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Historic Jungle Trail

7.8 mi
State: FL

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

110 mi
State: FL
Asphalt, Grass, Gravel

Route A1A Trail

21.8 mi
State: FL

Titusville Multi-Use Trail

1.9 mi
State: FL
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
The Historic Jungle trail winds for nearly 8 miles along a sandy road through the hammock habitat of Florida's barrier islands north of Vero Beach. The trail—really a road—is on the National Register...
FL 7.8 mi Sand
Notice: Sections of the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail are closed while the Army Corps of Engineers conducts Herbert Hoover Dike maintenance and rehabilitation. Please see the Army Corps of Engineers...
FL 110 mi Asphalt, Grass, Gravel
The Route A1A Trail runs along the west side of Route A1A in Indian River County, FL, linking the barrier islands off the coast of Vero Beach. There are numerous driveway and road crossings, and in...
FL 21.8 mi Asphalt
The Titusville Multi-Use Trail, also known as the Wuesthoff Trail, is a short and pleasant paved path located in the southern outskirts of the city of Titusville. The trail runs through Wuesthoff Park...
FL 1.9 mi Asphalt

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Recent Trail Reviews

Historic Jungle Trail

Unique scenic sandy road trail with a lot to offer

December, 2017 by y1htak

We started in the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge and rode the unlabeled Old Winter Beach Road to A1A. We would label the trail surface a 3 requiring some caution, but the scenic value of the trail and nice people is a 5. Therefore, we rated the trail a 4.

Initially we approached this trail with caution due to the last 2 reviews. However, they must have been written before the trail got cleaned up from the September hurricane. The trail looked like it had been recently graded and there were no downed trees.

The sand surface was mostly firm. On the entire trail there were maybe only 3 or 4 soft spots where the surface had been disturbed. Soft spots were easily avoided even on our tandem bike. The surface was a lot better than loose gravel or freshly laid ground-up asphalt that hasn’t weathered over summer. Wider tires, such as those on a mountain bike, would definitely work better than thin road bike tires.

Quite a few people were enjoying the holiday by walking, dog-walking, biking, golf carting, and driving down the trail. Saw a family with small kids. Everyone was courteous. The drivers drove slowly and carefully.

We enjoyed the windy road with the vegetation on both sides. We saw many wild birds, including white pelicans, egret, blue heron, etc. No snakes. Happy about that. Initially there was not much shade but further in it got shadier. You might want to wear sunglasses for the sun and the occasional cloud of insects you might pass through. Not a big deal as they didn’t bite. I found out about them from my husband on the front of the tandem.

Historic Jungle Trail

it’s suck!

October, 2017 by rockydragon77

I don’t like not safe many car coming too narrow when car coming and too many beach sand hard to ride a bike on tires make lot of control. That’s not bike trails! Idiot design!!

Historic Jungle Trail

Trail impassable due to downed trees

October, 2017 by mjgouveia

I parked at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (which was closed), and really enjoyed the beginning of the trail. It was a hard-packed dirt road with some muddy spots. After the first mile, the condition of the road really degraded, with many downed branches. Still fun, with a wide-tired bike. But the trail dead-ended at 2.6 miles, with several downed trees making the trail impassable. A big disappointment, as I had been looking forward to an 8-mile ride!


Historic Jungle Trail

Scenic - wonderful bike route

July, 2017 by kt.tucker88_tl

Beautiful winding route. This is not a "trail" as you may imagine but an unpaved sand/gravel road. I biked this yesterday, arriving from the south on A1A. There was minimal vehicle traffic on the jungle trail. After turning on to Winter road, drive for about a mile and the road becomes gravel. Travel a bit more and there ARE designated parking spots next to a white building. The trail is mostly shaded, and there are some sandy spots and but nothing too obstructive. At the north entrance, there is parking at Pelcian Island Refuge (also a bathroom, water fountain). If you are feeling more adventurous, check out the trails within Pelican Island. There are two 3 mile loop trails, and an observation tower. Pack plenty of water and sunscreen!!!

