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6 to 10 Trail System

10.3 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone, Dirt

Bald Eagle Valley Trail

5.5 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Beaver Dam Trail

2.3 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Bellefonte Central Rail Trail

1.3 mi
State: PA
Asphalt, Cinder, Crushed Stone

Bells Gap Rail Trail

6.3 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass

Buffalo Flat Trail

0.5 mi
State: PA

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

10.3 mi
State: PA
Asphalt, Gravel

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

13.7 mi
State: PA
Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone

Fielding Belt Trail

4.3 mi
State: PA
Asphalt, Crushed Stone, Gravel

George B. Will Trail

5.6 mi
State: PA
Ballast, Grass

Ghost Town Trail

46 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Houtzdale Line Trail

10.5 mi
State: PA

Huntingdon and Broad Top Rail Trail

10.6 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Iron Horse Trail (PA)

10 mi
State: PA
Ballast, Crushed Stone, Dirt

Lower Trail

17 mi
State: PA
Asphalt, Crushed Stone

Lowlands Trail

6 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Old Tram Trail

1.8 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass

Penns Creek Path (Mid State Trail)

2.7 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Pine Creek Rail Trail

62 mi
State: PA
Crushed Stone

Snow Shoe Rail Trail

18.5 mi
State: PA
Ballast, Gravel

Susquehannock Trail System

30 mi
State: PA
Trail Image Trail Name States Length Surface Rating
Spurred by the success of New York’s revolutionary Erie Canal, Pennsylvania started constructing its own canal system in 1826 to link Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. But the Allegheny Mountains...
PA 10.3 mi Crushed Stone, Dirt
Bald Eagle Valley Trail, formerly known as the Clinton County Rail Trail, offers a pleasant crushed-stone pathway along scenic Bald Eagle Creek and the West Branch Susquehanna River. As you pedal or...
PA 5.5 mi Crushed Stone
Located in one of Pennsylvanias most popular State Parks, the Beaver Dam Trail follows old railroad grades at Parker Dam State Park in Clearfield County. The trail runs past streams, beaver dams,...
PA 2.3 mi Crushed Stone
Serene year-round, the Bellefonte Central Rail Trail (BCRT) in central Pennsylvania runs along 1.3 miles of the old Buffalo Run, Bellefonte and Bald Eagle Railroad corridor. The original 19-mile line...
PA 1.3 mi Asphalt, Cinder, Crushed Stone
The Bells Gap Rail-Trail is really two trails in one-a smooth 2.1-mile southern section with crushed limestone surface, and a rougher, more difficult northern section of 4.2 miles that is best-suited...
PA 6.3 mi Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass
PA 0.5 mi Dirt
Currently, over 10 miles of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail are complete. The trail runs between Lewisburg and Mifflinburg, and interpretive signs relate the region's history. The trail is mostly paved...
PA 10.3 mi Asphalt, Gravel
The Cumberland Valley Rail Trail rolls 13.7 miles through a bucolic valley that’s hemmed in by the Blue and South Mountains in south-central Pennsylvania. Running from Shippensburg to east of...
PA 13.7 mi Asphalt, Concrete, Crushed Stone
The David S. Ammerman Trail rolls through Pennsylvania coal country for nearly 11 miles between Clearfield and Grampian, skirting the West Branch of the Susquehanna River and two of its tributaries....
PA 10.6 mi Crushed Stone
The Fielding Bank Trail gives residents of Boiling Springs access to a couple nearby parks without having to travel along local roads. The trail begins at Walnut Street on the west end of town and...
PA 4.3 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone, Gravel
The George B. Will Trail in Tiadaghton State Forest is named for an early 20th-century Pennsylvania forest ranger. The trail is popular with cross-country skiers and travels through a mixed-pine...
PA 5.6 mi Ballast, Grass
Part of a larger system in Western Pennsylvania known as the Trans Allegheny Trails, the Ghost Town Trail was named for the long-abandoned towns strung along the tracks of the Ebensburg & Black Lick...
PA 46 mi Crushed Stone
The old railroad line known as the Moshannon, or the Mills Branch, crossed the Moshannon Valley during the mid- to late 1800s. The line was the foundation of the region's late 19th- and early...
PA 10.5 mi Gravel
Stretching 10.6 miles through south-central Pennsylvania, this rail-trail follows the route of the former Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad, a standard--gauge railroad founded in 1852 to...
PA 10.6 mi Crushed Stone
The Iron Horse Trail follows two abandoned rail beds: the Path Valley Railroad and the Perry Lumber Company Railroad. Originally, the Path Valley Railroad was going to be an extension for the Newport...
PA 10 mi Ballast, Crushed Stone, Dirt
The Lower Trail ranks high on the list of many Central Pennsylvania residents when they’re searching for a remote path with a woodsy feel. The Lower (rhymes with flower, and named in memory of trail...
PA 17 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone
Located in beautiful Sinnemahoning State Park in Pennsylvania, the Lowlands Trail uses the former corridor of the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad. The trail and park are now part of the tour...
PA 6 mi Crushed Stone
Included in the seven-mile network of trails in Little Buffalo State Park are two small sections of rail-trail. Together they are called the Newport and Sherman's Valley Railroad Trace. The...
PA 1.16 mi Crushed Stone, Grass
Lumber mills frequently set up tram cars running on a set of tracks to carry cut timbers from the steep hillsides. The Old Tram Trail is exactly that and has become a short bit of single track to...
PA 1.8 mi Crushed Stone, Dirt, Grass
A renovated former railroad tunnel that features a separate entrance for bats is a highlight of the Penns Creek Path. The path is a relatively flat segment of the 328-mile Mid State Trail that runs...
PA 2.7 mi Crushed Stone
The Pine Creek Rail Trail is one of Pennsylvania’s destination trails, and for good reason. The 62-mile well--maintained trail runs at the bottom of überscenic Pine Creek Gorge, commonly called the...
PA 62 mi Crushed Stone
Coordinated by the Snow Shoe Rails to Trails Association (SSRTA), the Snow Shoe Trail caters primarily to ATV and off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. It is open to other users as well, but the rough...
PA 18.5 mi Ballast, Gravel
Located in scenic Potter and Clinton Counties, the Susquehannock Hiking Trail is an 85-mile amalgamation of old Civilian Conservation Corps fire trails, logging roads and railroad grades through the...
PA 30 mi Dirt

