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Keuka Outlet Trail

Massacred by Mosquitos: A Story

August, 2021 by beatricemoxon

Nothing could have prepared me for the experience of walking this trail and unfortunately the memory will be ingrained in my head for the foreseeable future. I went with my grandparents, intent on enjoying the nature and picturesque waterfalls. The first red flag should have been the singular car in the parking lot as we arrived, but we ventured out on our journey nonetheless. All began well as we made our way down the trail. As I swatted a couple mosquitoes from my face, I questioned why I hadn’t thought to use bug spray. We made our way deeper into the woods and this fleeting regret turned to all consuming contrition. The mosquitos and gnats were a cloud around us and my desperate flailing arms served as poor defense. We were in too deep before the situation got bad so we persisted towards the waterfall, needing our efforts to be fruitful. Just before I thought I couldn’t bear it anymore, the sound of rushing water was a beacon of hope shining through the dense cloud of insects tickling my skin. My grandparents and I admired the waterfall for a few minutes before deciding we needed to turn back. There was no way we could continue on through that inferno. Two miles. That’s all that stood between us and the safety of the car. We set off and the fury of the mosquitos seemed to increase exponentially. Left and right the little suckers were descending upon me, sucking my blood even through my clothes and buzzing in my ear with fierce perseverance. I knew the only solace would come from walking faster, but my grandparents wouldn’t be able to match the necessary speed. I stayed back with them until I thought I might throw myself into the river in an attempt to end my suffering. Eventually they gave me their blessing to do what I had to do, and therefore I set a furious pace. I felt bad leaving them behind, but I had to save myself. There was nothing I could do to help them. I did indeed leave them in the dust, pumping my arms as I tried to outrun the bugs. Apparently they had no mercy in their tiny souls because they refused to relent. My eyes were squeezed almost shut to prevent them from flying in and I was slapping my skin like a member of a high school step team. All I can say is it was a massacre. I was on the verge of tears and if I weren’t carrying a backpack and a camera I would have broken into a full out run. At this point I thought I’d also like to mention the weather conditions. It was around 90 degrees and the percent humidity was probably about the same. The sweat was cascading down every inch of my body as I was booking it and the fact that I didn’t care really says something about the situation. The swarm thinned as I drew closer to the parking lot and I almost cried in relief at the sight of car at the end. I had to then wait in the sun as my grandparents made their way back, hoping they hadn’t been consumed entirely by the bugs. Luckily, we all made it out alive, but not without the battle scars both physical and emotional that came with this experience. I went to bed that night, twitching with the phantom sensation of mosquitos on my skin, aching to forget the events of the day. All I can do now is recognize this hike as a piece of character development that has humbled me deeply for years to come.

With this being said, the trail is very nice and I just want to warn those hoping to go that they should proceed with caution and probably unload an entire can of bug spray on themselves before going.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Pine Creek Trail paradise

July, 2021 by dldjmitchell

The Pine Creek Trail is located in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. We rode the 62 mile trek in one day and what a wonderful ride it was. The trail is exceptionally well maintained and God has landscaped this trail with beautiful mountains on each side and (this summer) a flowing ‘creek’ along side. The 62 miles flowed so smoothly that we reached the end before we knew it.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Great for kiddos!

July, 2021 by federer_lisa

We just took our 11yo and 8yo from Jersey Shore to Waterville (22mi) and it was fantastic. Lots of scenic stopping points including a number of mini-waterfalls and 4 bridges. We stopped halfway for lunch at the Waterville Tavern and the kiddos played at the park adjacent to the restaurant. Headed back to Jersey Shore after that. While the grade seems relatively flat, there is a slight rise - so inexperienced young riders may tucker out on the way out. But the way back is much easier.


Ontario Pathways Rail Trail

Good overall but a mixed experience

July, 2021 by jruppertmcq

Did the entire 23 mile trail to Canandaigua and back… definitely recommend a mountain bike or as I have, a decent front suspension on a hybrid with knobby size 40 tires. The final 7 miles(16-23) to Canandaigua are the best ride with mostly smoothish dirt. The roughest part are miles 11-16 to Canandaigua… spine jarring and butt banging… mostly grass and fairly rough 12 inch wide single trail over that stretch. Be prepared for fairly slow 7-8mph going… I tend to average 15 to 16 mph on the mixed gravel/pavement of the Erie canal trail between Fairport and Brockport… I averaged only about 10mph on this 46 mi. round trip. But nice scenery and time on Canandaigua lake is worth the effort as a pitstop

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Very Scenic

July, 2021 by jcr5411_tl

Easy trail but beautiful and well maintained!

Painted Post Trail

Very simple trail, not very long. Be aware that the trail is also used for marathons and other races so if you're coming from away check on that first. Only downside is the parking area could use more shade for the summer time.

July, 2021 by deeperconnectionsny

Very simple trail, not very long. Be aware that the trail is also used for marathons and other races so if you're coming from away check on that first. Only downside is the parking area could use more shade for the summer time.

Black Diamond Trail

Great Trip

June, 2021 by marthannroman

This trail is well maintained, scenic and a real jewel. One important thing - the trail is uphill from Cass Park in Ithaca. We started there and I'm glad we did, because it made our return trip a downhill nice and easy. Be sure to find the Falls Lookout at Taughannock Falls State Park.

Black Diamond Trail


June, 2021 by mwise1956

My wife and I are from Harrisburg Pennsylvania and we are in Ithaca for a week to spend our vacation with her parents. Since we are here for a week we brought our bikes. My wife was born here and knows the terrain of the area. She was very hesitant to do this trail because of the hilly terrain in the area. I found the trail through this app. It is just like the reviews said gorgeous with a slight incline on the way up, 400ft in 8 miles. The trail was hard packed and smooth with gorgeous views and scenery. We started at Cass park and rode the 8 miles to the gorge. Coming back down was a breeze. I highly recommend this trail.

Lackawanna Rail Trail

Great trail.

June, 2021 by sannap2007

great trail!! there was really no bumps in the asphalt. it’s just hard to see the rivers/creeks because of the trees.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Easily my favorite trail in PA so far, PLUS fantastic barbecue!

June, 2021 by ladyalchimia

I did an out-and-back of about 24 miles starting from Wellsboro, on a warm Saturday in June 2021. This trail is almost perfectly flat, with only some very gentle elevations. It is sparsely travelled until you get closer to the Turkey Path Trail Waterfall at Little Fourmile Run. Around this point, I saw larger groups of cyclists and walkers, many with kids. All in all, it's a gorgeous trip, but what made it even better was discovering Pag-Omar Farms Market at the Wellsboro end! While I rested up, my husband walked over to Pag-Omar and got smoked chicken brisket, with some of the best sides I've tasted at any BBQ I've been to (and I lived in Texas for two years): slightly spicy, sweet baked beans; delicious coleslaw; and fantastic potato salad with dill. That made our day complete. I hope to do other sections of this RT in the future.

Catharine Valley Trail

June 20, 2021

June, 2021 by gtmskier

Great trail. Started in Watkins Glen and rode south to the very end, past where trail ends on the app. Last section pretty rough, so you won’t miss much if you don’t do it.

Lackawanna Rail Trail

Rated lower - not very scenic and hard to find trail

May, 2021 by karendarling88

We found it very difficult to find the trail. We picked it up in Eldridge Park but it was poorly marked. Had to bike through residential neighborhoods. It isn't very scenic due to running parallel to I-86 and the traffic is noisy. Wooded on 1 side mostly but some spots it was on both sides. Loved the pavement. It's in excellent shape and effort is the same going in either direction, in my opinion. Will definitely ride again.

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