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Lake Jackson Trail

Lake Jackson trail-Sebring

December, 2022 by toneorge

We arrived with high expectations but found the trail disappointing. We started at the Center St. intersection on the east side of the lake and headed north. As other reviewers noted the trail is a sidewalk. Using the road instead would have been our choice but there was no shoulder to speak of, too much traffic and the road curves and winds around the lake at that area of the trail which made it a dangerous option.
That part of the trail though is the most pleasant section. We took our time and checked out the lovely homes.
Just south of the parking area on the west side of the lake though, the trail becomes the adjoining sidewalk for US Hwy 27, a high traffic, commercial road. Very noisy, suffocating, and essentially-horrible. That section of the trail is about a third of the entire loop around the lake. The trail returned to a residential area at the southern tip of the loop. Here we encountered three wheeler bikes and more pedestrians than on the rest of the loop. Along with waiting at traffic lights there was a lot of stop and go as a result. We live in Florida and are always looking for quiet, traffic-less places to ride. This is not one we will return to.

Lake Jackson Trail

Sidewalk around entire lake

December, 2022 by barbscondo

We rode this on our Ebikes in early December 2022. Camped at Highland Hammock State Park (gorgeous) and rode 4 miles from the Park on the Hammock Trail to Sonny's BBQ on Rt 27. Crossed with the signal and the Lake Jackson sidewalk is right there. You could ride either direction about 10 miles around the Lake and arrive back at Sonny's for lunch. Part of the sidewalk is right on the Lake and some of it a bit off the Lake as you ride past the beautiful Lake houses. Sidewalk is a bit bumpy in spots but didn't bother us. We really enjoyed it. Fun to see all the houses and amazing landscaping. We are from AZ so the lushness is beautiful to us. I know many like the more remote trails and we do too, but also like the in town trails with lots to look at.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

We were not able to connect the dots without a spill from a flat tire on a bridge in traffic. The nearby bikeshop was closed and only opens a couple of days a week. The trail needs signs and cleanup to allow for what this map displays.

November, 2022 by shertoy

We were not able to connect the dots without a spill from a flat tire on a bridge in traffic. The nearby bikeshop was closed and only opens a couple of days a week. The trail needs signs and cleanup to allow for what this map displays.


Historic Jungle Trail


November, 2022 by magbob

Went to ride this today, however, the road is closed to the parking lot for the jungle trail. Also, the Pelican Island National Reserve was closed. Probably due to storm damage was our guess.

Green River Parkway Trail

reviews are accurate

October, 2022 by nddl00captain

I would agree with everything said above re: conditions of the road. I would only add that I started at the northern end of the Old Dixie Highway bridge and used bike lanes to get to the south end of the GRP. From the bridge to the north end at Walton Road was exactly 7 miles, so it is adequate if you want a 10-14 mile workout. Only one big traffic intersection and one relatively easy roundabout to contend with along the whole expanse. Agree that I wouldn’t travel out of my way for this trail, but it’s nice to have close by.

Lake Jackson Trail

Jackson Lake

April, 2022 by iammykl

This was a relatively flat sidewalk run that circumnavigates the lake. I started on Golfview Drive and went left. From here, you have the lake on your right and constant traffic on the left. Fortunately, there was a burst of rain as I started my run in the mid afternoon when it was really warm. At about three miles I was hot and needed to cool down. With the shore so close to me, I was seemingly deterred from approaching the shore because there were "private property" signs posted at every boat dock along the way. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from cooling off at the third mile.

I approached the clear water and made sure there were no dinosaur-type creatures lurking below before sticking my hand in the water. After dousing myself with cool water, I was able to carry on again. I am not a road runner and the concrete was a challenge for me as I was running in my Nike Terra Kigers. I walk a few times but this was primarily due to the heat. I didn't bring any water to drink and no calories to ingest. I pushed on, though. At the half way point, the lake is well behind giant houses with lavish exteriors and sprawling yards. This portion was rather delightful to see.

I saw a few runners going in the opposite direction and I waved. They waved in return. At the six mile point, I steered myself to a small beach and again doused myself with water. This was refreshing. Then I cruised again on the concrete pathway. At mile eight, the houses disappeared and the lake returned. The wind pushed against me and the sun burned my face, but I kept running. Up ahead, a street sign said, "Golfview Drive at next light." Hopeful, I pushed on. I reached the finish line, but realized it was about 9.8 miles, so I kept going until I got 10 miles. Time 1:39.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Scenic water view

March, 2022 by kathidoran

My husband and I biked from Pahokee Campground towards Belle Grade, which was mostly paved, for a 15 mile round trip ride yesterday. Today we rode in the opposite direction to Port Mayaca for a 25 mile ride. That section is mostly dirt/gravel but well packed. Saw lots of wildlife, of course gators and many birds including eagles.

Hammock Road Trail

Nice Ride

March, 2022 by raymacke

The listed 3.7 miles is from the Hammock Park ranger station to the highway intersection. The shown map does not go all the way west. There is a $2 fee to continue west past the ranger station and into the park BUT the ride through it is outstanding. Not to be missed - be sure to stop at the Cypress Swamp trail and walk the boardwalk/catwalk over the swamp.

Route A1A Trail

This is sidewalk - or you ride in traffic

February, 2022 by tc4racer

While I ride the stretch from the Sebastian Inlet bridge to Melbourne beach proper, I don't consider it great. You have two choices, ride on the fairly well maintained sidewalk, or in the road. The mamils in their spiffy colors and 5k bikes ride on the road. The are crazy. There is no bike lane, and at times the speed limit is 55, which means cars are passing you inches away at 65mph. Remember, this is the land of Q-tips driving, and texters. You have to be out of your mind. The side walk is fine to ride on. Wind can be brutal, I time it so the wind is at my back on the way home. There are lots of little side roads to explore as well. The stretch from the bridge to Vero is awful. The sidewalk here is individually poured concrete sections, and you will thump/thump for 20 miles. Terrible ride.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Nice while it lasts, one major problem

February, 2022 by stewl

We enjoyed a ride at the northern end on a sunny day in February. We started at Lake Okeechobee Park heading clockwise (east). WARNING- just about a mile east of the park the trail stops at Taylor Creek. You have to ride to the busy road and cross the creek on a short bridge with no shoulder. If you aren’t used to riding in traffic you won’t like it. Then getting back on the trail requires going down a road with no trespassing signs. On our return trip the road was closed with a locked gate and we had to walk around it over some rough terrain to get out. From the park you have 24 miles of beautiful trail along the levee with views of lake and canal till that segment ends. But I don’t understand how a bike trial can have such difficult access issues.

Historic Jungle Trail

Great Trail

January, 2022 by divinesmiler

This is a great scenic trail, the only down side is that cars are allowed on this road also. With lots of sharp corners, it can be scary at times wondering if a car is coming the other way. But overall great scenery!

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Beautiful ride

January, 2022 by kakcc

After striking out at the Moore Haven and Clewiston sites (closed), we went to Belle Glade and road up to Pahoke. When this trail is finished it will be magnificent!

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