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Lake Independence Regional Trail

Goes through woods and farmlands & connects to Luce Line Trail

June, 2021 by gladbrook33

Lovely trail north through Baker Park Reserve and then parallels Hwy 19.
Pass by scenic farms & thru little town of Loretto. At end of trail, turn west bordering Crow -Hassen Park Reserve. When the paved trail ends, turn right to see the historic bridge in Hanover. Little of the original town remains, but the old River Inn is worth a stop.
Heading south from Baker Park Reserve follow the signs leading you thru Orono and the Trail Head for the Luce Line

Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail

trail NOT closed June 4,2021

June, 2021 by brophy73

I rode from Faribault to a few miles past Madison Lake. Great paved trail in pristine condition. There was HIGHWAY/ROAD closure by Elysian on the road parallel to the trail for a couple miles. BUT, the paved trail is in the trees and NOT on the road…so no problem for riding. I did start at 6am to beat the 97f heat. 63mile round trip.

Cherokee Trail

Cherokee/Vento Trail

June, 2021 by tomeggum

This is shown on some trail maps and signs as the West Side continuation of the Bruce Vento Trail. And…it connects to the upstream end of the Robert Piram Trail at the edge of Harriet Island.


Minnehaha Trail

Beautiful, but rough

June, 2021 by janet.l.evans

South of E 54th is rough, and it's steep up to Ft. Snelling. Worth the ride the greenery.

West River Parkway Trail

Down to Fort Snelling and back on the east Side -- Adventures!

June, 2021 by janet.l.evans

We were visiting Minneapolis from Colorado with our Bromptons in the back of the car, exploring. This exploration was a long afternoon, starting at N 4th Ave and riding down river, stopping for lunch at a coffee shop. Great views of the river. At Minnehaha Park, we wandered around a bit, then headed south to Fort Snelling on the Minnehaha trail. It appeared that Minnehaha intersected a trail that would take us across the river, and we would the ride trails back to the Stone Arch bridge to cross to the starting point. Note that the southern stretch of the Minnehaha is rough surface. When we arrived at the "intersection", the other trail was about 100ft over our heads. It's steep up to Ft. Snelling, and then three flights of stairs down to the bridge (there's a gutter to assist with rolling the bikes). Across the bridge there are stairs up to the trail. Going north was again great views, but then the trail ended at a blockage. We followed the well signed detour through the neighborhoods, and back on to the trail. It did take a little searching just north of the Uni. of Minnesota Twin City to find the trail to the Stone Arch Bridge. Steep at times on the east side through the Uni.

Loon Lake Trail System

Pavement is good and the view of Loon Lake is nice. Clear Lake trail is better if you're in the area but still had fun here.

June, 2021 by

Pavement is good and the view of Loon Lake is nice. Clear Lake trail is better if you're in the area but still had fun here.

Dakota Rail Regional Trail

Beautiful,well kept trail

May, 2021 by jhspoon

Today we rode the trail from St. Bonis to Mayer. It was a beautiful ride. Great scenery, well kept trail. We’ll definitely do it again.

Elm Creek Park Reserve Trails

Very well paved with some rolling hills as other reviewers have mentioned. The trail is gorgeous as it passes over fields and under trees. Easy to moderate difficulty.

May, 2021 by haeberle.tyler

Very well paved with some rolling hills as other reviewers have mentioned. The trail is gorgeous as it passes over fields and under trees. Easy to moderate difficulty.

Great Northern Greenway

Favorite route to the Minneapolis riverfront

May, 2021 by mplsbikerdan

The Great Northern Greenway is one of my favorite routes to the Minneapolis riverfront where I can enjoy nature and the ever changing river. Each day and season is a unique sightseeing adventure. On my way there, I pass through vibrant, northeast neighborhoods with historic architecture, outdoor sculptures and unique shops. In addition to riding north or south along the river, I often travel along the Grand Rounds and Victory Memorial Drive before returning home. My rides can be anywhere between five to fifty mile loops pending weather, energy and available time

Bruce Vento Regional Trail

Phalen Creek trail

May, 2021 by tomeggum

North of the Mississippi River (it flows EW through downtown St. Paul) the Vento Trail follows an old Phalen Creek railroad to Phalen Lake. South of the river the trail shown on TrailLink as the Cherokee Trail is also signed as part of the Bruce Vento Trail.

