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Western Reserve Greenway

Nice Trail but Long, Flat, and Boring

February, 2018 by orangedoug

I've ridden this trail several times. The last time was at the end of July 2017. The Western Reserve Greenway is a long, straight, flat, bike path that is easy to ride. According to TrailLink the trail is 42.8 miles long, but I don't believe that includes the mileage of the Paul E. Heltzel segment of the Greenway which connects this trail with the Garrett Wonders Bike Trail that goes through most of the city of Warren. The trail is well-maintained, and on a beautiful weekend day you will encounter numerous cyclists and pedestrians around the greenway's trailheads. The trail is long enough that it never seemed crowded. It is an enjoyable path and after having ridden it several times (This was my first end to end ride.) I would say that your best bet is to ride this trail in sections.

Here are my reasons for my previous statement. First, the area that the greenway traverses is very rural in nature. Other than Ashtabula and Warren, the two cities that anchor either end of this trail, there are not many towns or services in between. I think that a good many riders would assume that they would come across at least several small towns or crossroads where they could buy some food, or find some water, etc. I have seen several folks in previous Rails to Trails posts explain at which crossroads to turn and bike into a town for food/drink. That is all well and good, but if you are unfamiliar with the area or are someone who rides greenways and bike trails because you don't like to encounter automobile and truck traffic when riding then be warned that there really is not much along or right off this trail to service your needs. This could be a serious problem if you are riding this trail on a very hot day and run out of water. I know this from personal experience. Secondly, I personally find this trail somewhat boring. It is mile after mile of riding through a tunnel of trees or wide open farm country when it does open up. I think the fact that there are so few turns throughout the trail's length may contribute to this feeling. In addition, this does not mean that there are not some interesting spots along the trail. There is the Rock Creek Trestle, the observation deck at the Mosquito Creek Wildlife Area, the old bridge near Austinburg, and the tunnels under the freeways south of Ashtabula. However, to see all of these things one has to ride a lot of miles of very repetitive scenery.

Ernst Bike Trail

New section being added Fall, 2017

December, 2017 by vicki1960

On the Bean's trailhead end of the trail, they are building a new section. New section is approx 6/10 of a mile which runs from Beans Automotive to under Route 322 at the entrance of the Park Avenue Plaza. This section is currently dirt and gravel. Good for walking though we did see a cyclist out on it. Bean's trailhead is located at Beans Automotive, which is on Route 322 in Meadville, across from the Park Avenue plaza. Eateries nearby as well as some stores.

Ernst Bike Trail

Gravel section walk - Nov 2017

November, 2017 by vicki1960

We parked at the Bailey Road trailhead/parking and walked approx 2 miles on the gravel surface for 2 miles which almost takes you into the trailer park. Trail weaves through a cornfield passed a large pond. You will cross over Johnson Road and the trail continues to near the trailer park.

Tried biking this section. Due to it not being asphalt paved, and the gravel is relatively a few years old, it's kinda rough. But nice for a walk.

A section of this particular section is actually on the old railroad bed.
Cute thing to see on this gravel section is the fallen log that sticks out on the trail and it's painted to look like an alligator. Nice to see someone took the time to decorate it! (See photo submitted).

Gravel parking lot at Bailey Road has parking for approx 20-30 cars. Also offers a picnic shelter with tables.


Oil Creek State Park Trail

Great trail

October, 2017 by jaredallison

This is a beautiful park (Oct 17) and a great, well-maintained trail through it. The trail does have moss on it in places, so though it is paved it isn’t necessarily great for rollerblading.

Karl Boyes Multi-purpose Trail

Nice Multi-Purpose Trail

September, 2017 by altair 4

This paved trail is segregated from the road in places, while other sections are on the berm. It has a nice mix of shade and sun as it circles Presque Isle peninsula, presenting good views of Erie Harbor, bay, and the beaches. There are places where the asphalt is a bit bumpy due to tree roots heaving it upward, but this really isn't much of an issue. There are plenty of places to park and start a ride since it's a circle route.

A nice added touch is that Sara's Restaurant is just outside the park and accessible by bike. It's a wonderful place to catch a burger or hot dog along with a shake, float, or ice cream either mid- or post ride during the warm weather months.

Ernst Bike Trail

Nice ride

September, 2017 by dh.nicole

Very nice bike path in the woods . Good length for a quick ride

Ernst Bike Trail

Nice trail but don't feel safe sending wife alone.

