved it.

Lehigh Valley Trail - North Branch


October, 2020 by frankmaciuska

Trail in Genesee Valley Park and East of I390 is pretty good. Trail in Henrietta is street level, rough and poorly marked. We ended up missing the temporary trail at an intersection of five trails. There are also a number of dirt bike cutoffs that are confusing.

Cato-Fair Haven Trail

One who loves to hike

October, 2020 by sparker1_tl

Hiked the first two miles South of Fairhaven. Very difficult walk full of rocks and cinders and plainly not hospitable to hikers and groomed for motorized vehicles instead. Would recommend a pavement for bikers and hikers since it would seem to help supplement activities at the park and allow families to bike and hike some beautiful backwoods Upstate scenery.

Lehigh Valley Trail


October, 2020 by frankmaciuska

(10/8/2020) We started at the Victor end (Lehigh Crossing Park) and ran into a bit of confusion about 1/2 mile from the parking lot. As you approach the catch and release pond on the North side, you want to take the path to the right. This is the actual trail but there is no signage indicating it is the trail; it looks like a patch to a pavilion. If, instead, you go past the pond you will come to an intersection that says you are on the trail but if you try to continue in a Westerly direction the trail is just dirt and there are signs that say it is not a trail and to keep off. If you go back to the intersection you can take the Bie trail North and it runs into the Lehigh. Just be careful of the steep hill you have to go down.intersection and take the Blue Trsil The rest of the trail was great!

Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)

Dirt path and crushed stone path, good for walking the dog. Nice little parking lot on French road. Only did part of the loop, but plan to do more of it when I have more time.

September, 2020 by ksnow103

Dirt path and crushed stone path, good for walking the dog. Nice little parking lot on French road. Only did part of the loop, but plan to do more of it when I have more time.

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