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Recent Trail Reviews

Lake Apopka Loop Trail

Be prepared

November, 2023 by vc2019

You will need to bring water and sunscreen , the right kind of bike and a camera. There is no real shade except at the 4 mile mark from Magnolia Park. Limited water too but beautiful scenery if you start from Magnolia Park. The first half mile is pave then goes to crushed stone packed but there are some loose rocks so be prepared in case you get a flat tire. Trail surface is similar to Katy Trail in Missouri.

Lake Apopka Loop Trail

Extemely Disappointing Trail

October, 2023 by bigbirdphila

If you don't have a full-suspension mountain bike, I would recommend NOT doing this trail. If getting your teeth almost rattled loose, then, yes, this is the trail for you. I started out @ the Green Mountain Trailhead parking area. I expected crushed stone on the switchbacks coming off the mountain, but I expected that to turn into asphalt at "lake level". For the next 8 miles, I kept expecting pavement, but was sorely disappointed. I had initially expected to do the whole 17-mile O/W (34 mile R/T) trip to Magnolia Park, but quickly realized that would turn into a whole-day affair at my average speed of 8 mph. To say nothing about the wear-and-tear on my body. Absolutely horrible rutted, pock-marked, eroded limestone the whole way. I finally "bailed" at the North Shore Trailhead (the 8-mile mark). Rather than take that horrible trail back to the Green Mountain Trailhead, I resolved to take roads back -- which added 4 miles to the trip but was worth it. This, in spite of having to climb two substantial hills towards the end of the ride (Green Mountain is a sister mountain to Sugarloaf Mountain, with similar climbs).

Also, the scenery is rather bland. Barren scrub brush with no trees. Flat as a pancake. Some people claim there's substantial wildlife. I didn't see any. I did hope to maybe see a gator sunning itself, but no luck.

Out of curiosity, I went to Google Maps to see what the Magnolia Park end of the trail looks like. As far as I can tell from satellite view, as soon as the trail leaves Binion Road out of Magnolia Park, the limestone starts. It may be in better shape than the horrible stuff I encountered, but I'm not going to waste my time finding out. Lake & Orange Counties have much better trails.

Shingle Creek Regional Trail (FL)


September, 2023 by ekhatchyb16

we had a blast riding in a group, enjoying the shade and sunny skies.


Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail

Little over 5 mi round trip on this trail. Nice and quiet. A safe ride. Not a lot of shade or people around. There's a Little hill you can get up to 25 miles an hour going down it.

September, 2023 by ohjang

Little over 5 mi round trip on this trail. Nice and quiet. A safe ride. Not a lot of shade or people around. There's a Little hill you can get up to 25 miles an hour going down it.

Neighborhood Lakes Scenic Trail

very scenic, but little shade

September, 2023 by gsmitchell724

This trail is great for enjoying nature, but has very little shade, so plan accordingly.

Seminole Wekiva Trail

Great Trail

August, 2023 by cbrooksking

Great trail very pet friendly

Spring to Spring Trail

Conditions Continue to Deteriorate

July, 2023 by manwoody48

I wrote a critical review of this trail two months ago due to dangers posed mostly by motorized bikes/trikes mixing in with non-motorized traffic on a very hilly and often sight-restricted segment of this trail. Signage is very clear in prohibiting motorized vehicles, yet they're out there in droves. Today was a prime example of why this mixing should not be allowed, or at least needs to be strictly controlled.

We regularly walk on this trail - I should say we USED to regularly walk this trail, because we won't be going back. Since it's only a half mile from our home, we hoped we could make it work for us. But the lack of any posted rules for shared-trail usage, and the lack of any posted etiquette pointers simply make it unenjoyable for us. In short, it's a free-for-all out there. Two instances today in fairly rapid succession convinced us to not ever go back.

In both cases, motorized units were approaching us unannounced from the rear, and they proceeded to "Thread the Needle" between us and oncoming traffic. In the first case, there was one e-bike and one person-powered bike in line. Not too bad. In the second case, there were three e-trikes in a line squeezing between us and a fast approaching e-bike. The trailer in this line had to veer sharply right immediately as he got right next to us to avoid a collision, causing us to have to check up quickly. So - one speeding e-bike coming towards us; three e-trikes squeezing between us in the middle; and us in line hugging the right side. Not a very comfortable feeling. And these are fairly frequent occurrences on this trail. It was at this point we simply vowed that enough was enough and to never come back.

