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Recent Trail Reviews

Muskegon Lakeshore Trail

Muskegon Lakeshore Trail late summer

March, 2023 by carl.arelt

This trail is one of the better bikes rides I've ever experienced. Everywhere we turned was a scenic view of Muskegon Lake. Having the Hotel 2 blocks from the trail was definitely a plus.
Definitely going back to the "Deck" beachfront restaurant at Pere Marquette Park.

Kal-Haven Trail State Park

Can't wait for upgrades

December, 2022 by neil4

Recently rode about 8 miles from South Haven and back on a recumbent trike with wide tires. I'm used to crushed limestone, but some areas were single-track and very rough for anything other than a mountain bike. The upgrades should be great.

By the way, I've ridden deep-woods paved trails in IL, WI, MN, MI, IN, OH, KY, TN, GA and FL, and don't agree that pavement detracts from a natural look. But I understand the greater cost and limited budgets.

Van Buren Trail State Park

You're right... Not ready for Prime Time. But..

December, 2022 by jeffinbville

Hello all,

I'm the director of the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail and we oversee the Van Buren Trail.

One of the biggest problems people encounter on the VBT is that they're not prepared for riding on what's essentially an undeveloped railroad bed and may believe that since it's a state park it has been developed. It has not. Engineering has been done to that effect and a development project is in the works but still years away.

Still... as you leave the paved section at 16th Avenue south of South Haven and continue down what looks like a powerline ROW, the VBT is rought and rocky, muddy and ditched and yeah, it's a mess. But man, once you get below Covert, the area opens up to thousands of acres of blueberry farms, horse and cattle farms and cranberry bogs.

As the trail crosses the Paw Paw river you're passing through Pokegon Tribal lands and along the way the remnants of Michigan's past peak through the brush and extensive wetlands that make the trail both a challenge and an adventure.

And there's more! But you do need to look.

Future plans call for a complete resurfacing that can handle pedestrians, bicycles, horses and snowmobiles. A Heritage Trail program that is not unlike the award winning project on the Kal-Haven Trail. Benches. Outhouses and more... but, those things are years in the future (unless you've got $15 million laying around you'd like to donate?)

In the meantime, don't let the 'bad' reviews fool you for, as noted, the trail is an undeveloped asset today. But if you've got fat tires or you're on foot or horseback or a sled do not miss a visit to this little-used and under-appreciated wander through the rural Michigan countryside.

Really, don't miss the VBT because of some 'bad' reviews! It's a wonderful excursion on any day if you're prepared for its rough and ready nature.

If you have any questions or concerns about the VBT you can call the State Park office at (269) 637-2788. You can also visit the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or at our website, kalhaven.org or directly by email to info@kalhaven.org and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

PS: Please, don't steal the blueberries ~ as tempting as they are. I know! You're going to pass through hundreds of acres of them! We are working with a local farmer to allow a little more freedom in that but until such a time comes, stealing a man's income does not make for good neighbors and sets bad examples that others will use to stop trail development here, and elsewhere.

PPS: to the guy who had a small dog chase him... I've had a loose cow blocking my way and was attacked by chickens near Hartford! Okay, maybe 'attacked' isn't the right word... maybe 'crowded' by chickens is a better term? But think about it, isn't that part of the fun!? And for the record, the cow was cool. I found the break in the fence she had come through and walked her back through it.

PPPS: To the guy who wrote about the trash... yes, We've had some problems near Covert but ran a cleanup last year and hauled out two trailer-loads of refuse and debris and thanks to Martin Sell at the DNR we'll be back every year to keep the trail looking spiffy. Moreover, a new administration in Covert is trail-friendly so we expect more help from that community keeping things clean.


Kal-Haven Trail State Park

Significant Upgrades Coming!

December, 2022 by jeffinbville

Hello all,

I'm the Director of the Friends of the Kal-Haven Trail

Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, at our website, kalhaven.org or, directly through email at info@kalhaven.org.

Beginning in early 2023 the State of Michigan will begin a much needed resurfacing of the Kal-Haven Trail from South Haven to Bloomingdale. Three bridges originally built in 1869 will be replaced, new bathrooms are coming to Kalamazoo and new bike pumps to South Haven, among many, many other changes and upgrades. This is the first resurfacing of the trail since it was opened as Michigan's first linear State Park in 1989 so we're a little more than overjoyed! to see this work finally take place.

I've read a lot below from people who want it paved. Um, no. It's a rural trail through backcountry and the trail is perfect for that with its crushed limestone base. The KHT caters to all kinds of users and for the vast majority of them pavement is not desirable and would ruin the look and feel of the trail - as well the feet and ankles of those running and walking on it. Sure, your street bike tires might have a hard time after a rain, but most people who ride the trail do so with wider tires.

