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Recent Trail Reviews

Johnstown Greenway Trail

It is a very nice path but it is short.

May, 2023 by markhaigh357

It is a very nice path but it is short.

Great Allegheny Passage

A memorable ride

May, 2023 by robert.richter89

I have ridden my fair share of rail trails and the GAP is the best rail trail I've ever experienced. I started in Cumberland and finished in Pittsburgh. I knew what I was getting myself into riding against the Eastern Continental Divide but I got the harder riding done right away. I spent three days on the trail staying overnight in Confluence, Smithton and ending in Pittsburgh taking Amtrak back to my car in Cumberland.

The GAP offers so much variety over its 149 miles from scenic river views, sweeping mountains, ruins of a mining past to human development from a rural to urban scale. Most of the trail is very tightly packed gravel which is in immaculate shape. For the first few miles out of Cumberland and the last twenty or so miles to Pittsburgh the trail is asphalt.

I went on my ride in mid-May right before peak riding season so while many businesses in the trail towns were open many still had limited hours. Riding during peak season will give you even more options to eat, stay and shop. Every town I visited were very bike friendly (I've never seen so many places to lock your bike), with plenty of signage to share the road and locals very happy to see tourism in their communities. Some of the smaller towns like Smithton and Boston are not heavily highlighted but still offer dining and places to stay overnight.

There are many bike fix-it stations located on the GAP. While I expected to see some in the trail towns I was surprised by the abundance of fix-it stations located outside of towns as well. There are bathrooms (a mix of businesses, port a pots and composting toilets) roughly every ten miles. Most trail towns had a store to buy refreshments and I did notice a few restaurants had no issue with filling up a water bottle for any who asked.

My least favorite part of the trail was the last twenty miles from Boston to Pittsburgh. The asphalt in this section is in pretty good shape but in comparison to over 100 miles of smooth gravel it is rough. McKeesport is a sudden shift to an urban environment with a fair amount of on road riding but it is well marked and I had no issues navigating and I felt safe. I had issues navigating in Pittsburgh as I felt the clear marking that helped me navigate McKeesport was non-existent. Also to note is the on-road detour to Point State Park. It is easy to follow if you have a map but it requires riding in a major city for a short distance.

I have ridden many trails, a few that are in the Rail Trail Hall of Fame. The GAP is by far the best and is truly the ride of a lifetime.

Moraine State Park Bike Trail

Spring Ride 2023

May, 2023 by vicki1960

A nice day for a Spring ride. The trail runs along side of Lake Arthur within the park. It is paved and has many turns and small hills. 7.5 miles in length, out and back. Ends at where the former Outdoor Recreation Center is. Trailhead and mile 0 is at the Bike Rental and large parking area.. There was a building at that location but burned May, 2022 due to a fire. The bike rental is open and they are operating out of trailers.


Honan Avenue Trail

My Experience on the Trail

May, 2023 by riversong0914

I mean, the trail is beautiful, and I would honestly give it five stars if it wasn’t for the fact that cars are constantly going on it, despite signs saying that they aren’t allowed. I seen no less then 4 cars/trucks/SUVs on it today, alone, and I am hiking this trail with my baby in her jogging stroller! The “no motor vehicles “ rule needs to be better enforced, and more signs need to be put up, as well as a barricades, to prevent these motor vehicles from going on the trail! Not only are those motor vehicles a safety hazard, but the trail is badly chewed up in places because of them! I love this trail, and want to be able to feel safe hiking it with my children! Also, I have found shot gun bullet casings along it, before. Probably some illegal hunting going on, but it makes me feel a bit uneasy…

Claysville National Pike Trail

Claysville National Pike

May, 2023 by rx33772

A new and still underdevelopment rail trail opened May 2022. The trail is a mix of grass and crushed stone. The trail goes through two train tunnels. The trailhead parking lot is in Claysville, PA and passes behind a General Dollar store where you can pickup items to eat at some benches and picnic tables along the trail. Trailhead needs a restroom.

PWS Trail System

No Trespassing

May, 2023 by zyclone1234

I went on this trail from Laurel Summit. If you park in the lot, you can only go 1-2 miles before the trail is gated off and says no tresspassing. Even if you could pass that gate, the trail is covered by bushes, trees and rocks...there is nothing there...

Allegheny River Trail

Franklin to Sunnyslope and Back-April 2023

April, 2023 by vicki1960

Nice Spring day, biked from the Saltbox at the Franklin trailhead, South, to Sunnyslope (12.5 miles) and back for a 25 mile round trip. Starting to get green! Water level of the Allegheny River is a little low. Some islands were visable from the trail. Great ride as always!

Vestal Trail

Traffic noise, short

April, 2023 by zt87kcgdvs

The (short) trail is well-maintained, but there is quite a bit of traffic noise. It is a bit difficult to find the trailhead parking (I ended up parking at the baseball field). Having a road bike, I thought trail was better (for me) on foot since it is very short, although it would have been doable on a bike.

Great Allegheny Passage

great ride

April, 2023 by 6qnny7r2c6

Trail was in great condition and it is a beautiful ride.

Hoodlebug Trail

Not as good as the Ghost Town trail

April, 2023 by vdeal

Having done the Ghost Town last year we decided to ride the Hoodlebug yesterday. Starting from Saylor Park in Black Lick we had just a bit of issue figuring out where the trail went but were helped by some folks but would have found it ourselves. There is an initial road ride which is short and then the trail proper. It's obvious that the trail doesn't entirely follow the old rail bed, probably because part of it was destroyed by Rt 119. There is a steep drop under the road and along a river then a climb along a side road up to the old rail bed. This section is gravel.

Once back along Rt 119 the trail is very noisy as noted by other reviewers. Some bushes or shrubs between the trail and road would be helpful. At Coral/Graceton there is a noise barrier wall which was welcome but it isn't real long and then you're inundated with the noise again. Fortunately, after a bit you veer away from the road and into Homer City. I liked this section. Be sure to read the marker about the world's largest egg incubator factory. There is a small section of back street riding but unlike other reviewers I didn't find it hard to find - just stop and look around - you'll see the sign.

After Homer City I really didn't notice the road much at all. You go through more woods and along an active rail line and eventually end up in Indiana, PA, right at the Indiana University campus. This trail has more than it's share of ups and downs and the surface is variable. Most of it seemed to be tar and chip with some nicer pavement in Homer City and the aforementioned gravel section. It was fairly bumpy also.

As far as amenities Homer City and Indiana seemed to have enough at least. In Homer City you ride within practically arms length of a Sheetz. For those so inclined, Levity Brewing is right on the trail also. On our return trip we didn't have any problem riding the climb near the end but some will I suspect. After hitting Saylor Park we went down and rode the spur into Black Lick but it really didn't go anywhere. On the way home I saw the disconnected section further south and it is literally right along Rt 119 with only a concrete barrier separating the two - doesn't look fun at all! This is really a 2.5 star trail but I can't round it up to a 3. If you're choosing between this and Ghost Town there is no comparison - choose Ghost Town.

Great Allegheny Passage

Outstanding B&B in West Newton on the GAP trail

April, 2023 by eshawger

Bright Morning Bed and Breakfast was a definite highlight of my GAP ride last summer. It’s right on the trail and had a great purpose built bike shelter building. Oh yeah, the breakfast the next morning was fabulous!

Great American Rail-Trail

Great Allegheny Trail southeast of Pittsburgh?

April, 2023 by eshawger

Surprised to see this amazing trail that has great bed and breakfasts along it is not noted as part of the Great American Rail Trail. It sure would help demonstrate more GART completion if it was.

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