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Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

good ride!

June, 2018 by hammer757

Just rode this trail yesterday, but got stuck in the local coffee shop for 1.5 hours waiting for a strong storm cell to pass through. We almost gave up and headed home but the rain finally stopped and away we went. starting from the "U" street access there was parking but I think the parking area belongs to the business close by. Its a gravel area and I don't feel the business minds a few cars parked at the far end of their property. Although the trail has its ups and downs the overall flow is downhill from the "U" street starting point making the return trip a bit more aerobic. The trail was covered with forest debris and 6 downed trees due to the storm that just passed through. My son developed a slow leak in his rear tire at about the turn around point (10.2 miles out) so I topped off his tire pressure hoping it would hold out for the return. No such luck, with about 7 miles to go he went totally flat. we ended up fixing his tire right next to a guys house (the trail crossed over his front driveway). The owner came out to check on us. Great guy, retired, and offered his air compressor to fill the new tube. We were on our way in 10 minutes. I would recommend no smaller than 35mm width tires. we used our mountain bikes with larger tires and due to storm debris, I'm glad we did. When we got back to the car my sons front tire was nearly flat. What ever he hit, he got both tires. We decided to stop at a local restaurant called "Pappas". Very popular with the local Bedford residents. Its not fancy but the fried chicken was excellent and the wait staff was great. We enjoyed the trail and will ride it again. The three star rating is due to no water on the trail so bring plenty and a less than perfect parking situation. There are two porta-potties. One at the trailhead and one more about 4.5 miles out

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway


July, 2017 by kristin.creager

They're only a couple places you can get onto this trail. It seems pretty inaccessible other than the start and end. Have a Specialized hybrid. and it did not handle well. Had to turn around shortly after starting. Wish this was paved!

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Great trail

March, 2017 by emmis

3/20/17 rode my Trek X-Cal 29er roundtrip from N Street in Bedford to the Williams Dam - the trail is complete and well-maintained. A great resource for locals and a hidden gem for travelers. Bedford is a friendly small city and this location will be on my regular circuit.


Adkisson Greenbelt

practical, but frustrating

November, 2016 by mewjones

I love the idea of this trail in that it connects different areas of the city, but it is very difficult to follow. Signage is minimal and there were numerous points at which I took wrong turns or almost completely gave up on it because it wasn't clear where the trail went at an intersection. The sections were the trail is just a double wide sidewalk are definitely the worst part. I rode close to the entire trail on an unseasonably warm veterans day Friday and couldn't believe how few people were on the trail. In 12.2 miles I saw only two other people on bicycles and a handful of walkers/runners. The four star rating is due to the usefulness of the trail for people who live there. If you are looking for a great ride, it gets less stars. And it's pretty lame that it's closed dusk to dawn.

Adkisson Greenbelt


October, 2016 by scibek

lots of twists and turns. unfortunately, the turns are rarely marked, so take your smart phone with google maps on it; i needed it the whole time. the bicycling option on google maps chose some relatively safe bike routes through the downtown, so i was largely able to return that way. all-blacktop surface is largely good, but even the newer sections have tree roots poking through more often than expected. not crowded at all on a crisp fall saturday in late october, and the few folks that i did encounter were rather friendly.

Adkisson Greenbelt

perfect trail for all ages

September, 2016 by frantaylor1963

Due to the mostly flat land in this area this is a well kept trail for everyone. Bobbing in and put youll have a chance to see everything from from farm living to city life. This trail also has drinking fountains,restrooms and rest areas.
Cant say enough of how well kept with all the annuities.

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Awesome discovery!

August, 2016 by andersondan

I started at U Street trailhead (the only parking that I am aware of) on a hybrid 15-speed. I think that this is the perfect bike for the trail. Skinny street tires might not do so well in the gravel. The gravel is very small and well packed though. There was a port-a-john at U Street and at Cockston Rd. I rode about 55 minutes, and turned around just past a new covered bridge. The steepest portion was from Cockston Rd, headed away from Bedford. Riding it in the highest gear, I got a good burn going. The trail is very scenic, with rock outcroppings, woodlands, farm fields, etc. I saw one deer, and several rabbits. Do take water, as there is none on the trail. This trail has a five-star potential. It was a little weedy as I got further from Bedford, and a large tree had fallen across it at one point. I look forward to riding this again, and to seeing the future extensions opened.

