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Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail

TRAIL CLOSED 11/7 to 1/13/23

November, 2022 by joelkring

A portion of the trail, from the Root Beer Barrel parking lot to the Eighth Street parking lot is closed until Jan. 13, 2023 due to electric lines being repaired.

Enola Low Grade Trail

Quarryville to Safe Harbor

October, 2022 by chboddy1963

Last Friday I rode my bike 28 miles I enjoyed it

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

Glad we biked it!

October, 2022 by kleistikow

We stopped here 9/22 en route to biking the C&O - what a treat! The cinder surface was well maintained: smooth sailing for our hybrids. varied and beautiful scenery, historical placards along the trail. . Logistics were fantastic: Plenty of parking in Shippensburg, drinking water and clean restrooms at both ends. 2- hours round trip, finished at sunset, followed by takeout Vietnamese dinner from Rice+Pho. Next am we took self-guided walking your of Shippensburg, also worth doing Rice+Pho.. wandered around historic Dientuen smShippensberg next day for an hour or so Thanks


Hollow Creek Greenway

Enjoyable, easy access & lots of nature

October, 2022 by lrock

The Hollow Creek is sure- a thing trail to walk, alone, or with a friend, kids, and a dog! My 2 dachshunds & I love the wide windy gravel path through wood with colorful trees, deer, streams, and flowers. The shade shelters us from light rain, winds, and hot sun. The trail is accessible from a variety of entry points because it intersects side roads connected to neighborhoods and the pathways of Dallastown Intermediate School.
Often I walk from the Valley road entrance to the end where it meets Susquehanna Trail, turn around, and walk back. My dogs love to stop at the creek and cool off, then we continue on. Often I see deer in the woods or up on the hill across from a farm. One time I saw a huge turtle hanging out and we were amazed.
Sometimes I make my walk longer by going to the connecting trail on Beck road. That trail passes a neighbor and connects to the Dallastown Intermediate School path around the school.
This trail is a great trail to take a friend who doesn't walk a lot because one can decide how long or short one wants to go. Please know the Valley Road entrance is about 2/10 of a mile from a beautiful nature walk that takes you to Richard Nixon Park.
On each walk, I finish feeling relaxed and happy. My dogs and I appreciate the wide trail especially when bikes or others need to pass around or opposite me.

Enola Low Grade Trail

Worth the Wait

October, 2022 by zave smith

On Saturday, October 22nd, my wife and I, with a few friends, road this trail from Quarryville to the Safe Harbor bridge. With the reopening of both the Safe Harbor and Martic Forge bridges, this trail has become a delight. The trail is very flat, the surface is in excellent shape, and the scenery is wonderful. It was not very busy considering that it was a beautiful autumn day for riding.

It is also only an hour from our home near Philadelphia which means it will become part of our regular rotating weekend rides.

Northwest Lancaster County River Trail

Nice trail

October, 2022 by juliuskd

Nice trail along the river. Completely paved, but not as wide as some reviews have insinuated. Yes, certainly wide enough to pass, but not as wide as other trails in the area. Because it is such a nice trail everyone seems to be out enjoying it - family walkers, casual bikers and the serious bikers. Spent most of the day saying “on your left”. I prefer a crushed stone trail over paved, all in all beautiful day.

Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail


October, 2022 by trailkeeper

Was on the trail on Fri. 10/14/2022. spoke with one of the maintenance men, near the Dick Winters memorial. He stated that they have a broom attachment for the skid loader that they use to brush aside all of the fallen black walnut husks on the paved sections. I find the trail very well kept.

Heritage Rail Trail County Park

Best yeT….

October, 2022 by joemorgan.09.09

Have taken to this trail several times in several different spots the past few weeks. New Freedom to Glen Rock. S/N-5 miles. Seven Valleys to Glen Rock. N/S - 7.5 miles Hanover Junction to Brillhart Station. S/N - 6 miles Here’s what ya get: Scenery, and plenty of it. Nature. History. Smooth riding. Small Farmettes. Large Farms. Trains! Friendly folks. Cool industrial towns. …gO foR iT¿¿

Lykens Valley Rail Trail

Nothing too remarkable

October, 2022 by johnfh1

We rode the western end of this trail on Oct. 12th, 2022. We parked in the riverfront park in Millersburg then rode a few blocks on the local streets (Pearl St. , Wiconisco St, and Goodling Rd.) to access the rail trail that goes east out of town. There are no signs to let you know you are on the rail trail until after a few hundred feet onto the trail. At first appearance you appear to be on a private dirt/gravel road. Once you pass a gate there are signs for the trail. The trail surface is crushed stone, and in fairly good shape, though a little narrow where the foliage/grass is encroaching. The trail is completely in the woods so is well-shaded. The Wiconisco creek is off to the north side but not always visible from the trail. All in all, there is no outstanding scenery in this short two mile section. Although the weather was perfect, it was a weekday and we only passed two other people during our short round-trip ride.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Nice trail with easy access!

October, 2022 by mfollmer450

My family enjoyed a 3 mile walk from a starting point by Giant in Lewisburg. It was a busy day on the trail, so we had to keep looking behind us for bikers and joggers. I was disappointed to see quite a bit of litter along the trail, especially 7-Eleven cups. Not sure why people think it's ok to throw it along the way.

Lebanon Valley Rail-Trail

Update, still not great

October, 2022 by joelkring

I ride my bike on this trail almost every week, I would ride it more often but it is a 40 minute drive each way. I was thrilled when they resurfaced a rough section of trail, even if the surface was a bit soft. Then, the next time I rode the trail it had been damaged by people riding horses. The next time I was on the trail I walked a portion of the damaged section and it appeared to have been repaired. I spoke to a couple of bike riders and they commented that the trail was soft but not too rough and bumpy. I walked about a mile of the repaired section and it appeared to be in good shape. The next day I rode the trail and even though it looked good it was still quite bumpy. In fact the sections on trail before and after the repaired section were much better than the "repaired" section. The people in charge of the trail posted signs prohibiting horses from the repaired section, I did see two people on horses on that section of trail. As I noted on my previous message, the trail will improve with time.

Warwick-to-Ephrata Rail-Trail

Very nice trail, well maintained

October, 2022 by jtwigg52

I'm not sure what the person complaining about rails and trash on the trail is talking about. We rode this trail end-to-end and back yesterday. It's a very nice well maintained trail. The surface is a combination of paved and crushed stone. even the unpaved portions are pretty smooth. The trail travels through some scenic farmland as well as some neighborhoods. Portions of it are shaded by the tree canopy and there is also a gnome garden.

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