Route A1A Trail

A1A Trail: Fifty miles across three counties

July, 2017 by bobwise32952_tl

I set out early for a ride on the A1A trail, parking at the North Spessard Holland Beach Park and crossing highway A1A to reach the trail, here a wide concrete sidewalk. In half a mile the surface changes to smooth asphalt, which continues for 16 miles down to Sebastian Inlet. It's unshaded, open to sun and wind, with numerous driveways and occasional cross streets. But it's the only long stretch of off-road trail in Brevard County, and maybe in the counties to the south. It lacks the seclusion of a rail trail, but has many points of interest along the way.

East coast Florida has few rail trails, partly because of the Florida East Coast Railroad. FEC doesn't like to abandon track- they just keep on using it. Say what you like about their union busting tactics, but they are survivors.

A1A trail doesn't stop in Brevard. If I crossed the bridge at the inlet, I could continue across Indian River County, through Wabasso and Vero Beach, on into St. Lucie County. Here Ft. Pierce inlet interrupts the barrier island, forcing the A1A trail inland to join US 1- fifty miles from the its nominal beginning at Ocean Avenue in Melbourne Beach. The highway also has bike lane or a fairly wide margin lane nearly all this distance, frequently ridden by faster-moving cyclists.

A long wooded stretch starts in Wabasso, shading the trail by mid-afternoon, though also channeling the wind north or south. There are connections to city bikeways in Melbourne and Vero Beach. South of Vero the woods thin out. Past Round Island Park, the trail has little or no shade. Highway traffic thins out in south Brevard and again in Indian River county south of Vero Beach.

Pedaling south from Melbourne Beach, I soon passed the Ponce de Leon landing site park, where an amateur historian claimed the European discovery of Florida actually happened. He studied de Leon's logbooks and attempted to replicate his voyage, making landfall near this park. (The accepted landing site is 150 miles north near St. Augustine.)

Florida Power was out early today, too, blocking half a dozen sections of the trail. But the flagmen were courteous and mindful of bicycles. One stopped oncoming traffic to let me pass; another waved me through inside his line of pylons.

Half a mile further on, the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge stretched across the barrier island, with entrances to the right and across A1A to the left. Professor Carr promoted sea turtle conservation and protection before the term "ecology" was coined.

Further on, signs pointed to the recently opened Indian River Lagoon Preserve State Park, off to the right on the lagoon side. I wasn't familiar with the preserve, but was watching for signs to Honest John's Fish Camp, where I used to take my daughter fishing decades ago. Had it been swallowed up in some new housing development?

I needn't have worried. Honest John's is still there, surrounded by a preserve which includes a broad swath of the barrier island as well as the archipelago of spoil islands where camp customers usually fish. It's a magical place early in the morning, with pelicans roosting high in the branches of the Australian pines.

South of the park, I turned back, still some miles north of the inlet. Between different rides, I've ridden most of the trail twice or more. Never crossed the Sebastian Inlet Bridge by bike, but it looks safe, with a narrow margin lane and a narrow concrete walkway. Traffic here is usually light.

South of the inlet park, the trail runs along the lagoon shore for two miles, passing a stretch of shallows favored by wade fishermen. As you enter the wooded area north of Wabasso, a sign points to the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge (the nation's oldest) and the northern end of the Historic Jungle Trail. This is an eight mile dirt road, mostly hard packed, close to the shore of the lagoon. The refuge has walking trails and an overlook for viewing Pelican Island.

Separated from the jungle trail by woods, A1A trail continues past scores of riverside developments, mostly fenced and gated, with tall trees and brush shading the trail to the west. There's a pretty public beach at Wabasso, beachside restaurants in Vero, and a pleasant stopping place at Round Island Park with beach access to the east and a riverside/island park on the west.

Six miles further south, A1A and the trail turn west toward the mainland, and Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park provides access to the inlet and the lagoon.

I haven't mentioned all the fourteen beach parks along A1A trail, nor all the seven parks and refuges on the lagoon side. The end points are arbitrary. You can bike north from Melbourne Beach along partly urban sidewalk on A1A as far as Patrick AFB. Or ride the bike lane, if you dare, in this heavily trafficked stretch. And there may be biking possibilities southward along US 1 in Ft. Pierce, where A1A crosses to the barrier island again.

Titusville Multi-Use Trail

Love the Trail

April, 2017 by garybear62

I live at the western end of the trail, and use it daily. It's beautiful, challenging, and awesome!