Willard Munger State Trail (Gateway State Trail)

Citified start

May, 2021 by tomeggum

The southern section between Cayuga St. and Arlington Ave. in St. Paul, starts with a view of the Trout Brook Nature Preserve (with a fine trail that does not connect at the north end) but quickly becomes sandwiched between junkyards and I-35E. Good it's there. Very urban.

St. Paul Grand Round


May, 2021 by michael.warre

This was the my first time trying the Grand Round. I Started on Johnson Parkway at Indian Mounds Park which I have road before! The long delayed Johnson Parkway section was finished just before winter but already has had the start of the trail torn up and rebuilt. Also a center line dividing the bikeway was removed and now has a gash in the new asphalt leaving a visible gash line between Burns Ave to Stillwater Ave a needless of funding. The actual surface condition is the best, very wide, low traffic, meandering through mostly residential area until you reach Lake Phalen.
At Phalen you run into heavy congestion and a one-way clockwise around the lake which would be a problem for those doing the Grand Round clockwise, you need to ride on Wheelock Parkway Road or loop Phalen. The lake area is beautiful a loop is wonderful though congestion but you may not wish to add 2 more miles to a 26 mile loop. Now staying on the Grand Round becomes confusing, no directional signage if you take the obvious natural path you will be force to loop the lake. You need to to make a 160 degree turn at the beach house, heading to the Phalen Dr & Wheelock Parkway controlled intersection where you cross to the parkways southside. Shortly after crossing to the southside lack of signage is an issue. There is a paved T bike intersection. One trail take many take is the one the follows along side of Wheellock Parkway, this is WRONG that is a walking path. You should make the 90 degree turn at the T crossing the southside of the ballfields to Cottage & Forest natural turn north along the eastside of forest which is a wide concrete trail. You return to the trail along side Wheelock, the same issue occurs westbound, stay on the wider trail even it is not the obvious natural choice. You continue to Rice St to cross with a stoplight. Trail condition in this area is from good to poor.
After crossing Rice St There is no paved trail or even a street bike lane as erroneously mark that way here on TRIALLINK. This leaves you with the option of riding in the street or on the narrow concrete sidewalks. The bike trail picks up again in the center median of the parkway one block east of Edgerton St. Coming from the west the trail abruptly ends.
Now from this point on until Wheelock ends at Como Park is great fantastic surface. This portion crosses over The Trout Creek Trail but you need to carry your bike down some stairs at the SE corner of that bridge.

When you reach Como Park the loop around the lake is the opposite direction from Lake Phalen, one way counter clockwise. So from the east you take the northside of the lake, from the east the southside. Once you reach Lexington there is a signage issue again there are maybe 6 variations to choose to continue. The City needs to clearly mark which rout is the correct one for the GR. Most trails are good to fair!

If by change you find yourself along side Como Ave you are in luck. Once you cross Hamline Ave there is a great bike trail along the northside of the street. Condition is perfect. This trail is along side the State Fair Ground and will be congested during the State Fair. This trail ends at Raymond Ave. This portion of the GR is omitted from TRAILLINK at this time.

You go south on Raymond has no bike trail, only road bike lanes which you follow to Myrtle turn right and continue to turn left on Pelham. I find this section totally family unfriendly, too much traffic.

Once on Pelham you are going to take it to the East Mississippi River Parkway. On Pelham at least there is a guarded bike lane, they are rubber poles, but that is better then nothing! Trail here is concrete and Good shape.
Once you are heading South on the River Parkway you will see wonderful overlooks, mansions & monuments along the way. Maybe the best part of the ride. Trail is mostly good condition all the way to Gannon Rd.
NOTE: Trail maybe closed south of Ford Parkway for construction.

At Gannon Road is where Shepard Road begins. This section all the way on to Warner Rd is in great to good shape and ends at the conjunction of Fish Hatchery Trail & Indian Mounds Park Trail, But go straight which is the IMPT and climb the hill and use the pedestrian bridge and return to where I started at Johnson Parkway.
There are a few Alternate variations that can be done but the city needs to clearly mark the route. Signs that are 10ft tall don't help but painting the name of the trail on the pavement would work.

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