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Riverside Recreational Path

0.63 mi
State: IL
Dirt, Grass, Gravel
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Riverside Recreational Path begins as a gravel lane at the base of Riverside Park on the banks of the Rock River in Roscoe. From there, it continues along Rowena Street, paralleling State Route...
IL 0.63 mi Dirt, Grass, Gravel

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Recent Trail Reviews

Green Bay Trail

Can be confusing.

August, 2022 by williamcspr

Went from Wilmette to Highland Park where I just turned around and went home.The trail markings up to Highland Park were easy to read and came up often.In Highland Park, the trail markings became less often and confusing.I gave up and went home.The trail is flat and can give a feeling of being closed in at times,not a trail of open spaces.

GM&O Heritage Trail

GM and O Heritage Trail

August, 2022 by catkrack0

What a beautiful walking trail right in town! Smooth and paved for miles of easy walking. Half the trail is the neighborhood and the other half is the woods with a creek. Peaceful water sounds the whole walk. Dog waste stations and lots of friendly pups and people out exercising. No real shade, so go on a cooler evening when it’s dry. Not a hiking experience but a beautiful smooth walk for exercise.

Stone Bridge Trail

great path

August, 2022 by 74mw9rxkc4

Great path to bike for any age or experience level. Great history at the stone bridge.


Great American Rail-Trail

A nice ride. The hub is a good place to start.

August, 2022 by jodieo1

A nice ride. The hub is a good place to start.

John Husar I&M Canal Trail

Bumpy Ride

August, 2022 by kwkw1639

This trail needs serious repaving

Kankakee River Trail

Road biking: just ok

August, 2022 by hose+traillink_tl

Started from the Bourbonnais side and did the entire thing as a loop. There's about three miles of crushed limestone which turns out is the most predictable part of the trail. The rest is asphalt, but it's just… ok. This entire trail is "just ok".

Let's start with the asphalt: it's not great. It's not terrible, but it's got some really bad root upheave throughout. There are a handful of actually dangerous potholes in there as well. Because so much of the trail is partially shaded it can be difficult to spot any of the rough spots (if it was fully open or fully shaded your eyes could adjust, but the dappled light makes it impossible to ever fully acclimate).

Then there's the overall design of the trail. While it has some interesting hills and turns, they're often innundated with blind curves. Even some of the straight sections have overgrowth encroaching on the trail making this even worse.

Finally this trail is seemingly used by people who don't seem to have a lot of shared trail experience. People walk on both sides of the path. Announcing yourself will have people moving in lots of unpredictable directions; instead of moving to the right, they may act startled and actually move LEFT. One person who knew I was coming up and I approached very slowly from behind didn't even acknowledge me – instead they just started, very slowly, moving to the left side of the trail until they were OFF the trail. On shared paths you want every person to move predictably. This was not a thing on this trail apparently.

What this adds up to is that you end up having to constantly be on extra high alert and you're not going to be going very fast. You'll maintain a medium speed, and any time you really want to push it, the conditions of the trail will quickly make you dial it back.

The scenery was ok. Some good glimpses of the river, but nothing dramatic. A lot of similar looking woods. A few breaks in the woods as you go through the park system, meaning picnic shelters and overlooks. No real meadows or fields or even sections right up next to the water. The trail did provide good shade from the sun, so if it's a hot day, this trail should be fine temperature-wise.

The crushed limestone section was the best part of the trail, primarily because it was (as mentioned above) the most predictable. Far less traffic. No weird asphalt cracks / root upheave / holes to deal with. They were fine even on my narrow 700x23 tires.

This trail is really designed for recreational riders, and it's fine for that. If you want to go faster look elsewhere. Probably decent for a recovery ride. Not worth a longer drive than 30 minutes unless you're already in the area.

North Shore Channel Trail

Improvements made in last few years

July, 2022 by rick1943

1. A bridge across the channel just north of Lincoln Avenue now connects the two main sections of the trail. This means you can go from Devon Avenue to Argyle Avenue with no street crossings.
2. The trail through the Evanston arboretum is now paved, so the west side path is continuous from Lincoln to Green Bay Road.

Lincoln Prairie Trail

There are sections of this trail that are very rough. After a few miles...I just gave up beating me and the bike to death. This could be a beautiful trail if it just had some repaving and trimming.

July, 2022 by jmrkav

There are sections of this trail that are very rough. After a few miles...I just gave up beating me and the bike to death. This could be a beautiful trail if it just had some repaving and trimming.

Stone Bridge Trail

Nice trail!

July, 2022 by prinner02

Ride this trail often, today all 20 mikes and back from Rockton Road south to the Long Trail trailhead/end in Capron. There are some rough spots to watch out for between Caledonia and Capron but overall we found it to be in great shape for our bikes with mountain/fat tires. Crushed gravel with blacktop sections, very shady with open farmland areas.

Des Plaines River Trail

Des Plaines River Trail

July, 2022 by dynomight

Hit this trail in two different trips. Came on 7/21/2022 and started at Daniel Wright Woods and headed north, rode about 20 miles north. The trail was limestone and appeared to be in relatively good shape. Trail was a mixture of shade and sun. This part of the trail was well maintained and enjoyable. On 7/28/2022, we came back, started at the Half Way Forest Preserve and headed south. The first 5 miles were just like the week before, well maintained and after that things drastically got worse. There was a lack of signage and also the trail was very poorly maintained. We had to worry about going around so many mud puddles and also there were plenty of areas where it looked like rain at one time washed out the area and made nice sized gulley's. We got 11 miles in and the trail abruptly signage or maps at all to tell you where you need to go. Luckily, I had my phone and checked the traillink app, but we decided, that we had enough of the rough terrain, that we headed back. Such a disappointment.

Poplar Creek Trail

Good daily rides except….

July, 2022 by gman007

One issue with this trail is the entry spur that parallels Bode road just west of Barrington. This section is full of tiny GLASS particles that are causing numerous flat bike tires.

Tunnel Hill State Trail

Vienna to New Burnside and back.

July, 2022 by jd.kinsel

My husband and I rode on a pretty hot afternoon because it had rained in the morning. We took plenty of water and snacks. The trail was a bit cooler because of tree cover, this would be so pretty in the fall. We were able to stop at Sandburn Junction for a frozen treat on the way and water on the way back. We weren’t sure if the pump water at New Burnside and Tunnel Hill was safe to drink. Great ride even with the heat

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