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D & H Canal Linear Park

4.7 mi
State: NY
Ballast, Cinder, Dirt, Grass, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The D&H Canal Linear Park is 45 acres with a trail situated along the historic D&H Canal. Remains of the original locks, dry dock and waste weirs are visible from the towpath trail. Interpretive signs...
NY 4.7 mi Ballast, Cinder, Dirt, Grass, Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Great Trail

June, 2018 by hallfit

Totally ignore the previous comment about the trail being rough w/ large rocks. We just rode from Gardiner to Rosendale. Trail is great. My wife a sissy on rough stuff and even she thought the trail was easy. She was on a Hybred...did fine. That previous lady must walk over sidewalk cracks! I’m just glad we ignored her comment! I’d have been pissed if the wife had stayed home. (So would she)! We stopped in New Paltz and had lunch at Los Jalapeno’s! Best Guacamole Dip we’ve ever had!! Burrito was excellent also! Highly recommend (and we’re from Texas) Overall..I highly recommend this trail for ANY level of cyclists!

Kaaterskill Rail Trail

Nice walk

June, 2018 by tuckeralice

So glad this railtrail is now complete. Glad we wore hiking boots - old rr ties and tree roots. Great view of the falls - the side trail off this railtrail to view the falls is not well marked. The DEC trail to the top of the falls is well done. Port-a-potties at Laurel House trail head. TrailLink needs to update their map as it is not correct.

Catskill Scenic Trail

Tough Going (and getting back)

May, 2018 by noreenann.rochford

I am an experienced rail trail rider. Had this been my "first" venture on a rail trail, I would be hard pressed to be convinced to go on another. I love the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the work they do. I am an avid trail rider. I don't usually write reviews but feel in this case it is wise to give a heads-up to inexperienced trail riders.

I started in Roxbury. It was hard to even find the trailhead. The grass is knee high. No signs for parking. I took my chances and parked on Rt 30, which turned out to be fine. There were no other cars parked at the trail head. Not a good sign! Except for the high grass (oh boy, ticks were on my mind) the trail from Roxbury to where you cross Rt 30 towards the Gorge was uneventful except for the marshy area where you come out at the road that required walking your bike.

Once on the other side the "fun" begins. As one reviewer noted, lots of sticks. And mud. And rocks. And loose gravel. The stretch of exposed railroad ties is short and definitely walkable. The rest of the trail is hard going, and between the high grass, mud, rocks, gravel and sticks, my time was really slow, slower than my usual slow pace.

I was disappointed that the Catskill Revitalization Corp building was fairly dilapidated and closed (on Memorial Day Weekend). There are basically no amenities along the way (except a Family Dollar right on the trail in Stamford) and no signage pointing to any at any of the street crossings. I do not see how it is possible ride the entire trail out and back AND take in the off the trail sightseeing as described in the trail description (Official Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Guidebook), and do it all before dark. (Fishing, picnicking, reading a book, exploring the towns, really?) As it were, it took me from 9:45 am to 6:30 pm to go out and back. (Granted, I am a 60 year old woman riding alone but with 1000s of miles of experience.)

There are no mile markers, but some signage after the Gorge indicating miles to the next town. Only no signs to indicate that you indeed had reached that town. (I am comparing this to other rail trails that have signage, amenities and indications that you are in a certain town.) It is obvious there's a town nearby at some of the crossings, but unless you are well armed with maps and prior research, you won't be absolutely sure of where you are. Signage connecting the trail at crossings is good.

You can read about all the types of areas you'll be riding through in the trail overview.

Lack of riders on a beautiful, sunny holiday weekend day in May is an indication that the trail may leave a lot to be desired. In the entire trip out and back I only saw may a dozen other riders, and only three of whom I saw coming and going.

Even with all the hardship, it was a beautiful area of the country to ride. My recommendation is to not ride this trail alone as there are too many areas where if you got hurt or had mechanical issues you'd be waiting a good long while for help. I had no cell phone coverage for most of the trip. Make sure your bike is suited for the conditions. Don't even think about taking your road bike. Take lots of water, food, bug spray, first aid kit, etc. Don't depend on being able to stock up along the way. Don't make this trail your first rail trail experience. Try a shorter one that's less difficult first. If you are hell bent on doing the whole trip in one shot (like me, as I read that recommendation in the overview, ahem), start in Roxbury as the grade will be in your favor on the way back.

I hope the Catskill Revitalization Corp is able to raise the funds to support the upkeep of this trail. It has so much potential and is one of the few trails in the northeast that are more than a few miles long.

(My ride: Surly Long Haul Trucker.)


