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Foss Creek Pathway

1.3 mi
State: CA

Northwestern Pacific Rail Trail

0.8 mi
State: CA

West County Regional Trail

5.9 mi
State: CA
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Foss Creek Pathway offers a short, pleasant route through the small town of Healdsburg and is lined with public art and landscaping. Open in two disconnected segments, the trail follows the...
CA 1.3 mi Asphalt
The Northwestern Pacific (NWP) Rail Trail was built along the North Coast Railroad Authority's right-of-way in Ukiah in 2015 as acknowledgment that city residents had been using the rail corridor as...
CA 0.8 mi Asphalt
The Noyo Headlands Park and Ka Kahleh Coastal Trail runs alongside the magnificent coastal cliffs of Fort Bragg, offering locals and visitors alike the chance to recreate on land that had been...
CA 5 mi Asphalt
The scenic Ten Mile Beach Trail, also referred to by locals as the MacKerricher Haul Road Trail, is part of an old road used to transport lumber from the Ten Mile River watershed to a mill in Fort...
CA 3.8 mi Asphalt
The West County Regional Trail is built along the corridor of the old Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railway, which carried passengers between Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Sebastopol until it was abandoned in...
CA 5.9 mi Asphalt

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Ten Mile Beach Trail (MacKerricher Haul Road Trail)

Beautiful trail along extensive dunes and beaches

February, 2021 by lvs_tl

I just love this trail for bike riding. Its paved though a little sandy and rough. I always ride the connecting Ka Kahleh Coastal Trail as well - starting from Cypress Ave near Noyo harbor and heading north, coming on to this trail after the Pudding Creek trestle. Currently the detour through MacKerricher to head north to the end at 10 Mile Beach is flooded, so one would have to walk across the beach to make that connection. Hopefully this will be fixed later in the spring. Check out the boardwalk in MacKerricher (bikes have to be walked on that, but some great tide-pools and rocky shore). Lots of good food and drink in Mendocino, I especially like Princess Seafood in Noyo harbor for a casual daytime meal of excellent grilled fish and local beer on their patio.

Noyo Headlands Park and Ka Kahleh Coastal Trail

Stunning cliff-side trail

February, 2021 by lvs_tl

I'm obsessed with this trail - its makes for a spectacular bike ride along the Pacific ocean. Currently whales are spouting off-shore, some flowers blooming, lots of birds, the beaches are mostly empty. I like to start from the parking lot at Cypress St. and go north, continuing on to the 10-Mile Beach trail. Currently the connection through McKerricher is flooded, so unless you walk bikes across the beach there one can't get all the way to 10 Mile beach. Hopefully that will re-open later in the spring. Trail is easy biking - feels like flying. Afterwards I like to go down to Princess Seafood in Noyo harbor for beer and some grilled fish on their patio.

West County Regional Trail

just a heads up if you’re on a board

September, 2018 by dannycfoote

Do yourself a favor and skip the first half of this trail if you’re on a board. It’s pretty lame to begin with and the roads that you have to travel along are terrible. Part of the first half is also gravel and you’ll have to walk. But the second half is pretty awesome...especially the last 1/4. Go off the trail a bit and explore the back roads..there are some fun hills.


Ten Mile Beach Trail (MacKerricher Haul Road Trail)

New trail addition around Fort Bragg

June, 2018 by cot031949

This trail has been extended by 3 miles to the south side of Fort Bragg. The new portion is nicely paved, the old portion is in sad shape but rideable.
Lots of pit toilets on new portion which can be accessed via a parking area just off Cypress street. Beautiful views and a level ride. We rode trikes doing the ride in 2 sections. Also has picnic tables along the way.

Ten Mile Beach Trail (MacKerricher Haul Road Trail)


June, 2015 by cgmarte

Great trail for beginners and seniors!!! Started the trail up at Fort Bragg's glass Beach. Rode haul road to Mackerricker State Park and then north the big a big sand dune area. Reached the end of the trail and headed back. Good 1/2 day trip. This is a great place to bike with kids!!!

West County Regional Trail

Decent trail

October, 2014 by tbonson04

It's an alright trail. Starting at Hazel Drive for about 2 miles there a lot of homeless people and trash on the sides of the trail. After that, it's a very scenic and pleasant. It's pretty much flat the whole way. I ride this trail every morning and am satisfied with it.

West County Regional Trail

not recommended

July, 2014 by siguccs

We are easterners, accustomed to long off-road rail-trails that are really away from roads. We don't like road biking because it can be dangerous and noisy. Given the dearth of options in the area, we decided to try this trail. Even knowing what it's like, we might have done it once, but we won't be back.