August, 2017 by fatboyjack1

The trail is nice, but I would not send my wife out there alone. This would be a perfect trail for a predator to prey on a woman out alone. And to agree with the previous unexpecting unarmed woman. The sign stating no armed weapons is great for the law abiding people that respect the actual sign. However, not sure the people who are wanting to commit a crime would do so. The state allows my wife to carry, the county allows my wife to carry, the city allows my wife to carry. The state parks allow my wife to carry (ie...Woodcock). I think anyone who frequents Woodcock St Park have seen the creepy guys in the woods. We enjoy the trail and the nice scenery, but I give my advice to anyone wanting to protect themselves to find another area to bike where you can defend yourself properly. Unarmed people are weak to the criminals who are armed. It is just a matter of time -

As far as the trail itself, it is a great place to bike and hike.....and a nice facility.

Corry Junction Greenway Trail

A less travelled trail with potential

July, 2017 by daveswife

Went bike riding on this trail with children and grandchild just yesterday. We had newbie riders and experienced ones. Everyone had a great time. The trail is beautiful and mostly flat.

We parked at the parking area just out of Corry and proceeded to ride our bikes north towards NY. The crushed stone in some places was deep which made it a bit challenging to pull trailers through it. This was only in a couple of areas and short distances. The newbie riders came to a stop upon hitting it and had to walk a little ways.

We rode middle of the day and there was plenty of shade to make it pleasant and avoid sunburns. There are a few benches and new picnic tables along the way.

Once we crossed into NY the trail wasn't as nicely maintained. Needed a good mowing. The overgrown grass was a bit much for the newbies and the trailers, so we turned back.

Definitely will ride this again and look forward to running it as well.

BTW no toilets at parking area.
Also, have to cross a few roads; one was fairly busy so be careful with children.

East Branch Trail (PA)

Short and Sweet-Well Maintained

July, 2017 by vicki1960

3.1 miles of the trail is completed and fully asphalt paved in very good condition. Flat and fast.....great for bicycles, rollerblading, strollers and walking.
There are 3 parking areas, 2 of those located on Route 89 and one on Main Street in Spartansburg at Clear Lake Park.
Trail runs 1.5 miles North of Spartansburg along side of Clear Lake.
Dirt section follows the trail which is used by Amish buggies.
In Spartansburg there is a large parking area with a picnic shelter and a portable restroom. On Main Street there is an ice-cream stand and a Dollar Store a few hundred yards off the trail.
Trail runs 1.5 South of Spartansburg.
The trail does continue where the asphalt pavement ends but it's nothing more than a dirt path. You could probably hoof it!
Trail in very good condition and well maintained.

McClintock Trail

Back Road Riding

July, 2017 by jmk355

Fortunately I had ridden through Oil City before and knew where to look for the signs to navigate downtown. I had even made it a mile or two onto the McClintock Trail before and found the smooth paved surfaces fun to ride. It is in need of some maintenance however and tall weeds are severely encroaching on the outside lane .
The surprise and disappointment comes after that once the "trail" turns into riding back roads that aren't in great shape, have no real berm and get the occasional Jeep or pickup driving by kicking dust into the air. Next time I remember to read these reviews BEFORE I decide where to ride.

Ernst Bike Trail


July, 2017 by markvogel07

The trail is a very nice trail but the reason for the one star rating is due to lawfully permitted citizens not being allowed to carry personal protection while using the trail. The sign posted at the trail parking lot indicates no loaded weapons permitted. This only leaves you defenseless, not safer. Other than that, enjoy the trail.

Chautauqua Rails-to-Trails

5 star trail; 3 star markings

July, 2017 by miroslavrakic

The trail is as described. Mostly grassy and crushed stone. It gets technical in a few spots with some Loose gravel or soggy spots. I rode 29 inch 2.1 width tires on my bike and it was pretty Much ideal. Any narrower of a tire and it probably would not have been enough. If you're an adventurous, experienced rider, you will love this trail. If you're looking for a pleasure cruise, I'd recommend looking elsewhere. If you're looking for fun and effort, The trail quality is definitely 5 star in my Mind. The markings could use a little help. I started in Sherman and rode end to end. I lost the trail several times due to lack of signage. I also accidentally and unintentionally trespassed onto an angry farmer's property. I give the trail markings three stars.

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