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Recent Trail Reviews

Old Cutler Trail

About as good as it gets in Miami

January, 2018 by forotondo

Nice trail overall that goes through some great neighborhoods. It’s a little noisy as Cutler is a very busy street, but at least one is safely on the path. I’m from the Northeast and hate riding the streets in Miami since drivers are very distracted here and not respectful of bikers compared to other parts of the country. This trail is a good way to still enjoy cycling here. I would recommend a ride to the Pinecrest farmers market on Sundays. There’s a lot of great street food there!

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Cycling in the Tropics of the Keys

April, 2017 by jimklepzig

My wife and I took the trip together and really enjoyed it. We started at Key Largo by parking our vehicle (free of charge with advance arrangements) at the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Center. We unloaded our bikes here and started at 6 AM pedaling south from mile marker 106. We were in Key West at 4 PM. Other than a few blinding rainstorms, the trip was uneventful. We enjoyed an extra day and night in Key West, then headed north. Knowing that wind conditions are tougher going north, we planned the return trip in 2 days - smart planning! 50 miles into the 20-25 mph winds was all we wanted to tackle in one day. All along the way, you'll find great little restaurants, shops, etc. On the way north, we decided not to tempt our fate a second time on the 7 mile bridge. Here's a secret...the Lower Keys has a bus service with stops scattered all throughout the Keys. Buses have bike racks on them, and for just a few bucks you can put your bike on the bus and ride across the 7 mile bridge, or through any other areas that you wish not to bike. One more tip...we took a long time in advance studying Google Earth satellite and street views to get a good idea of what we were up against. Very good tool to help you see the bike path, bridges, etc.

I was pleased to also see a bit of construction going on as well on the bridges. Yes, several of the bridges are closed as other posts have pointed out, but it's all about finding the funds for these infrastructure projects. I will look forward to the day when the trail is complete and bikers can be totally separate from traffic.

All in all, it was a great 212 mile trip (less 10 miles on the bus!)...if you like biking in a tropical environment, this may be the trail for you.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Key Largo to Key West in 2 days. Great trip!

April, 2017 by danbflorida

This is my first time biking the Overseas Heritage Trail and I normally don't bike anywhere besides dedicated bike trails. I biked the trail on Thu/Fri April 20-21.

I had my wife drop me off in Key Largo on day 1 and I biked to Marathon. The bike trail and lanes were really well thought out and the few times I had to cross the street really were not a big deal. Just waited for an ebb to the traffic and easy peasy. I was happily surprised at how wide the bike lanes were.

Day 2 started with biking over the 7-mile bridge and for the most part of this ride, I rode on the oncoming side of the road. This part of the ride did not have as many miles of dedicated bike trails and a number of the pedestrian bridges were closed forcing me to bike over the bridges. I had no issues with this as there was more than enough space (4-6+ ft) keeping me away from cars. There were a number of sections of this part of the trail where I had to ride on the road/curb but for the most part, I typically had a 4+ ft curb. My preference is to ride against oncoming traffic (on the curb or bike lane) as I feel if someone swerves off the road, I at least will see it and have time to get out of the way. I made sure to keep a blinking light on the front and rear of the bike and the two times I saw a car start swerving onto the curb, they immediately corrected as I assume they saw me and my blinking light. Both drivers had their cell phone in their hand as they passed.

I used the comments on this site to prepare for the ride and hope my comments provide help for others. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and most likely will bike the entire trip in one day the next time.



Black Creek Trail (Miami-Dade)

Watch your 6

March, 2017 by fidencio.nino

The trail is amazing. Very smooth compared to the bike trail that runs along US1. There is a foul smelling part as you get closer to Blackpoint Marina, but it is bearable. I have seen a lot of Iguanas, especially once you cross Quail roost headed north. Also, where this trail finishes you can go to Larry and Penny Park and ride there. I will say the shadiest part of the trail is when you are approaching US1 from the west side. Had someone try to come up on me, but I am not sweet. Take a knife, or if you have your CCW, you should carry. The only light that works for crossing is the one on 127 ave and 112 ave (Allapattah).

