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Allegheny River Trail

Foxburg to Parker

July, 2021 by vicki1960

Foxburg to Parker in Clarion County. This section is 2 1/2 miles in length, asphalt paved, and detached by 4 miles from the 27 mile section which runs from Franklin to Emlenton. We just drove to Foxburg and had lunch then biked the short section multiple times for a good ride. Foxburg is a tiny little town one block in length which offers a few places to eat, a hotel, winery and few shops. Nice section of the trail between Foxburg and Parker. plenty of shade as it follows the Allegheny River.

Allegheny River Trail

Group ride - July, 2021

July, 2021 by vicki1960

Biked with a small group from Franklin to Sunnyslope. We rode South from approx mile marker 123 in Franklin to 111 at Sunnyslope. This is where the pavved trail ends and you would take the gravel section 3/4 of a mile to pick up the paved trail again. From Franklin to Sunny Slope is a nice 25 mile round trip all paved with very little grade. We met up with another group of riders as we stopped at the Belmar Bridge. It was nice to share trial stories at that time. As always, a great ride.

Rail 66 Country Trail

Summer Ride 2021

July, 2021 by vicki1960

Trail is well shaded on a warm summer day. Tree lined for most of the trail length and some open areas of farmlands/fields as well. The pavement on this trail is in very good condition as it's only a few years old. Great ride as always. Biked from Leeper to Marienville and back, 30 miles round trip.


Indian Creek Valley Bike Trail

Nice trail

July, 2021 by crsdws_tl

I parked in Champion and rode south to a few miles beyond Indian Head to where the trail stops. Trail was in good condition. Trail surface was on the rough side. I rode my hybrid bike, but my mountain bike is probably more suitable. Nearly 100% of the trail is in the woods and provides great shade from the sun. This would be a trail to see in the fall with the changing colors. Ought to be beautiful!

Montour Trail

Fantastic trail

July, 2021 by crsdws_tl

I visited this trail for the first time today. I had a fantastic experience. I parked in Hendersonville and rode the section in between Westland Branch junction and Library Junction. Three tunnels and many bridges. I saw two young bucks and a doe with two fawns. Trail was busy and must have passed nearly 150 other trail users or more. Trail was in great shape and beautiful. It was definitely worth the hour drive to get there and I will return again.

Coal & Coke Trail

Nice trail for the locals

July, 2021 by crsdws_tl

Trail is nice and in good condition. Since it is a short trail passing through Mt Pleasant and Scottdale with no exciting sights nor views, it isn't a trail to visit if coming from a long distance. It is a great trail to have in the community if you are local to Mt Pleasant or Scottdale.

Hoodlebug Trail

Interesting Surface

July, 2021 by dcsnyder

Reminds me of local roads when they pave with oil and chips and not asphalt. Rolling hills, various towns it goes through so your just not in woods like the connecting Ghost Town trail. A loud traffic ride while riding along PA 119 in sections.

Great Allegheny Passage

Rode from Frostburg to Meyersdale

July, 2021 by

My wife and I rode this portion of the trail on our recumbent tandem in June. It has been on of our favorites. The climb from Frostburg to the eastern continental divide was not too bad. It was great fun on the way down. ;-). The tunnels and the views are the big highlights. It was so cool how the lights came on as we rode through Borden tunnel. The cicadas were out in force as we rode through the woods. The Mason Dixon line is a great photo stop. We highly recommend the trail and will be back to ride more.

Panhandle Trail

Beautiful scenic and varied trail. Worth a look!

July, 2021 by ejbeckl

My Ride: Hardtail mountain bike with 26x2.2in tires. Did entire trail in 2 days. Avg Speed: 12mph

DAY 1: Started at the parking lot in WV by RT 22. Rode 15miles to the middle of the trail at the parking lot in Bulger PA and back to WV. Then drove to camp at the Montour Trail Boggs Campsite in the parking lot for that trail. Free and fine for one night. Total: 31miles

DAY 2: Drove to Bulger PA trail parking lot (15min drive) and rode 13 miles to the end of the trail that dead ends in Rennerdale. End of the trail is a parking lot and it appears like the trail continues but it takes you to someone's backyard..... I recommend turning around at the rock quarry with pavilion and firepit seating area. Afterwards I rode back 13 miles to the car in Bulger. Total: 26miles

Weirton-Bulger: 400ft Climb
Bulger-Rennerdale: 300ft Descent

Weirton WV - PA line: 4miles Rough gravel, not packed well. Ideal for 1.75in tires and wider, road bikes will work, just won't be much fun. The trail follows a creek and has plenty of seating and port-a-john's along the way. One of the most scenic parts of the trail if you can get past the bad gravel....

