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Recent Trail Reviews

Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

a Glorious ride

October, 2022 by ps16500

Started on the trail at Patterson and rode all the way to D avenue. Colors were glorious. Winding curves were fun. Hills were fun going down challenging going up. Asphalt trail was in good condition.

Lansing River Trail

Two Closings, No Posted Detours

October, 2022 by ebhostetler

The trail was a delight, and we enjoyed it, except for the two trail closings. One was just south of the "Beach," and the second was between Crego Park and the MSU campus. We turned around at the Beach, returned to the car, loaded the bikes again and parked at Potter Park. The spur to Crego Park was lovely, and we rode back to the downtown closing, so we had a ten-mile ride, but we were hoping for more. Two positives: very few stops for intersections and the river is in sight for most of it.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

Comstock Park to Rockford

September, 2022 by jimyt53

Hi i I am partially disabled and have to use a electric assist bike to be able to ride. The past few weeks ive been able to go to Rockford and bake While there was some maintenance being done along trail, it was a awesome ride and some beautiful areas to see along the way As you get closer to Rockford is used more by both walkers and bikers Thankful for this trail


Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

September, 2022 by erubringer

Nice ride. Well maintained asphalt trail. Fish hatchery in Paris is worth a visit.

Fred Meijer Heartland Trail

Greenville to Alma

September, 2022 by twkramer04

The first 12 miles heading north out of Greenville was so bumpy and cracked I was wishing I had my gravel bike vs. my road bike. It smoothed out after that and the trail was fast and relatively nice.

Watch the road crossings. Eventhough they look quiet I found that quite a few of them had traffic.

Overall a pretty nice trail.

Holland Metro Trails

Holland is very cyclist friendly

September, 2022 by hartleyfam

Love the trail system in Holland. Although we stayed at Holland State Park we were able to easily ride our tandem anywhere we wanted to go. One waitress told us that they teach drivers to be careful of cyclists in driver’s Ed. It was easy to navigate downtown and to Windmill Island. The trails are really just wide sidewalks but there were lots of people riding.

Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park

A treasure of a trail!

August, 2022 by jbjimm

I've now ridden from Cadillac through Tustin, LeRoy, and Ashton to Reed City. Such a delightful trail for road bikes! I especially liked the portions north of Ashton as they were away from the road and more undeveloped (woods, hills, valleys, cool swamps, neat farms) and interesting. The condition of the pavement is very good except for two locations 1) a very short section north of Tustin where some roots are starting to undermine the asphalt, and 2) immediately north of Reed City where there are some cracks across the pavement. Enjoy this treasure of a trail!

Fred Meijer M-6 Trail

0 stars!!!!

August, 2022 by boblakeman

The amenities on M—6 trail include loud traffic on M-6 25 feet away, no benches.. no exercise equipment for stretching, no access to get water anywhere summer or winter. Watch out for people, including Kent County Sheriffs who drive motorized vehicles on a “Pedestrian Trail” including motorcycles and electric bikes. No respect for walkers or safe quiet place to walk.

Fred Meijer M-6 Trail

too many motorized vehicles for pedestrians to walk trail this year. tired of dodging motorcycles, and even Kent County Ahertoffs drive on trail as cut through from Division to Eastern.!!!!!

August, 2022 by boblakeman

Can’t hear myself think on trail thanks to traffic on M-6 and people using motorized vehicles on trail from Division to Eastern

Musketawa Trail

If you are a road biker, don't bother. There are so many better options.

August, 2022 by timmyb1957

I will preface this by saying I am only reviewing the portion of the trail between the Marne endpoint and the long rail trestle just shy of Ravenna, AND I am reviewing this from the standpoint of road cyclists. Rail trails (especially rural ones) are usually very good to great for road cyclists. This is one of the few that I would say to simply not even bother with. It is obvious this trail was put down years ago and then has had little (very little) money spent on maintenance through the years. There are so many trouble spots which were painted so long ago that the paint has now faded and is barely visible. The repairs were never done.

If you have a bike that can absorb a lot (and I mean "A LOT!") of impact without discomfort, this might be OK, IF you are capable of quick reactions and have good riding skills. We traveled an hour to reach this trail via car and it truly was not worth it.

Starting at the trailhead outside of Marne, the parking is plentiful, paved, and quite inviting. There is a larger portable toilet provided, which was well-maintained on this day. The parking leads directly onto the trail without using any roads or connectors, which is good.

The first three miles are truly the worst paved trail we have ever ridden on and we have ridden trails in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Utah, ... We had been told that the pavement was "not the best" but we kinda underestimated just what that meant. By the time those first three miles were finished, my hands and wrists hurt so badly, I needed some ibuprofen, and this has NEVER happened to me in my years of riding. Sadly, I had none with me. There were so many spots where the grass is actually growing up through the pavement right in the middle that it is starting to look like a 2-track. There were several ruts/bumps that were so severe, they could possibly damage a rim if taken at any speed above 10 mph. The worst part is, this section is mostly shady, so your eyes can't pick up on these hazards too well.

The next three miles improved slightly. Not a great trail, but not as dangerous as the first three. This took us to Conklin, which is about one block long. Fortunately, they have a real nice little store there from which you can buy some refreshments or maybe some ibuprofen!

After you leave Conklin and continue on, the trail again gets marginally better. It is beginning to deteriorate, though. There are places where you can see the asphalt is eroding because it hasn't been sealed in so long and the hard surface is becoming almost a gravel. We rode for another five miles or so until we reached the long trestle over Crockery Creek. This is one of the very few sights to see on this trail, but it is a good one. A nice place to simply stop and listen to the rapids beneath you (probably 60 feet down, or so). Nice photo opportunity.

The positives I can give for this trail are (1) they did a great job squaring the crossings to the street (they almost always made sure you were seeing traffic at a 90-degree angle, instead of the actual angle of the trail at the road), and (2) signage was very good (stop signs were well marked and always had the name of the cross-street so you knew exactly where you were on the map).

The good news about the negatives is, these problems are fixable. It simply takes commitment of resources. Some communities do this, some don't. I truly hope that those in control of this trail allocate what is needed to bring this trail up to the standard it could be at. Houses can be run down but have "good bones". This trail has GREAT bones. It could be fabulous. Hopefully, it will be.

Lansing River Trail

roller skating

August, 2022 by pyj6qjh77m

Completed twice this summer. Once staring at Marguire Park for free and heading north. Second time, paid to park at Hawk Island and headed north. Lots of hazards for roller skating due to construction, poor conditions, and lots of wooden bridges and boardwalks. However, it was a lot of fun and a beautiful ride. If looking for nice pavement and a easier go, stay close to Hawk Island and maybe do a few laps around the lake.

Battle Creek Linear Park

Jackson St/Bedford Rd trailhead

August, 2022 by mbourbonniere

The only reason why I rated this 2 stars is for the segment that is downtown. We started from this trailhead to do the westernmost loop. For the most part the trail is awful. It is not maintained. There is very little signage, even at obvious junctions and spurs. And it is covered with goose droppings and overgrowth. Such a shame because it could be a nice way to get to know the city.

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