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Genesee Valley Greenway

Beautiful where open.

June, 2020 by triedham

This will be a great trail when it is completely open. There are numerous detours as you travel north toward the city center.

Lake Ontario State Parkway Trail

Nice smooth ride

June, 2020 by christopher.e.dunne

Just resurfaced so LOSP is really nice to bike on. The Parkway has such low traffic volumes that it hardly matters that the trail runs parallel to it. Good connection between Genesee River and I-390.

I-390 Bike Path

Nice ride to get out of the sun

May, 2020 by nfu0928

Picked up the trail off of W Ridge road and rode to Latta rd. This section takes you through some shaded wooded areas, as well as a few open fields.

There were 3 areas that required crossing through traffic, but it was very manageable. I am sure there are more intersections on the rest of the trail.

I'd say that this trail is only good for walking and biking. You might benefit from a bike with shocks because it was very bumpy due to roots breaking up the pavement. We rode on hybrids, and managed..but a mountain bike would have been more comfortable on the majority of those bumps.

I was scouting a trail to roller skate, and unfortunately this one will not work.

This was a great trail to get out of the sun. It felt at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade of the trees.


I-390 Bike Path

Awesome....Awesome... Awesome trail

May, 2020 by dandkanda

Me and my dad's first time doing it today. Wasn't expecting the trail to be so dead and hilly. It's very loud with all the cars on the 390. It's also very bumpy and lots of cracks. I had a flat tire on my hybrid my first timer on it so I had to walk back. The trail has great signeage. It's a good workout and you can stop by to play disk golf. I would totally do it again sometime.

Brickyard Trail

Beautiful.. Beautiful... Beautiful...

May, 2020 by dandkanda

It was my first time going on this trail and despite it's relatively short length, the trail has a lot of beautiful creatures as well as scenery. The trail was packed with people and the trail is very wide. The trail reminded me of Montezuma Refuge. Totally do it again. There is one trail that branches off but I wasn't too sure whether or not it was a mtn. biking trail.

Keuka Outlet Trail

Great Mix of Industry and Nature

May, 2020 by laurenhinish

The trail was great! We went in the beginning of spring so the trees were just budding, which gave us tons of sun. Probably a bit more shady in the summer. The water is a really pretty light green blue color. And the remnants of the old mills are awesome.

Lehigh Valley Trail

Great trail!

May, 2020 by welliemarie3

This is a great spot. Pretty flat for the most part with graveled path. I started on the Scottsville side of the trail and parking is limited, but the trailhead was easy to find.

Ontario Pathways Rail Trail

Great Trail

April, 2020 by dandkanda

I parked in Phelps, the northern terminus of the trail. There were a lot of pedestrians and not many bikers. It smells like manure on the whole trail. When I biked on 488, it was really hard to find the trail off of Orleans Road. There's lots of trails that branch off the main trail. Very rocky and bumpy. I'm really glad I took my hard tail mountain bike and not my hybrid bike. Are the trails that branch off the main trail mountain bike trails. I did an hour and 20 minutes on this trail.

Manchester Gateway Trail

Great Experience, and worth the drive to bike!!

April, 2020 by dandkanda

Today was my first time doing the trail. I thought the whole trail was Asphalt but they were some sections of the trail that were gravel. They were definitely some people there. I like how the trail isn't flat for it's short distance. I went pretty dang fast on it. You also get a great view of the creek as well. The trail is the shortest I've ever gone on but I don't it at all. I did the trail for a full hour and I didn't find it boring at all. If you guys do plan to go, my recommendation would be to take a hybrid bike with hybrid tires because when I went, I did bring my hybrid bike but I had road tires on it. I would totally do the trail again. The people are very friendly as well.

Hojack Trail

Muddy but thrilling experience

April, 2020 by dandkanda

I always park in the North Ponds Park Parking lot off of 104. There was snow the day before I went so some sections of the trail were very deep mud and puddles. There was only one other biker besides me. I probably only saw 7 people there. It seems long when you go from the northern terminus to the southern terminus of the trail. The trail is so flat and that's what I love about it. I took my mountain bike on it and it was a thrilling experience. DO NOT TAKE ROAD BIKES ON THIS TRAIL!! THEE'S LOTS OF BIG ROCKS! I loved it!!!

Rochester, Syracuse and Eastern Trail

The Trail Totally Dominates

April, 2020 by dandkanda

I've done this trail a few times and the trail feels like 8 miles because it feels so long. There is a tiny bit of elevation but it's totally manageable for any bikers. Doing the whole trail once can be exhausting for its short distance. It could have a good amount of people. Hybrids are really good on this trail. There's one part of the trail where there's asphalt and I think it's new. It is a very fun trail. I have a blast doing it. I did it two days in a row!!

Auburn Trail

Crazy experience on Auburn trail in Freaky Weather

April, 2020 by dandkanda

Today was my first day doing The Auburn Trail I parked on the Eastern Terminus of the trail I had to cross 332 just to get on the trail. It's rough. The trail is very wide and when I went it was snowing. There were some puddles here and there. The tail is also very flat. I biked from Gloucester Way in Farmington to Railroad Ave in Victor then I turned around and headed back. There's adopt of big rocks on some sections of the trail. And not many people when I was on it. Mountain bikes would be great on the trail. Hybrids could help as well. It was totally worth the drive and I would do it again if I could.

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