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Weekend Warriors Review

February, 2017 by jeffgwhite

My wife and I completed the Florida Keys trail in late January, 2017. We did the ride in four days while enjoying stops to various Keys for the evenings. It was a great experience as we concluded our trip with two days in Key West. However, like many have reviewed on this site, expect a lot of road biking with car zooming around you. Overall I would estimate road cycling at about 80-85% with the remainder being nice trails for bikers/walkers. My wife is a bit hesitant for doing rides on roads. The good news is she is glad she did it...however if she had known the road activity she would have passed on this trip. The following recaps our trip for your consideration:
-Rented the bikes from All Keys Cycles in Key Largo. Nice guys with older but very well conditioned bikes. Bikes came with a tube and CO2 pump. It was needed as we did get one flat. All Keys Cycles picked up our bike in Key West. Bikes are hybrids, highly recommended. Don't suggest road bikes unless you stay on the road 100%.
-First day biked from Key Largo to Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. Very nice resort with reasonable prices. Highly recommend. We stopped for a drink at Marker 88, nice stop with great views. About 22 miles this day.
-Day two Islamorada to Marathon. Longer ride around 35 miles. We wanted to get to Marathon to take on 7 Mile Bridge early in the morning. Stop in to Angler and Ale for lunch on Duck Key-awesome. In Marathon stayed at Tranquility Bay Resort. Nice resort with a bar great views of the gulf.
-Day Three, started at sunrise to take on 7 Mile Bridge. Start early for less traffic. There was still a significant amount of traffic with a narrow bike lane. No issues, the fastest my wife went all week. :) Destination was Ramrod Key, Looe Resort, about 22 miles. We got there around 10a, room unavailable until 3pm. Very little to do in lower keys unless you are a fishermen or diver. We are neither. Nice folks with "retro" accommodations.
-Day Four, destination Key West. Great ride from Ramrod Key, mostly trail with a few surprises of trail endings...then back on Highway 1. Around a 30 mile ride. Stayed at Saint Hotel an Autograph Selection hotel of Marriott. Used my points. Great location on Eaton street and a secret exit for Duvall street. Highly recommended. We enjoyed a couple days and drinks in Key West with no more biking.
-Saturday walked over to Enterprise to pick up our rental car for a day. Drove to Ft. Lauderdale airport.

In sum, a great experience. If you are comfortable on the road, a Highway...go for it. We are glad we did but wouldn't do it again. BTW, you go over 43 bridges.

Lets continue to help Rails To Trails so maybe some dollars can be allocated in advancing the Keys Trail.

Commodore Trail

A pleasant afternoon ride

February, 2017 by denfor

We rode the Commodore Trail today and found it to be a mixed bag.
There were some very lovely spots along the way where the path was wide and clearly marked and then there were a few sections where you have to ride in the road. The scenery along the way is interesting. Lots of beautiful homes with meticulous landscaping, churches, schools and a downtown area where there were shops and restaurants to explore. We enjoyed resting in a couple of parks along the way. While this is a good trail for adults, I would hesitate to bring young children because there are many busy roads to cross in some sections.

Old Cutler Trail

Completely redone

January, 2017 by privacygogo

All the complaints here use to be true but they just completed a total overhaul of the entire trail. It has brand new, smooth asphalt, no root incursions and they even painted little yellow lines for the fools that dont grasp the concept of lanes (warning, some still dont, lines and all). This trail is a real gem of Miami.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Interesting ride - Key Largo to Key West

January, 2017 by gvfish

I just completed the ride from Key Largo to Key West for the 2nd year in a row and this year a friend joined me. We both are experienced bike riders who ride about 2000-3000 miles a year in our home states of MA and NY. We enjoyed the ride, but have a few concerns relative as to why the signage is very limited. Also, I'm asking the same question that others have asked in reviews - why are the some of the rebuilt bridges for bikers and walkers closed and there are no signs to let you know this until you get to the bridge (many times having to cross the road) and find them locked. This happened four times during the trip before we decided to stay o the the left hand side, riding facing traffic for the last 25 miles to Key West (knowing that all the bridges are on the Northbound side). More signage to alert bikers of bridges that are closed would make this ride much safer.

We did the complete ride and rode across all bridges including the 7 mile bridge with no problems. However, everyone should consider the wind conditions, especially when riding over the 7 mile bridge. If it's too windy, avoid it until a calmer day. We had no tire problems and my wife dropped us off at the starting point each day and then picked us up. We averaged 25-35 miles a day with 2 - 3 hours of riding time a day. If we do this again, we will do it in 3 days - we are 70 years old and had no problem with the ride.
We hope that the FDOT will prioritize safety for this trail for everyone. Proper signage is most important as this keeps bikers from crossing the road when it's not necessary.
This trail goes through one of the most unique and beautiful parts
of the U.S. and we enjoyed riding over the bridges to see the amazing views of the water. Happy and safe biking!