Titusville Multi-Use Trail

Trail is open!!

March, 2017 by phgamble

The trail is open.

Historic Jungle Trail

Captain Forster Hammock Preserve in Pelican Island Nat Refuge part of Jungle Trail

February, 2017 by debtwombly

I was vastly disappointed since the Jungle "Trail" is a road. Now everyone can see "nature" from their car. The Trail link gave no map of the actual trails in the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge. This is the oldest wildlife refuge in the country, and although they say it was expanded over the years it feels like the opposite since there is so little access to water areas. And so little care is taken of anything but the restrooms and parking areas. Trails are in circles. Very little birding in Captain Forster Hammock. Fort Pierce Inlet State Park directly on the inlet has a tiny trail with a few things to see that is better than this one.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Stress the word "lost"

February, 2017 by dhotmire

There is no trail, where there once was a nice one. Years ago I traversed it successfully, but today only a few miles of it are open. Sections were to be worked in a bit at a time, originally. However, when a new section has begun construction other sections are not re-opened. 30 mile sections are shut down for two miles worth of construction. By the time the construction is finished most of us will not be around to enjoy the trail. I'm sure we will all be safer as a result of today's version of messing with nature to "improve" nature is complete. According to projections, the dike will be complete and reopened when sea level has risen above it.

Route A1A Trail

A1A Bike Trail and road shoulder

December, 2016 by gordonabele_tl

Felt that I needed to add a contrasting input to some of the reviews Ive read on this 'trail'. I ride the road shoulder (Bike lane) nearly every day on A1A, over the route described in TrailLink. The scenery is beautiful as you ride along the Indian River Lagoon and continues to be quite pretty through the orchid island stretch. The lane is sufficiently wide on this portion of A1A to provide a healthy margin of safety. As well, the GREAT majority of drivers are courteous and move their vehicles out into the oncoming traffic lane as traffic is usually light. Along the ride there are 2 different parks to stop and get off the bike and enjoy the ocean. A stop at the Wabasso beach area is enjoyable and you can break for a drink and light breakfast. If you are not a road biker and want to meander along the route in a more relaxed manner then there is a 'sidewalk' that is adequate for two riders abreast and is largely used by bicyclists. I would guess that there are more riders using the sidewalk than the bike lane. For the more adventurous soles on wider tire bikes that can navigate on all wether surfaces, there is the jungle trail and pelican island...both are really beautiful areas to check out. In summary, this is an enjoyable ride for locals and people already in the general area. It could be a destination trail if you combined it into a full day exploring great natural areas like Sebastian Inlet State Park, Pelican Island, the Barrier Island Center (Sea Turtle Conservancy); or taking in a great meal in Vero Beach. Hope this helps!

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Agree with Puckett

July, 2016 by baker2955

We booked in at an rv park last winter near Moore Haven because of the Lake Okeechobbe trail. After much disappointment with all the closures and construction I wished we would have gone elsewhere. The most frustrating part was the signs that said trail was open when it wasn't and there are no proper maps to guide you through the maze of closures. I'm glad the rv park was nice. We were near Webster, Fl last year there were many more nicer trails close by and much safer back roads to travel.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

LOST shoud be renamed JOKE

April, 2016 by mpmpuckett

Where do I start. I rode entire trial. Or should I say what little of it is opened. I spent more time going around on roads than the trial. Beware if you see sign for trial does not mean it is open when you get there. Sometimes this could be 1-8 miles round trip back to a road. I was very disappointed to say the least. The road from Pahokee to Belle Glade than into Clewiston is on HWY 27. You can't ride trial but a little. This road is very very dangerous. Trial from Clewison to Moore Haven is also closed. Road still very dangerous. You can take bake roads that are less dangerous. From Moore Haven to Lake Port you will have to run HWY 78 which has less traffic and bike lane. You then can pick up trial in Lake Port but all the way to Buckhed Ridge it is grass and hard packed gravel. Very rough, you will need mountain bike with suspension. From Buckhead Ridge to Okeechobee is the only good ride for about 5 miles thats it. From Okeechobee to Canal ou will be on and off trial with a couple of 5-10 miles areas with packed gravel. In all avoid this Trial.

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