And at the risk of appearing to want to pile on, the management of Volusia County parks needs to also be taken to task for the lack of maintenance of all the county trails, many of which, while relatively new, are starting to show the effects of weather and aging. On this particular trail, the asphalt is severely cracking and separating in numerous areas. Much of the the wood fencing is rotting, tipping and starting to fall over. Recent rains have vegetation growing across the trail. Trash is starting to appear along side the pavement - the same stuff there day after day. We'll usually pick it up where we can easily get to it, but refuse to go tramping off into the woods to retrieve it. It's a shame because the routes of many of our trails pass through some very scenic, serene and secluded wooded areas.

Spring to Spring Trail

Walkers/Joggers Beware

June, 2023 by manwoody48

We regularly walk from the West Blue Springs parking area towards Lake Beresford because it's close to our home and mostly shaded in the summer. The problem has become however, that ebikes/etrikes also apparently like the shade and swarms of them are regularly encountered. Since this segment has a lot of twists and blind turns, maintaining a safe speed and separation from other users is important. Unfortunately, too many of these motorized units are operated by older folks who are simply out for the ride, in their own little no-need-to-pedal-too-much world, and oblivious to other users. They also seem unable to grasp the concept of single file to the right and not passing when opposing traffic is present. Volusia County has failed miserably in posting some simple rules and etiquette for use of not only this beautiful trail segment, but all other trails in the county.

East Central Regional Rail Trail

Great Trail - But Not As Enjoyable As It Could Be

June, 2023 by manwoody48

We reviewed this awesome trail three years ago and agreed with most others that it is indeed a wonderful resource for getting out and exercising in Volusia County. The only criticism we had is that it didn't have - and still doesn't have - any posted trail rules and etiquette reminders. Thus, an otherwise 5 star trail is rated a 4 by us. As a result of this neglect, there are a growing number of users - mainly inconsiderate and speeding bicyclers, now joined by the rapidly growing population of e-bikers/trikers - that make the experience far less enjoyable than it should be.

While we both bicycle and walk all segments of this great trail, we mostly walk. In doing so, we are routinely met/overtaken by bikers/trikers who seem to think that it is our responsibility to make room for them, rather than the other way around. The latest irritant (and danger) are the swarms of of e-trikers (mostly older folks) who want to ride 2 and even 3 abreast, oblivious to anyone else out there. And the alarming speeds some of these folks often attain simply have no place on a trail that is supposed to be free of motorized vehicles. We have repeatedly reported this activity to the responsible county manager and have asked that some very basic and random usage guidelines be posted. We've been told that they would look into the matter, but so far nothing.

St. Cloud Lakefront Park Bike Path

I have done this trail first thing in the morning it does stay pretty busy. It is 2 miles each way. You have a choice of dirty or pavement. Nice trail on a relatively busy street with wild life and a resturants to the opposite side.

June, 2023 by lookinmoon

I have done this trail first thing in the morning it does stay pretty busy. It is 2 miles each way. You have a choice of dirty or pavement. Nice trail on a relatively busy street with wild life and a resturants to the opposite side.

West Orange Trail

Lake Louisa state park to Winter Gardens

April, 2023 by rdavies

We stayed at a cabin in Lake Louisa State Park and drove to the winter Gardens trail head on plant Street. Although it was 30 minutes with traffic, we like the vibe of staying in the cabins when we’re biking. Plant Street is perfect because you can get your coffee at Foxtails before you leave, and get your beer at the Crooked can when you get back. We rode to the lake Minneola Trail in Claremont and back. Perfect day.

Shingle Creek Regional Trail (FL)

great path for Rollerblading!

April, 2023 by mmfireman44

Visiting the area and had my skates with me so woke up early and hit all the different paths down and back. All in all did just about 20 miles total and only hit each section twice (down & back). Now there are a couple boardwalk sections either made out of wood or those plastic planks so be careful hitting the one with plastic planks when there is morning dew on the ground. Some parts are definitely more scenic than others! Saw deer, alligators, squirrels, and ducks. Maybe next time I’ll get to see a swamp ape too! Also if you decide to start real early before the suns up I recommend getting some type of light with you as some sections can be pretty dark.

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