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Oswego County Trail

28 mi
State: NY
Ballast, Crushed Stone, Dirt
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Oswego County Trail follows an abandoned right-of-way of the old New York Ontario & Western Railroad between Cleveland and Fulton. The trail passes among scenic countryside on a sometimes rough...
NY 28 mi Ballast, Crushed Stone, Dirt

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Catharine Valley Trail

Bike Trail

August, 2020 by halesm

Trail was nice, but needed more signage in Montour Falls to get back on the trail.. Started at Watkins and rode to the domes. It is a steady climb almost all the way. I would recommend starting at the domes and going into Watkins, that way it is an easier ride. Nice to ride in the shade!!

Catharine Valley Trail

august 9 2020

August, 2020 by pdmtioga

Nice trail, well maintained and peacefull. Parked a vehicle on the Huck Finn Rd. Traveled to Watkins Glenn (Clute Park) you can also park at the High School. The trail overall needs more signs. The trail once you leave Montour Falls, its an incline most of the trail to our end point. Suggest riding from Huck Finn Rd to Watkins, or ride from Watkins and decide when to ride back.

Cayuga-Seneca Canal Trail

Don’t trust the trail map

August, 2020 by kfvfpwr2hd

We had planned to bike from Geneva to Seneca Falls on this trail, as suggested in a Facebook ad from the state parks department. Included a link to a map showing the portion from Waterloo to Seneca Falls. If you are thinking of doing this be advised that the trail does not exist. The map they offer you is apparently a planning map. Very frustrating the time wasted trying to find the trail in Waterloo before figuring out finally that the trail they promote does not exist. Trail from Geneva to Waterloo was nice enough but come on!


Catharine Valley Trail

Nice scenic trail, Watkins Glen could use better signs

July, 2020 by ajavaly

We rode round trip from Watkins Glen to about 3/4 of the way to Millport. The signs in Watkins glen could've been better, and I'm not sure why they start you at the marina, other than the parking. The signs rightly point you down Decatur St, but the one to turn left onto Clarence is missing (I can see it on Google maps). Didn't see any near the High School either. Otherwise the surface is well maintained and you're mostly under a shady canopy of trees.

Ontario Pathways Rail Trail

A slightly more adventurous rail trail

July, 2020 by walkerrosewood

I rode the 22 mile 'V' on 7/21/20, starting at the free public parking lot in Canandaigua, down to Stanley, and up north to Phelps. From there I followed rt 488 back to the lot in Canandaigua for a 35 mile loop.

This definitely has the topography of a rail trail --mostly flat. But has a different vibe then the well manicured stone dust trails. Though the trail is 5 to 10ft wide, it is grass with a narrow dirt single track for most of its length. Some parts the single track were more grass then dirt. For that reason a it's not as fast a trail, but there are no roots or rocks that would slow down a mountain bike or even a hybrid. In fact, it appears there was a recent effort to mark and remove any roots that traversed the trail. It took me exactly 2 hours to complete the 22 miles on my XC MTB. I'm not in the best physical shape, but I have been cycling a lot lately and kept a decent pace.

The trail travels mostly through farmland, but heavily encased in tree cover for some great shade. You won't see much to look at other then the handful of railroad bridges, and very few other trail users. The 'Park' at Stanley is nothing more then a kiosk and a picnic table. Heading north from the turn in Stanley, you'll have a slight assist from gravity for most of the Eastern Leg. You can make up some time here. After a brief detour on rt 488, the trail starts again on the right. It is well marked with signs, as is all of the trail. Though there are numerous road crossings, the signs were always visible and I was never confused on where to go. The northern most part of the trail heading into Phelps had the most foot traffic. It was covered in fresh stone, not crushed enough to be pleasant, a bit challenging to ride through.

Overall it was a very enjoyable ride. If you like doing long rides for the exercise, but are bored by the canal trail, then you'll like this trail. Just don't bring your road bike. On the other hand, if you're looking for up and down MTB adventures with roots, rocks, drops, and narrow switch backs, you will definitely be bored here.

One careful going through the narrow gates. I snagged my hand on some thorns trying to squeeze through one of them.

Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)

Rough Ride

July, 2020 by wingri

The trail is a triangle with one side being the erie canal trail. Despite what is written, it is 5 miles around. The west leg from the canal and Pittsford Plaza starts as a wide grassly trail with some old road. After crossing French Road has more gravel before crossing a bridge and turning into a narrow windy footpath with lots of twists and roots. The longest leg from Pittsford Plaza ending just before Schoen place is a mix of gravel, grass, and footpath, but in better condition. Overall, modestly maintained. Not appropriate for a standard roadbike. A hybrid does just fine.

Auburn Trail

Auburn Trail is one of the many trails of Monroe County of Rochester, NY. Auburn Trail is a very easy bike trail. The trail is about 10 miles one way. It is a beautiful ride seeing all the different landscapes and homes.