Catskill Scenic Trail

Catskill Scenic Trail

May, 2018 by ellafan

I rode from Stamford to Bloomfield on May 21st. The ride is scenic although you should expect farmfields and farm trash pushed to the edge of fields. I do a lot of cycling and used a cyclocross bike but this trail really was bumpy with downed trees and many, many sticks on the trail. The constant attention I had to give to avoiding sticks flipping into my spokes and sending me flying made me lose sight at times of the marvelous scenery. A few parts of the trail were mowed grass. I wish I could win the lottery and give the CST folks a generous donation so the trail could be a bit better maintained. Stamford has a gorgeous amenity with this rail-trail and a depot still standing.

Sue Grossman Still River Greenway

Love walking

May, 2018 by casiluv1982

I love walking this trail. I have yet to make it to the end with the kids as they get tired we have gone most of the way. I walk there a few times a week with them. They love seeing the turtles in the water. Only thing I dislike is those who dont clean up after their dogs. I have stepped in dog doo on the trail, and alot of those who do clean up throw the colored baggies in the bushes so you always see colored bags oi n the ground and un the tree.if your not going to take the bag with you then leave the pool it will eventually go away your bag on the other hand will go nowhere :(

Harlem Valley Rail Trail

From Millerton to Coleman Station

May, 2018 by thisworksforme

Absolutely beautiful scenery. Asphalt path was in great condition. People on the trail were friendly. Maps were available in Millerton as well as a clean porta potty. Many sections were shaded to provide some relief from the heat! Millerton is a small, quaint village with plenty of nice shops to check out.

Old Croton Aqueduct Trail

From Yonkers to Ossining

May, 2018 by mb.provenzano

The OCA trail offers a rich variety of surfaces and surroundings. I rode a commuter bike with 38mm slicks and did just fine, even through the muddy sections. I picked the trail up in Yonkers off the South County with a bit of street riding. This initial section runs through some rough spots in Yonkers and includes some on-street sections. After reaching the northern neighborhoods of Yonkers, it all starts to feel European with back-to-back posh villages, mansions, and views of the Hudson. There are even some interesting stone ruins, not to mention the Lyndhurst Mansion grounds.

The trail comes and goes a bit further north and you'll find yourself on the road more than you may like, but there are some deeply wooded sections and a fun climb to a bridge over Phelps Way. There is an aqueduct museum along the way and many clear signs of former aqueduct works.

I highly recommend this trail and shall return to it many times.

Heritage Trail (aka Orange Heritage Trail)

Excellent Trail 4/22/2018

April, 2018 by woochang04

I rode my bicycle from the parking lot in Goshen NY to the end of the paved trail 12 miles long. There is a dead stop at 12 miles with a fence preventing you from advancing over an old bridge.
The trail is in great or perfect condition and some new repaving was noted along the way. Walk, run, bike, rollerblade or whatever your non motorized pleasure is. I noticed a few cameras along the trail and a police officer in a golf cart.
People were all nice and offered greetings as you pass. One thing to remember is a lot of people wear earphones/buds while using the trail and may not hear your warning when you are passing.
I find railroad trails feel like they are uphill both ways, the 24 mile ride was a bit much for my first ride this year.
Great trail, my congratulations to the caretakers of this wonderful trail.

Catskill Scenic Trail

Beautiful, but tough going

April, 2018 by gabeherrera3

This trail has a ton of potential, but a couple words of warning: the sections East of Stamford are looser, and the Roxbury--Grand Gorge section in particular is ill-maintained. We went in April which was probably a bit early in the season, as much of it was wet and we found it tough going for much of it, even on gravel bikes. Full MTBs might work better.

Corkscrew Rail Trail

Not that long then

April, 2018 by russnelson_tl

When I rode it in September 2016, it stopped a short way into the town of New Lebanon, dead-ending before it reached the village. It's a nice ride as far as it goes. Hopefully it's now as long as the map says it is.

D & H Canal Linear Park

Not a rail-trail

April, 2018 by russnelson_tl

You would think from the name that this is a canal towpath trail, and you'd be right. While at times the NYO&W railroad ran close by this trail, they are separate rights-of-way.

Briarcliff-Peekskill Trailway

not well maintained

March, 2018 by brian144

I started at Watch Hill Rd near the shooting range, over the Croton Gorge, and up the road. The trail continues across the street but it’s hard to find and doesn’t look like a trail. It heads through Tea Town and is very nice for a few miles. Once you get near Rte 134 it’s a mess. Apparently it continues for another mile or two but I turned around at 134. Very nice in spots, especially when all the trees are in, say May-June.

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