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

Florida Coast

January, 2017 by jmike.kennedy

I pedaled from Fort Clinch to Key West along route 1 and A1A last week. I've heard about unsafe conditions along the Overseas Heritage Trail, but found this not to be true. The Florida DOT is doing an amazing job building roads with trails and side paths all along my trip. Florida could become one of the top states for bicycling. If you don't want to ride the slower paths, only the streets, then I guess there is more danger from traffic than I encountered on my slower ride using sidewalks and paths when avaiable.
When you are pedaling to the Keys from Florida City or Homestead DO NOT use Card Sound Road. US1 is very safe with a wide shoulder bike path. I am trying to get Google Maps to direct bikers to US1 but have not had any success.

Southern Glades Trail

Trail is on the WEST SIDE of the Canal!

December, 2016 by techlines

We parked at the indicated location, and started down the gravel path/trail. It was only after we had gone about a mile or two that we realized we were on the WRONG SIDE of the canal! We retraced our steps, crossed over the canal at the gate (had to squeeze through, since it was not open), and THEN saw the sign for the trail, near the fence on the EVERGLADES side of the canal.
The trail on this side is much easier to ride, less gravel, smoother, and there are geocaches on this side... which was the clue to us that we had started on the wrong side the first time!

South Dade Trail

Very usable but deteriorating and repairs make it worse!

December, 2016 by jorgemb

I ride this at least three times per week. It's a great concept and originally worked well. It remains one of the only traffic free places you can ride in the area. Over the years, as another reviewer noted, the path has been deteriorating due to roots. What makes things worse is that repair crews come in, tear up the asphalt and the tree roots, lay down new asphalt and.... leave the surface worse than it was! The ineptitude is impressive. Ergo the trail has continued to deteriorate in many areas. Fortunately, about two thirds of it remains in pretty good shape.

The previous reviewer's comments about glass are very much on target. You would be wise to at least get on the bus way when you approach the shelters. However, I was told by the good folks at Elite bike shop, which sits on the path, that there are time in which bikers have been ticketed for riding on the Bus lane. I haven't had any issues so far but.....

If you ride down to SW 211 Street you can cut across US1-please be careful-and get on the Black Creek trail. This is a really nice paved ride alongside a canal that takes you to Blackpoint marina. It is quite pleasant, approximately 4-5 miles.

Summarily, I enjoy riding this trail and I recommend it but it is frustrating so see how it is being allowed to deteriorate by those with the means and the mission to keep it in working order.

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

For experienced cyclists only

December, 2016 by jelkslg

Our group of 8 riders was very excited to ride this trail. We've always emphasized water-based activities when in the Keys, so this would be a totally different kind of trip. Let me preface my remarks by saying we are all experienced road riders. We commute by bike, ride Rail Trails, tour country roads, etc. My husband and I have been all over with our road tandem, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, and Northern Ireland. We started our ride in Key Largo and rode to Key West, then back (total 225 miles in 5.5 days). Not really sure this can be considered a Rail Trail experience. Let me first start with the pros: The scenery is beautiful, there are plenty of places along the way for eating, drinking, sight-seeing, and lodging, and certain off-road sections are wonderful. Now the cons. The trail is constantly changing sides of the road, forcing cyclists to cross busy US1. We decided it was safer to ride in the bike lane rather than crossing the road in most cases (exceptions being the Long Bridge and Old Dixie Highway). The ride down was easier because of the wind at our backs, and even the Seven Mile Bridge wasn't too bad since it didn't take that long to get across. However, the ride from south to north (or west to east) has the better trail. More of the off-the-road trail is on the east side of the highway. The Seven Mile Bridge coming back was the most terrifying bike riding we've ever done! Not only is the shoulder (not an explicit bike lane) more narrow than most of the other bridges, but the speed limit is 55 mph. In my opinion, there's no need for the speed limit to be over 45 ANYWHERE in the Keys, and should mostly be 35 mph. Another issue we had was that most of the bridges had adjacent, intact bridges alongside for pedestrians and bicyclists, but for some unknown reason they were closed! Perhaps the bridges have been deemed unsafe, but to be riding along, and all of a sudden the trail ends, with no paved access back to the highway, is ridiculous. Then to return to the trail after the bridge, again we were forced to off-road it through grass and gravel. Several times we would cross the highway to get to the pedestrian bridge only to find it was gated closed. We suffered six flats all together during this ride. All in all we had a fun trip but would not recommend this for novices. Certain sections were wonderful, truly off the road and separated with vegetation, or the old highway, or even a smooth path. But a lot of the trail was no more than a glorified sidewalk (especially through the "towns" where we were competing with cars entering and exiting businesses--highly dangerous). Perhaps in a few years the pedestrian/bicycles bridges will be open and the ride will be better. But for us, we've checked this off our bucket list and there's no need to do it again.

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