After reading about the trail we decided to skip the Santa Rosa area and parked at the Sebastopol Rd/Wright Road parking lot. The parking area is tiny, around 6 cars. We arrived around 9am and it was full within 15 minutes. (Though it was empty when we returned around 2pm.) The trail is carved up into nice but short rail/trail sections divided by road sections. On the way out, we went around Sebastopol on roads which were low in traffic but very hilly. There were no directional signs telling us how to get to the next section of rail-trail. The West County Trail was much better at giving you directions, but it wasn't fun for us to ride so close to (or on the road) for much of the ride. The trail itself is not paved. On returning, we decided to stick to Main street in Sebastopol, but there was no bike lane and you could not ride on the sidewalk. Till then Google maps on my iPad was invaluable in helping us find our way, but the gps went crazy in town, so we went way out of the way before finding our way back.

Bottom line is "not recommended"!

West County Regional Trail

January, 2014 by ramy.yanetz

West County Regional Trail

Stunning Trail

May, 2013 by amsmit4

We took this trail for Mother's Day on a beautiful spring day. It has all the elements one could want for a long bike ride. Lots of safe open space biking, town venues for food and fabulous scenery. Lots of place to start and stop for families with small children and for teens/older crowd, you can go as fast as you want. I highly recommend this trail for a day ride.

West County Regional Trail

grass lands, oaks, redwoods, and vineyards

April, 2010 by david seattle

Everything grows in Sonoma County; grapes, apples, redwoods, oak trees, and palm trees. When visiting Sonoma county be sure to eat out at a restaurant serving locally grown produce and wines.
The western part of the trail between Santa Rosa and Sebastopol goes through grass land with some oak trees.
I road in April the day after a big rainstorm. Many of the grasslands and wooded areas are transformed into wetlands and swamps. If you have only done this trail in the dry season, try it the day after a rainstorm.
The traillink map does not show the recommended bypass for Sebastopol. The recommended route is north east of the town on Morris St and Eddie Lane. Pick up the Sonoma County Parks map online or from the visitor information center in Railroad square in Santa Rosa. Search the internet for "west county trail sonoma county" to find the map online.
North of Sebastopol, the trail follows highway 116 for a mile before returning to the historic railroad grade. The northern section has more wooded sections along with some vineyards, and abandoned apple orchard.
Good News! There is now public access at the northern trailhead into Forestville, via a new housing development on Pajaro Lane. To access the trail from Forestville, head south on Forestville St and turn right on Pajaro Lane.

West County Regional Trail

0ne more time?

November, 2009 by bearded

This is my 2nd posting, but the 1st one was never listed, for some unknown reason! The trail ends in Forestville & goes off onto some nameless street. However, the path continues onto private property, which is now for rent, the American Wine Building, at 1st & Railroad streets. A few blocks away, is downtown Forestville, such as it is.

West County Regional Trail

Great Commute Trail

November, 2009 by skinnerbird

I was pleased to see this trail featured as the Trail of the Month for Nov. 2009 becasue I use the Joe Rodota Trail (the eastern half of the two trails) every day all the way from downtown Sebastopol to downtown Santa Rosa, where it connects to the Santa Rosa Creek Trail. While this portion of the trail is less scenic and relaxing than the segment from Sebastopol to Forestville, the 3 miles between Sebastopol and Wright Road aren't bad and I would probably have to drive if I couldn't take the trail. I'm often treated to great blue herons, little and great egrets, western bluebirds, a large flock of turkeys and quite a few other wild creatures. On calm, clear days, colorful hot air balloons frequently drift overhead, sometimes landing in one of the fields alongside the trail.

The whole ride takes about 35 minutes at a moderate pace and one can make a decent recreational loop by taking the Santa Rosa Creek Trail to Willowside Road (part gravel, but scheduled to be paved soon) and back to Sebastopol via Hall/Sanford, Occidental and High School roads.

Though the eastern, urban portion is a bit sketchy at night due to homeless camps nearby, I've never actually encountered any problems with the people that sometimes hang around that area. Always use a good light at night for safety because lighting is poor to nonexistent for much of the trail and the trail runs close to Hwy 12, so headlights can be a problem.

One of the main hazards is getting a flat due to glass on the trail (any time of the year) and goat head thorns (Aug.-Oct.). The latter are especially pernicious and can usually be found near the margins between Stony Point Rd. and Dutton Ave. Generally the best way to avoid them is to always stay on the pavement and stay alert to debris on the trail.

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