I've read complaints about the bathrooms... for those of you from Michigan you'll know how short-staffed the DNR is. In fact, there are 3 people working full time to cover two state parks and two state trails in the off season! But do know that if you came across one that was not clean, that a state park worker would be there within a day or two to fix it - but only if they know to do so! Call them at (269) 637-2788 and explain the problem as you've seen it.

While a full half of the trail will be under reconstruction for most of 2023, the section from Bloomingdale to 10th St. in Oshtemo (Kalamazoo) will be open for your pleasure. And, if you're on the west side closer to South Haven and you're looking for adventure, try the Van Buren Trail south to Hartford, MI for some truly rural experiences. You *will* need fat tires - guaranteed - as the trail has yet to be developed but that's no reason not to give it a go.

If you have any questions or concerns about the KHT the Friends stand ready to help or assist in any way that we can.

William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail State Park

Trail itself is smooth and easy to use. We rode in the middle of Fall, after wind storm, so trail was leaf and branch covered, still, not hard to ride just a bit..Bumpy.

October, 2022 by erubringer

Trail itself is smooth and easy to use. We rode in the middle of Fall, after wind storm, so trail was leaf and branch covered, still, not hard to ride just a bit..Bumpy.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

Comstock Park to Rockford

September, 2022 by jimyt53

Hi i I am partially disabled and have to use a electric assist bike to be able to ride. The past few weeks ive been able to go to Rockford and bake While there was some maintenance being done along trail, it was a awesome ride and some beautiful areas to see along the way As you get closer to Rockford is used more by both walkers and bikers Thankful for this trail

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

September, 2022 by erubringer

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

Kal-Haven Trail State Park

much smoother than expected

September, 2022 by bradtollefson

We road the trail from Kalamazoo to New Haven. We were riding hybrid bikes with 28x1.75 tires. The crushed limestone is much smoother than most crushed rock trails we've ridden. We don't ride crushed rock because we usually get flats from the splintered rock. But the limestone is much finer and we weren't worried about flats at all. The trail is not as smooth as a paved trail, but nearly. In fact one town paved a section of the trail and it has rivets and bumps actually making it the worst part of the trail.
We really liked that most of the trail is shaded and secluded. So really felt like we were getting away from it. The biggest problem with the trail is that there is only one water faucet (in New Haven). That faucet doesn't spray high enough to fit a water bottle. You need to plan to carry or buy the water you need for the trip. There's also only port-a-let toilets at the trail ends and nothing in-between.

Fred Meijer Heartland Trail

Greenville to Alma

September, 2022 by twkramer04

The first 12 miles heading north out of Greenville was so bumpy and cracked I was wishing I had my gravel bike vs. my road bike. It smoothed out after that and the trail was fast and relatively nice.

Watch the road crossings. Eventhough they look quiet I found that quite a few of them had traffic.

Overall a pretty nice trail.

Spoonville Trail

Nice trail with moderate+ hills for 65+ beginners on 7S and 21S bikes. Wooden bridges over ravines and great view of Grand River on 231 Bridge.

September, 2022 by campuswest

Nice trail with moderate+ hills for 65+ beginners on 7S and 21S bikes. Wooden bridges over ravines and great view of Grand River on 231 Bridge.

Kal-Haven Trail State Park

A pleasant ride

September, 2022 by yospiff1

I only rode about 5 miles of this trail from my hotel to downtown and back. The initial portion was a wonderful forest ride with a canopy of trees overhead, and a covered bridge as bonus. If I'd had another day, I would have ridden the remainder of the trail in the other direction. At the point it left the forest, there was a trailhead with some history of the trail and town posted there. I'm not totally sure if I followed the trail exactly after that, but I got where I wanted to be, which was the Maritime Museum and then the lighthouse. I stopped in at Rock 'n' Road Cycles downtown, just because I like to look at bike stuff. Bought a nice T shirt from them with a logo for the trail on it. Great souvenir of my visit. BTW, they have bike racks that look like small boats all over downtown. I would not have recognized them as such if someone had not told me that is what they were.

Holland Metro Trails

Holland is very cyclist friendly

September, 2022 by hartleyfam

Love the trail system in Holland. Although we stayed at Holland State Park we were able to easily ride our tandem anywhere we wanted to go. One waitress told us that they teach drivers to be careful of cyclists in driver’s Ed. It was easy to navigate downtown and to Windmill Island. The trails are really just wide sidewalks but there were lots of people riding.

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