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Illinois & Michigan Canal State Trail

La Salle to Joliet

September, 2020 by urbnsurfr

Overall, this was a great trip. It's a towpath so as you expect, almost no change in elevation. Most of the trail is hardpacked gravel, with some pavement. I wouldn't recommend any portion of the trail after much rain, the trail would be too muddy (particularly between Utica and Ottawa). We were really impressed with the staff who seemed to be keeping the trail working. On Utica to LaSalle, there was a downed limb blocking the trail, but it was gone by the time we returned an hour later. Everywhere else, the trail was mostly free of litter except in some of the towns.

The western third from LaSalle to Ottawa is very scenic, with a few of canal, river, caves, flora, fauna, and sandstone cliffs. Someone created a small bridge at the washout between Utica and Ottawa. The middle third from Ottawa to Morris is not as nice, although the stops in Marseilles, Seneca, and Morris are nice. The trail in Seneca stops right next to a well kept Casey's with a clean bathroom, friendly staff, cold gatorade, and a free air compressor. Most of this segment the canal is gone and the trail is down to a small single file track, but still heavily wooded at least. Morris itself is really scenic, but you have to detour around another washed out bridge, I think the route was Ottawa to Fremont/Jefferson to Nettle. Morris to Channahon was our favorite segment, particularly around McKinley Woods and Channahon State Park. The woods and river views were beautiful and the canal waterway was in the best shape here. The section from I-55 to Rockdale was again not-so-nice, reasonably well wooded, but few amenities and not the greatest scenery.

There are few places to stop close to the trail east of Morris. Near Channahon State Park where the trail crosses US Route 6, there's a subway and gas station nearby.

North Shore Channel Trail

Nice easy trail straddles city and ‘burbs

September, 2020 by amy.e.pagliarella

This is a great trail for people looking for something scenic, straightforward, and fun. Very few hills/tough spots and not terribly crowded (on a gorgeous September Saturday) so it was a great choice to bike with our tween and teenager as well. It’s kind of a no-brainer...even where there are no signs, the trail is obvious and, if you get off by accident, you run along a parallel path until it joins back up.

Orland Park Bikeway

Wasn't the worst but could be a lot better

September, 2020 by leah.oshea33

When I say this trail is bumpy, I mean headache-inducing bumps. A lot of the trail is on a busy road. There was construction during part of the trail and there was no signs for a detour, there was barley any signs at all. I had to have the map pulled up on my phone the whole time to make sure where I was. There is a section where you have to go on an overpass and the trail makes you walk UP STAIRS, so I had to circle back around to find a better way to the trail. However, the parks at the trail tail and head were very pretty with the lake, flowers, and trees. Overall, I think this trail is more of a running/walking path than it is a bike path


Union Pacific Recreation Path

good for short morning or evening rides

September, 2020 by gdbannister

Not the most scenic trail, but it’s pleasantly quiet and good for short morning or evening rides. The surface is new and in excellent condition.

Danada and Herrick Lake Regional Trail

Wonderful ride!

September, 2020 by ricter87

This is the best trail I’ve ridden on this summer. Moderate climbs with excellent mile markers and maps. Also plenty of options for those looking for a longer ride. Don’t forget to check out the equestrian center too. This is a can’t miss trail.

Cal-Sag Trail

One of Chicago land's best trails

September, 2020 by dfuener

From riding the bluffs to the west and then down close to the Cal Sag in the middle and finally a little more urban to the east you wouldn't know you were in a major metropolitan area. This is a ride that can be taken as the seasons change again and again.

For short family rides, moderate rides or long rides (the maps show a ride to Calumet City) this is one of Chicago lands's finest. Coo-do's to the Cook County Forest Preserve.

Salt Creek Trail (IL)

Really Disappointing

September, 2020 by andy.astor

Starting at the southernmost point, near the zoo, is great for 2-3 miles. Woodsy, well-maintained asphalt. Very promising. Sadly, the trail then goes onto a big main road, next to a golf course...not fun.

Then we tried from the Northernmost point, at Busse Woods. Terrible. 3 miles through suburban streets, and then onto *terribly* maintained asphalt...bumping along waiting for it to end. We rode a total of 6.5 miles in this direction and then turned around. Very disappointing.

The middle portion of the trail looks promising, so perhaps we'll give that a try one of these days.

Old Plank Road Trail

I’ve ridden recently

September, 2020 by christhecyclist

Not too bad. Wish they’d repair the bumps like they did Rock Run. I don’t mind the branches and there are a few spots between Joliet and New Lenox; that you can stop for something to snack on if you were riding a long way. They were doing repairs in August, east of Frankfort, on the trail. Going to give it 4 stars. Further away from busy Frankfort you get, the less people you see walking across the trails blocking the path. Remember to share the trails with each other.

Lake Renwick Bikeway

I like it

September, 2020 by christhecyclist

Though short for bicycling, it is perfect for running or just taking a peaceful walk. A portion of it runs just along the southbound lane of I 55 but there is a barrier so you don’t hear the noise of traffic. It is a peaceful place to walk with not a lot of traffic but also stretches around to turtle lake which is also beautiful. There is an area to fish there also I highly recommend it.

Illinois & Michigan Canal State Trail

Skip the Lemont section

September, 2020 by campbell1970

The part through the downtown of Lemont is very nice but going west is in bad shape and east bound is gravel, not well maintained. In parts, if you had an accident they might find you for a few days. Short trail in both directions - goes no where. Skip this trail and ride the Cenntenial Trail on the other side of the river. It is a 5 star trail - Lemont is a 1 star

Erie Lackawanna Trail

not good for biking too many cracks

September, 2020 by krischunas

This could be an awesome trail if some repaving were done, from Crown point to tunnel where Sherrerville section starts it’s great. But from that point north it has deep cracks about every 10 or 15 feet and feels like you are riding over perpetual railroad tracks. It hooks right into the oak Savannah trail as well but you have to endure a rough ride to get there. Real shame this trail has been neglected, it could and should be a great trail

Salt Creek Trail (IL)

Window to the Western Suburbs

September, 2020 by dhavranek

My friends and I first rode the original trail from the zoo to I-294 in about 1963. It was a dirt horse path and we often ran into horses near the west end of the trail. After it rained it was a sloppy mess. We often bounced over the hoof prints stamped into the wet soil after it dried up. We could only dream of it some day being paved. There was only a short distance of about 400 feet paved east of Maple Avenue (17th Ave).

There are shelters along the way on the west portion that were built during the depression. The park area just east of Il Rt 45 (La Grange Rd) is shown in aerial photographs taken in the 1930’s. The railroad underpass is part of the old horse trail.

Part of old La Grange Road is on the right just south of Cermak Road. Check out the old La Grange Road bridge abutments heading south from Cermak Road on the left. There is a yellow rope up so you don’t accidentally walk off the edge. An old subdivision that was never built is off to the right south of 31st St. Only the side walks were built and they are covered over with vegetation. There were street lights along the sidewalks when I was a kid.

The path was paved sometime in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. It nice trail and it’s been extended at both ends over the years. I have been riding up and down it for about 57 years. Time goes fast. Don’t miss it.

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