July, 2020 by jerald.creer

Auburn Trail is one of the many trails of Monroe County of Rochester, NY. Auburn Trail is a very easy bike trail. The trail is about 10 miles one way. It is a beautiful ride seeing all the different landscapes and homes.

Catharine Valley Trail

Beautiful trail

July, 2020 by gsteffy_tl

Rode the section between Montour Falls and Millport (4miles one way). From Montour Falls to Millport was uphill the entire way (guessing a 2 -3% grade?) So if you are a leisure rider and prefer flatter trails - or downhill, you will want to start at Millport and ride to Montour (and hopefully have a car or ride waiting for you :-) scenery is beautiful and entirely shaded!

Genesee Valley Greenway

Genessee Valley Greenway near Belfast, Cuba and Caneadea

July, 2020 by jfrazier18

Me and my wife TRIED to bike the trail system but several things prevented a good ride. We first parked at the Belfast parking on 153. Found the trail was closed going north to Belfast. Road a few miles on the southbound to Cuba, but not very interesting and the trail is slow due to high grass. Drove over to Caneadea and found the parking on 19, but wow was that scary. Decided not to leave our car. Plus the trail looks not to be maintained. So far our visit to this area has not been very successful.

I-390 Bike Path

enjoyable ride

July, 2020 by megalroney

I enjoy this bike trail for the shade, views, and safe path through Greece off of the roads. It is bumpy, so a road bike may be challenging. I’ve done it pulling a buggy with two kids in it. It’s doable. I recommend checking this trail out for a nice ride.

Black Diamond Trail

Great Way to Pass a Beautiful Day

July, 2020 by dsterf62

In the fall of 2018, I was camping at Taughannock Falls State Park, and rode this trail into Ithaca. The trail was rural and shaded, made of crushed gravel and well maintained, with a gentle uphill grade on the way back.

There is a nice park called the Ithaca Children's Garden at the end of the trail in Ithaca, and many other trails and walkways in Ithaca as well.

Between the trails, the city, the parks, and all the waterfalls, you could easily spend a lovely day here, which is just what I did. I look forward to coming back to this area, in the near future.

Auburn Trail

Well groomed, perfect for a long ride.

June, 2020 by walkerrosewood

I rode this on my Mountain Bike on 6/28/2020. Weather was warm, bright, and clear. Some of the sections were wonderfully shaded. Very well maintained, some new sections, and looks like continuing maintenance. Crushed stone trail is immaculate, so nice that I saw a few folks on road bikes. It's moderately trafficked but plenty wide enough to handle it. If I didn't know better, I'd say this whole trail was just groomed yesterday. Hardly a skidmark in the stone, freshly planted grass along the sides, and places where the shoulder drops off there are wood fences that still smell like sawdust. Flat, straight, and relatively boring if not for some nice scenery. Overall a nice stretch of trail if you're going for endurance.

Starting at Powder Mills Park, there is a small parking area just east of the trail head by 0.1 miles on Woolston rd that would fit maybe 4 cars. There is more parking further in the park, but you'll have to deal with some hilly roads to get to the trail. Heading east bound, (south east really) it starts off a little downhill, but after that the entire rest of the way is ever so slightly uphill. A fact that was imperceptible until I turned around and realized the return trip felt easier. The internet later informed me it's a 1% grade for most of the 11 miles. Which amounts to about a 200ft ascent. Nothing really. Road crossings are fairly frequent, but none are major roads. However, I recommend heeding the stop signs, because the intersections are blind, especially from the perspective of the ones driving the 3000lb hunks of metal.

The trail map here on is not up to date, and neither is the satellite view on google maps. Just west of Finn's tap room the map shows the trail fizzles out and there is a road detour. However, the stone trail now follows along the railroad tracks and goes straight through. Behind Finn's is a big lot that looks like a nice place to park if you are looking to do half of the trail.

Continuing east, you get to the next break on google maps. There is a road detour of .4 miles on break of day road. It's well marked with signage and easy to find the trail again. The trail actually does continue through, although a small sign says "foot trail only". I was curious about it, so on my way back I took the foot trail. In this small section was stone (not crushed), grass, dirt, and a little wooden bridge with some pedestrians that gave me a dirty look. (probably deserved). A fun little MTB trail in my opinion, but probably best to go to nearby Dryer Road park if that's what you're after.

The trail map ends at Mertensia Park, but it actually continues to Rt 332, which adds a little less then 2 miles. Similarly well groomed and marked. Mapping it out after the ride says it was 10.8 miles from start to end. However, there is nowhere to park at the very eastern end of the trail. I suspect this section was added to give access to Mertensia Park from the tract housing developments that are half finished there.

While there are some backyards in view, in many sections you'll forget you are near residential areas, if it weren't for the power lines. The wildlife was out in full force during my trip. In addition to numerous birds and small critters, in two places I saw rabbits. There was a 2 foot garter snake enjoying a sunny spot on the trail. Luckily I didn't run him over! Then two deer hopped out about 8 feet in front of me. They ran parallel with me down the trail for almost a full minute before ducking off to the right.

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