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Clinton River Park Trail

Lost Prescription glasses

September, 2021 by annam621

I wallked the trail on Clinton River Park Trail on Monday Labor Day around 4 PM ..walk from Edison Street all the way up to Dodge Park if anybody has found a pair of prescription glasses can you email me please …
Thank you! Anna👓

Michigan Air Line Trail

Smooth and scenic

September, 2021 by cvharkey_tl

At the east end this trail starts near On The Dunes bar and sports venue. Lots of room for parking. The trail ends in Wixom, with several good options for snacks or a beverage. Our choice was the Drafting Table Brewery. Lots of other cyclers were headed further west for more drinking in South Lyon. Had a bite at On The Dunes when we got back to our car. As others have said, those with kids or serious riders may want to avoid due to the many roads that are crossed.

Polly Ann Trail

Well Kept Trail with Multiple Personalities

September, 2021 by mtraver

As of September 2021 the trail is a mix of asphalt and crushed limestone that works its way through suburban lots, farm fields and local towns. The full trail is knit together with bits and pieces of trails in various stages of maturity. We parked at the Indianwood Rd Trailhead and rode around 3 miles south and 7 miles north. Here's what we found:

- Clarkston Rd to Joslyn Rd - a straight run along the old rail line with a crushed limestone surface
- Old Rail Bed to Joslyn/Heights intersection - this section is an old concrete pad sidewalk.
- Heights Rd to Joslyn Rd - a well kept asphalt path separate from the street that runs along the east side of Joslyn Road.
- Joslyn Rd to Indianwood Trailhead: a narrow paved track that runs through the woods along Indianwood Rd for about a quarter mile.
- Indianwood Rd to Drahner Rd - a level, peaceful run through the country on crushed limestone.
- Drahner Rd to Louck Street (in Oxford) - a long stretch of paved asphalt path that includes a dedicated bridge over Washington Street.
- Louck Street and beyond - crushed limestone and dirt track that runs through woods and lakeland. The path in this area occasionally suffers from wash-outs, so keep an eye out for loose gravel and sand.

Overall a very nice ride and a good location, but the experience was inconsistent.


Paint Creek Trail (MI)

Beautiful trail!

September, 2021 by mdjjrossi

Beautiful gravel trail with lots of tree cover. You’d never know how close you are to populated areas. If you’re looking to add miles, the trail connects to other trails at both ends. Close to the north end, just north of the Clarkston Rd/Kent Rd intersection, there’s a nice new bridge that will take you to a wide paved sidewalk type trail that runs next to Clarkston road for 3 or so miles until you reach the Polly Ann Trail. (You’re never on the shoulder of Clarkston Rd - it’s separated.) At the south end, the trail connects to the Rochester RiverwLk (bikes allowed) and then to the Clinton River Trail for a short distance and then the Macon’s Or hard trail

Metro Parkway Trail

Bumps and cracks!

September, 2021 by djmbndyqpp

The part of the trail that passes through Harrison Township has not been maintained. Very bumpy ride.

Metro Parkway Trail

The trail is in poor condition!

September, 2021 by djmbndyqpp

Very bumpy with many cracks! Not a good trail to ride.

Detroit RiverWalk

Belle Isle

August, 2021 by debbiemccabe55

Great trail and you can continue riding across bridge to Belle Isle with bike lanes!

Border-to-Border Trail


August, 2021 by mgliroff

Excellent and easy to access through Hudson mills metro park; poor signage through Dexter. The portion that is marked is fabulous.

Grosse Ile Trail

skip the trail and ride around the outside

August, 2021 by hoekzeab

The trail in through the middle is a little rough and not very scenic. The outside road around the island has spectacular views! I would highly recommend doing that.

Metro Parkway Trail

Bumpy but a straight shot to St. Clair Metro Park

August, 2021 by rmdwzw4cwy

I wouldn’t recommend riding this on a road bike. Bumpy, chunks missing and there’s a part where it forks with no markers to show which direction you should go. If you’re near 16 mile road it’s a straight shot to St. Clair Metro Park though. There’s some pretty pieces to the ride but it’s not gonna be a smooth one. I’d rather ride parallel roads or sidewalks than this if on a road bike.

