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Iowa Great Lakes Trail

Iowa Great Lakes trails

January, 2018 by elliott4

I have ridden around both West Lake Okoboji, Big Spirit,East Lake many times. Some of the trail is on the road which is county black tops and local streets, it would be impossible to go around 5 lakes and be only bike/walk trail. Go to dickinsoncountytrails.com map on top tool bar. It's prox 24 miles around West Okoboji and 46 miles around outside of all 5 lakes. Great adventure and gets better every year,

Iowa Great Lakes Trail

Extremely disapointing

September, 2017 by kjt6101

To look at the trail map (which we did) you would think that there is a trail around both Spirit Lake and Lake Okoboji. Nothing could be further from the truth. Much of the trails consist of residental roads, highways, with a few dedicated trails mixed in, which simply stop, with no instructions. Whats even worse is the fact that there are ZERO signs anywhere to tell you where the "trail" is. Maybe I'm spoiled living in central Iowa. If you're a boater, head to the Iowa great lakes. If you're a biker, go elsewhere!!

Hanson Trail

Hanson Trail

August, 2017 by cyndyj

Nice trail leading to Pilot Knob State Park entrance. A few conditions issues. but quite usable for many.


Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Madison Lake to Elysian

July, 2017 by betsy.breaker

This stretch was pretty miserable with my road bike due to the poor asphalt. My biking partners had mountain bikes and fared much better. It's an easy trail, very flat, and this stretch is pretty. But I won't bike it again until the long overdue repaving is complete.

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Great Trail!

May, 2017 by feritozsoy

This trail was our first trail on the way of wisconsin dells from Mankato. We totally passed 6 trails. I would put this trail on 2nd rank after Cannon Valley. I would put this trail on the first rank if the surface was same from Madison Lake to Waterville. The surface between 2 towns need to be repaired. Too much cracks on the trail. But the rest of them is amazing. Plus you can make decent speed on this trail. There is no steep at all.

North Minnesota River Trail

Its a trail.

September, 2016 by johntwerp

The trail is very smooth. It gets a little tight when you get by the river with a large wall on one side and a rocky drop to the river on the other. If there was a lot of people using the trail, it would be kind of sketchy but it was pretty quiet when I went through. It rides right down riverfront drive and 169 basically so its by no means a nature trail but that's to be expected of an in town trail. Eventually it winds by the police shooting range and then leads out of town.

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Overall day cent ride. but...

September, 2016 by johntwerp

I rode this trail for the first time today from Faribault to Mankato. The surface of the trail was great until Waterville. Then things got kind of ugly. I was on my 29" mountain bike with the front suspension locked out and it was pretty rough for 10 miles or so West of Waterville. I have to imagine it would be pretty bad on a road bike. Trail conditions aside, it is a flat ride with some okay scenery. Nothing too exciting but for southern MN it's not bad. I'll do it again at some point.

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Beautiful bike ride on 2/3's of the trail

August, 2016 by spcherylbrown

We drove down from the Twin Cities twice to ride this trail: Faribault to Waterville RT, then Mankato to Madison Lake RT. We will do the middle section when we learn it has been renovated.

What beautiful country! The terrain was terrific: paved surface in good condition, occasional gentle inclines. Birds were singing everywhere and we were enchanted by the contrasts: riding under a beautiful canopy of trees, hearing rushing water below, and then seeing late summer flowers and crops in the countryside. We spotted a flock of white pelicans, egrets and other waterfowl along the way, also a deer. And a calico cat and a turkey farm.

We wasted an hour trying to find the Faribault trailhead with the directions we had printed out and the brown signs that were posted. People we asked directed us to the Dairy Queen, which provided very easy trail access next to Highway 60 but not the full trail. Next time we will use interactive GPS and start at the trailhead.

Near Mankato, please post signs where the railroad bisects the trail for those exploring without GPS. We stayed on the paved trail which led us under the overpass and up to 589th Ave: at this point, we didn't know whether to turn right (correct) or left (wrong.) We backtracked to see if we had missed a sign and met locals who rode back up the overpass to point out the turn. It was not apparent to any of us that the trail crosses the tracks as indicated on your map. If it does, please add signage. A sign is also needed at 589th pointing to the right after the trail comes up from under the train bridge. Things that may be obvious to people who know the area are not obvious to newcomers.

