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Explore the best rated trails in Warrington, FL. Whether you're looking for an easy walking trail or a bike trail like the Fort Morgan Road Trail and Rattlesnake Ridge Trail. With more than 16 trails covering 78 miles you're bound to find a perfect trail for you. Click on any trail below to find trail descriptions, trail maps, photos, and reviews.

Recent Trail Reviews

Blackwater Heritage State Trail

Nice scenic ride from Milton to rural area

October, 2022 by kimberlyblair850

Love this ride that takes you through a canopy of trees to open areas filled with wild flowers. You can extend the ride by heading up Copter Road that circles around NAS Whiting Field and through cotton fields.

Eastern Shore Trail

Eastern Shore Trail

September, 2022 by mvporter

Recently I traveled along the Eastern Shore Trail as a nostalgic experience with the hopes of returning and riding the length of the trail along Mobile Bay. And to confirm what others have said about the trail condition. I was utterly disappointed. What Trail Link describes as a beautiful bike trail is nothing more than a narrow unmaintained sidewalk with dangers fraught at driveways and intersections. (It may not even be worthy of that dismal description.) Please remove it from the list of other very fine and noteworthy trails.

Fort Morgan Road Trail

Nice trail. !!!!!

September, 2022 by mcmillan7

The trail was in good shape and I grabbed some of the geocaches along the way. Coming back to town I had a little headwind but wasn’t to bad.


Blackwater Heritage State Trail

Great Trail

September, 2022 by mcmillan7

Did the entire trail along with picking up all but just a few geocaches along the trail. Nice riding, just a few street crossings and different scenery along the way.

Eastern Shore Trail

Miss labeled trail!

August, 2022 by bobd_tl

My wife and I rode from Daphne to Fairhope and back, 18 miles on Sunday morning. The area is beautiful and very friendly. The trail… it is at best a sidewalk! In some areas, additional width has been added but in doing so has significant space creating very real hazards to road bikes! The path cross every driveway, has poor transitions from the path to road crossing. It is to narrow to deal with oncoming walked or joggers. It is impossible ride at a comfortable pace, so after about three miles, we got of the trail and rode in the roadway.

Blackwater Heritage State Trail

Good trail for Sunday ride

June, 2022 by dpettibone

Parked at the most southern trailhead. Bathroom facilities were clean and stocked with soap and paper towels. Quite a few roads to cross in the beginning. While not difficult it’s aggravating. Afterwards trail cruises on. Nice people on trail and I felt safe. Would ride again.

Eastern Shore Trail

Eastern Shore

May, 2022 by dawnvosbein

Came over to the area for a job I needed to do on Sunday and Monday. Got here early on Sunday and after reading reviews and knowing the area we started in Fairhope and rode south. Nice path for leisurely riding. Only one at a time though so can’t visit with others. Nice and shady but best for fat tires. Some rough patches and a few spots missing pavement but not bad. Enjoyed it.

Pensacola Beach Trail

Great for walkers; not so much for bicyclists

April, 2022 by thejake91739

Five stars? Really? Okay, for the walkers and joggers in town, I can see five stars. For us folks on bikes, not so much,

On an absolutely perfect spring morning in late March, we started from the west trailhead where we were greeted by pristine white sand and a beautiful great blue heron. After that, for the next seven full miles, it was all downhill (figuratively, not literally). The first seven miles is essentially a poorly maintained asphalt sidewalk which crosses a multitude of hotel, restaurant, resort, and rental property driveways. In addition, there are an extreme amount of streets to cross. Again, fine and dandy for the huge numbers of pedestrians on Spring Break on the Redneck Riviera, not so great as you pedal along on high alert for two tons of steel possibly veering your way.

The Fort Pickens Road parking lot at the western trailhead has restrooms and beach access to the amazing white sand and rolling breakers, but once on the official Pensacola Beach Trail through town there's very little to see but hotels and businesses. After a few miles you reach the Highway 399 portion the trail parallels, but once you finally leave the business district it's then miles of homes and still no gulf views.

Finally, after passing the Portofino Resort, no more driveways or cross streets, nothing but white sand dunes on both sides of the trail with views of Santa Rosa Sound and occasional glimpses of the gulf. Unfortunately, the trail quality doesn't get any better for us bike riders, but at least your head doesn't have to be on a swivel to avoid being run over.

The payoff is reaching the eastern terminus of the trail. Be sure to cross the highway and soak in the natural beauty and tranquility. The beach was pretty much deserted since there are no homes, resorts, or parking lots at that spot. We had the beach all to ourselves! It was just us, the immaculate white sand, gentle waves, and yet another great blue heron!

For bicyclists, seven-ninths of the trail in my opinion is below average; two-ninths of it is pretty cool!
For walkers and people getting around town, 100% great.

SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT: On the way back to town, we turned onto Avenida 22 toward Santa Rosa Sound to avoid the hustle and bustle of Highway 399. We enjoyed marvelous views of the sound and amazing homes on quiet residential streets for a mile or two before being forced back onto the trail and the commotion along Highway 399.

Rosemary Dunes Trail

Rosemary Dunes Trail

April, 2022 by thejake91739

This is the trail to take in Gulf State Park to see a gator or two! This is the typically flat, smooth, tree lined path in the park full of friendly folks, but one of the especially fun parts is getting to it via a long, wooden bridge on the Cross Park Trail. The bridge crosses over a waterway connecting Little Lake to Middle Lake and provides opportunities for wildlife viewing.

Rattlesnake Ridge Trail

Has Its Own Charms

April, 2022 by thejake91739

Rattlesnake Ridge Trail is another short link in the awesome chain of Gulf State Park trails. Not quite as shady or busy as its parallel sister trail Catman Road, it nonetheless has its own charm with its twists, turns, trees, benches and swing. Don't skip this one!

Catman Road Trail

Catman Road Trail

April, 2022 by thejake91739

A typically perfect Gulf State Park trail. Flat, smooth, picturesque, woodsy, and tree lined with plenty of extremely friendly walkers and bicyclists. Enjoy the views of the majestic pines and Little Lake.

Twin Bridges Trail


April, 2022 by thejake91739

Twin Bridges is essentially an extension of the Gulf Oak Ridge Trail. As a first time Gulf State Park rider, I didn't even realize I was on a "different" trail until I came to its conclusion at the junction of it with Catman Road Trail and Rattlesnake Ridge Trail and saw the signs. I guess I should have known since I crossed two bridges, eh? Anyway, the "twin" bridges make the short, curvy, tree lined path a typically enjoyable Gulf State Park trail experience, especially when combined with all of the other miles of trails in the park!

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