Hines Park Trail/Rouge River Gateway Greenway

Of two Minds / Totally Torn

August, 2021 by shairao

There are some pluses and minuses -- both big and small -- to this trail, speaking specifically for cyclists, and mostly for cyclists seeking intermediate workouts.

First, the hills -- there are some HUGE hills. Like, if you encounter them on the tail end of your ride, or aren't in workout mode, you'll have to walk. Or, you'll have to generate almost an unadvisable degree of speed on the preceding downhill. None of which are pleasant really. Related to this, as I still like the trail, I would start in Dearborn Heights (though parking might be harder) so the return trip is more downhill. If you do the whole thing, you're gonna be nearing 35/40 miles, which for me is rather long.

I did notice that most of the other, more pro, cyclists (road bikes, biking jerseys) are on the road itself. There is enough room for one rider, two super confident, to ride on the shoulder. But that's not my thing. The cars zip along at 50 even 60mph at times ... and I don't need to be the tertiary casualty in some auto mayhem.

That's related to another not so awesome aspect. This bike trail is alongside a busy road for most, if not all, of the path. The road does go through a series of amazing parks -- but you're still kinda next to a road. I think its single lane, no massive trucks, but people speeding, revving things, etc. There are some beautiful views ... but you're never really surrounded by nature at all, except for a few spots, mostly when you're going over or around highways. Also, if you take a little detour -- it's not really easy to get back to the bike path. I got lost and ended up coming back the same way I came whenever I tried this.

Back to the parks -- I saw about 15 little parks on my 30 mile back and forth ride. They were all beautifully maintained and had some sick cool gear. I think I even saw a mini skate or BMX park. So if you're looking to casually cruise and find some jungle gyms and other non-traditional park stuff. This could be fun. They also have so many (in one particular area) of those cross fit type workout stations ... like 10/12 of them. So if you want to be all Rocky/Drago and squeeze in some strength training, this is ideal. Most seem to be well maintained, a couple of the boring ones had more weeds.

In terms of nature -- I saw some HUGE blue heron, a curious bunny, and some green heron ... some beautiful finches kept racing me, and a little turtle on a log, who ran for it when I circled back around to try to take a pic. So, you can see lots, but you're not totally surrounded by it, or enveloped in it like some other trails.

There are some turns in the path -- across intersections -- that could be marked WAAAAAY better. I can't recall seeing a bike path sign at two of the more confusing ones. I had to kinda hop off and look for the asphalt.

The path can be REALLY narrow around turns ... like dangerously so. Some turns are on park paths, but quite a few -- 3 to 4 -- are on underpasses and bridges. There is room enough for only one bike total -- I biked on a hot humid mid-Day weekday ... so it was not crowded, but these could be REALLY scary. And, I saw only one, walk your bike sign ... for these 4 spots. if you're not paying attention and its feeling sparse, but actually not, you could eat it so badly and end up over your bars on the road! So, yeah, walk your bike ...

Several spots flood significantly -- in my 30 mile ride, I had to go around twice ... like massive mini-pond length 200 feet of water, deeper than 3-4 inches. Also, there were at least 6-7 spots where runoff/sediment was significant enough that I had to slow down totally or risk sliding/falling on my hybrid bike. Like 20-30 foot patches of dried mud tracks, loose sand and gravel.

Ok, so this sounds like a lot of downers, so why the 4? Most of the above is just stuff to know so you'll be safe or choose a path wisely. I didn't mind most of what I listed -- and on the plus side, if you prep for the hills or even know about them. This is a GREAT intermediate verging on expert 40 mile workout ... that still, even with the road, gets you close to and enjoying SE Michigan's lovely flora and fauna. I'll do it again but not gonna be one of my faves.

George Atkin Jr. Recreational Trail

Challenging but uneven

August, 2021 by prholland95

We enjoyed riding this trail, but you have to watch out for uneven spots.

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