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Nice Easy Ride!

August, 2016 by sweetcat

Biked from U street to Dams Rd. a bit father than 10 miles and then back to U street. We rode our mountain bikes and they handled the gravel easily. I didn't see any fresh water sources until the small market at the end so carry water as needed. There is at least one porta potty on the trail but the U street trail head sits very close to town with ample fast food places so you can easily make a pitstop before hitting the trail. Once on the trail we had a thunder storm blow through and took shelter under an overpass. Colorful flowers lined the path. It is obvious this trail is well maintained. The trail is quite an easy ride even stopping to take photos and snack we made the round trip in well under 2 hours. There is a lovely little covered bridge near the end and it was decorated with American flags and bows that was beautiful to see. The ride out from U street seems to be a bit more of a slight grade than the way back so it is even easier to make time heading home. It appears they are lengthening the trail as there are orange construction fences and barrels at the end blocking off what seems to be the next section. I can't wait to see what the trail will be like beyond when it is finished! I'm hoping for another 10 or 20 mile addition which would make this even more worth the 2 hour drive from home ( with all the construction :( on 37 )

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Beautiful Ride and Good Challenge

July, 2016 by tracyrk

Gravel path handled our thin tire bikes easily. They built a brand new covered bridge. It was all dressed up for July 4th celebration. The low gradient hills were just the right challenge. Sure glad we had gear shift bikes. At the end of the round trip 20 miles, our tungues were hanging out. Nice country store at the farthest point away fron Bedford. Bedford had a BBQ cook off downtown. We had BBQ for lunch. About three and one half hours to do the 20 miles.

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Best in the area

May, 2016 by jcondon14

I use the trail 2-3 times/week for running and occasionally biking. First section from U Street goes 5 miles before crossing Coxton Rd. Very safe and scenic. See lots of wildlife on days without heavy use (when others stay indoors). Large red fox on the trail today and deer are common in the fall and winter. Many red ringed snakes, common water snakes and occasionally I see turtles. Great for ride from U Street to Williams and back for a total of 20 miles. Bait shop at Williams Dam to get snacks.

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

not bad for rural in!

April, 2016 by scibek

surprisingly good ride; a local told me it's rather new, so it made sense that several overpasses of the western half weren't finished. decks were in place, but no railings as of late april '16, so be sure to head out while sober that way for a while.

my 32c tire grip got quite loose on the cinders several times when i drifted into the middle; i recommend bleeding 700 tires down to 60psi or simply taking a mountain bike. pitch of the trail varied a lot for a rail trail, up to 3% maybe, and after riding end to end and back, i was beat. friendly people all along the way, but cattle far outnumbered humans as could be expected. the trail paralleled creeks/riverbeds much more than it did roadways, so the peace and quiet was the best feature.

Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway

Great trail !! My first Rail Trail !!

February, 2016 by michael.webb.1253

I currently ride MTB and Road bike. But,,, looking to explore some NEW biking adventures this year. I stumbled upon the Milwaukee Trail. Not knowing what to expect, I brought my MTB for this ride. Very surprised at how well the trail rode with crushed stone. I started at the Lincoln Ave. & 10th St. TH & rode to the other end which is at the Williams Dam. It's was a cool day of 50° (2/27/16) when I rode. There was several walkers and joggers in between Lincoln & 10th St. to Coxton Rd. THs. But, from Coxton to Williams Dam. pretty much had the trail to myself except for a few cyclist on my way back. I'd say you could easily ride this trail on a Hybrid and possibly a road bike with a bit wider tire than a true Skinny slick without TOO much difficulty. I love about 25 miles from Bedford. So, I'll be making several trips over here as I'm wanting to work up to riding the Katy trail and the Great Allegheny Pass this summer. This was a great 21.5 mile Out & Back experience for me. Go give it a ride !!!

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