We had a great lunch at the Trailside Cafe in Madison Lake, right on the trail. Coming from the East, the trail suddenly ends near Waterville and we had to hunt around for water and facilities. The ice cream shop nearby was closed, but fortunately had a drink machine.

We look forward to returning to ride the entire trail.

Red Jacket Trail

Great trail for all ages - very scenic - not a long trail

June, 2016 by tdbirch

I had the pleasure to ride this trail on 6-7-2016 and I was not disappointed. Starting off in Mankato introduces you to a private and mostly wooded nicely paved trail as you travel through the neighborhood. There are several side street crossings before becoming more wooded outside of town. There are several dirt footpath or side trails along in certain sections. The views at the trestle crossings are beautiful! The trail seemed to be a slight grade uphill going South but once you turn around there are sections you can simply glide through! There were walkers, riders, and family enjoying the trail so it can get a little crowded during peak times. Being about 6.8 miles in length it is not a long trail, but spend extra time enjoying the views it offers or extend your ride on the North Minnesota River Trail. The Red Jacket Trail ends at a farm road and extends along the road but I turned around where most of who I saw turned around - when it exits the forested area at the end. 4 stars for length but 5 stars for everything else the trail offers!

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Trail restoration progressing

May, 2016 by bobcatcox

We just cycled from Mankato with our road bikes. Absolutely gorgeous trail. Easy inclines. There's a sign at Eagle Lake warning of rough trail through you Waterville, but we found a brand new surface from Eagle Lake Madison Lake. From Madison Lake to Waterville is very, very rough, but then it's great to Faribault. It looks like they're going to keep going with the trail restoration.I can recommend The Trailhead bar right on the trail in Madison Lake for breakfast.

Iowa Great Lakes Trail

Much Improved!

October, 2015 by tammy.crookshank

Road from the parking lot of Fareway around the entire loop except for 3 miles to Milford. Trail is mostly asphalt that is new this summer (2015). A huge improvement from the previous cracked concrete. The trail is tree lined in parts and beautiful. It goes across several bridges and has beautiful views of the lakes. The trail also takes you past multiple bars and resturants. There are a few areas where there is a bike lane on a lower traffic road. There are spray painted white arrows in some places where it is confusing which way to go. If you stay with the white arrows you will be fine. Fun trail!

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

Great, then not great, then great again

September, 2015 by ckovacic

This review is based on the trail conditions--the stuff under my wheels--of September 20, 2015. When the trail restoration is complete, it will easily rate a five star review. Faribault to Waterville = 5 stars. Waterville to Eagle Lake = 2-3 stars. Eagle Lake to Mankato = 5 stars. Scenery the entire way = 5 stars.

I travelled the trail from Faribault, at the trailhead there, to Mankato and back. Leaving Faribault, the trail quickly became smooth and was in great repair. When we hit Waterville, it was 15 miles of pretty much uninterrupted cracks, bumps, patches, and generally not the best trail surface. We were on road bikes. Perhaps mountain bikes or fat bikes would like the middle section. Not so pleasant because it went on for so long. Then we came to Eagle Lake, and the trail was good again. And the trail into Mankato is lovely.. Bluffy, woodsy and a slight 1% or so descent. Enough to relax and get some speed but not too bad for the return climb.

However, it is clear that this trail is going to get some attention soon, and I will definitely return and do the Faribault to Mankato and back trip again. Between Faribault and Mankato there are ample gas stations to water up, and the scenery is lovely. Lakes, fields, woods, prairies, turkey barns, it has it all.

Despite it being a beautiful Sunday afternoon, there were not very many people using the trail. Maybe the fact that it was the Vikings opener had something to do with that. Still, surprisingly empty.

As a rail trail, the grade is pretty darn flat. I think I had around 1200 feet of climbing over 80 miles. I'm glad to have found this trail. I think that before it is replaced, I will do Faribault to Waterville and back. That's a nice, smooth 30 miles or so..


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