PA line - Bulger: 11miles Trail becomes asphalt. Wooded area with bridges over country roads and creeks. Very pretty. No restrooms but a couple nice overlooks with benches.

Bulger - McDonald: 5.5miles Begins with sweeping views of rolling hills with small wooded patches right outside of Bulger, then quickly becomes wooded around the trail for the remainder. The Montour Trail connects to the Panhandle Trail. THE MCDONALD TRESTLE BRIDGE IS NOT ON PANHANDLE TRAIL. Get there by taking the connection to the Montour trail and then turn left (south). The McDonald Trestle Bridge is a must see but don't let the pictures for this trail fool you, you have to go a bit out of your way to see the stellar view. Google McDonald Trestle Bridge and Montour Panhandle Connector.

McDonald - Rennerdale (End of trail): 7miles Towns get closer together and roads are a bit busier for a few miles. Also the trail becomes packed gravel soon after McDonald. A few spots are washed out but not bad. From about Oakdale to the end of the trail it is very smooth for being gravel. Also within the last few miles is a parking lot for the bike trail and Fossil's Cliff/Neville's Woods Hiking Trail. Less than 1/2 mile from the hiking trail parking lot is a rock quarry outcrop with a pavilion and seating area with large firepit. Basically this is the end of the trail. Only a road crossing and a parking lot is past this. If you miss the end of the trail and go past the last parking lot you'll end up in someone's back yard.

Allegheny River Trail

Check that flashlight!

July, 2021 by deborahnavin

June 19, 2021
Husband & I, both in our mid 60’s, hopped on this trail at the parking lot where the Allegheny & Samuel Justice trails meet. The lot was a little tricky to find, it’s just a narrow driveway down off the main road, but the lot itself had plenty of parking, several fairly clean port-a-potty’s as well as a few covered picnic tables. The paved trail bed is smooth and fairly flat, making for an easy ride, one that enabled us to really enjoy the natural surroundings. The first few miles are alongside the main road, so there was some traffic noise to start, but after a bit, the two separated and the road noises disappeared. The river views are stunning, with multiple boaters, kayakers and fishermen along the lazy waters. Critters abound, we saw multiple rabbits and squirrels, the chipmunks enjoyed playing chicken with us. Momma dear and her spotted twins watched us warily, but continued snacking on the plentiful vegetation.
There is an area about 13 miles in where the trail evidently needed to skirt a small community and the trail bed is gravel. As a tentative rider, I walked the hillier section, but for the most part, I rode low & slow & managed to get to the other side unscathed. The next area was quite interesting, the summer/vacation communities with their sloping lawns and cabins on the hill were for the most part empty of their families.
Then came the Kennendell tunnel and going through it, you will understand the words “dark as pitch”. Even though we tested them the night before, my headlight didn’t work and his wasn’t bright enough to follow safely (did I mention that I’m a tentative rider??), so we walked through – easy peasy but flipping DARK!! And COLD – the temperature drops at least 15 degrees. Finally, daylight & we rode for another couple of miles, hitting 20 and turned around. Going back through the tunnel, I remembered the flashlight on my phone and Ta-Da, I managed to very, very carefully ride back through (was very proud of myself!). And then…it started to rain, which quickly turned into a deluge. I have never been that wet on a bicycle before! And that is about the only criticism I may have about this trail, there was no place along the 20 miles to get out of the weather. There are benches scattered about & a viewing station, but until we got back to the parking lot, nothing with a roof was available. Grateful it wasn’t a thunder storm.
All in all, I give this trail 4 stars for the ease of ride, maintenance, views and variety as well as accessibility, parking and restroom availability.

Westmoreland Heritage Trail

Salem to Saltsburg and on to W Penn Trail

July, 2021 by kdonoughe

I started at Salem and rode trail to end at Saltsburg (8.5 miles) where it seamlessly connected to the West Penn Trail. Beautiful shaded trail, with plush forest views. Passed over a reservoir and multiple streams w kayakers. Nice bridges and a tunnel. Encountered turkey and deer. Uphill and downhill both ways. I rode 30m and still felt like I got a great workout! West Penn Trail is a rougher surface with steep grades and ruts from heavy rains. Still- very enjoyable!

Great Allegheny Passage

great trail

July, 2021 by ghmason1

It’s a great trail. Been riding it since the beginning. The elitists need to tone it down though. People like to enjoy the scenery and shouldn’t have to worry about getting ran into or yelled at by the Strava segment obsessors.

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