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Huntingdon and Broad Top Rail Trail

Beautiful Variety of Scenery

September, 2020 by caseydec

A hidden gem of diversity and a lot of calmness in many areas. Our first ride on it was in Sept. Labor Day, sunny and 80’s. Looking forward to riding again this fall.

The surface of mostly loose stone dust took a little getting used to as not packed like most rail trails. Was not a fan of the 2 miles of packed bouncy gravel road with potholes, but was doable. Rode from Tatesville to Riddlesburg and back 21.4. Thankfully, small port-a-pot at each end.

We were on gravel bikes (lower tire pressure) which did great. Didn't see anyone for a long time and the ones we saw were on mountain bikes.

Nice to see kept up mowed sides and enjoyed going through the cutout rocks. Some areas had grass in the middle but was mowed. My group thought in areas it was not quite the level trail as described, but we figured the trail variety of surface and scenery made it seem that way. Will do again as it's a great well kept trail, but with a different perspective of what the trail surface actually is.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Wonderful Gem for Everyone. Thumbs Up!

September, 2020 by mypraa

The information ¿ stands for history, etc are great for learning. I’d like to see signs advising walkers to stay to the left & cyclists on the right. I’m concerned that walkers are blind to movement behind them. Rail-Trail surface is smooth & well maintained. Thank you ¿¿¿¿ for this treasure of history Re-purposed!

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

A perfect trail for an out and back

September, 2020 by robert.richter89

I rode the entire Cumberland Valley Rail Trail this Labor Day weekend. The trail is in perfect condition and is mostly finely crushed gravel with some paved sections. Despite it being a holiday weekend with beautiful weather the trail wasn't very busy.

I started in Shippensburg as you can park at the very beginning of the trail. The trail is mostly heavily shaded with short sections opening up to nice views of farmlands and rolling hills but no shade. Shippensburg, Oakville and Newville are nicely spaced apart giving good spots to rest.

The only negative part of the trail was the last 2.5 miles past the Newville trailhead. It offers no shade, the gravel seems a little deeper there making it the hardest part of the trail for me. I try to complete every trail I ride but you're not missing much if you either turn around at Newville or start there and head towards Shippensburg.


Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Great ride, but confusing at Lewisburg end

August, 2020 by gwlrisk

We followed the app’s suggestion to park the car at Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg, but didn’t realize that shortly after its beginning adjacent to the Park, the trail has a gap in Lewisburg, requiring riders to find their way through borough streets (and across a 4-lane highway) to find where the trail picks up again several blocks away. Much better to park at the lot near 15th street.

Bells Gap Rail Trail

Good Workout

August, 2020 by wwwknapp

I biked and hiked this trail on Sunday 8/16/2020 with a temperature in the mid 80's. Despite the smooth crushed limestone surface for the 1st 2.1 miles, it was still a workout trying to move at a moderate speed. I took a photo / water break about every .5 miles to catch my breath. I continued biking the trail into the State Game Lands at mile 2.1 for about .25 miles before I dismounted and hiked 3.6 miles of the trail pushing my hybrid bike. At mile 5.7, the grassy, tire-rutted part of the trail dumped out on to a State Game Lands access road. I was able to gingerly bike this section of trail over ballast and cinders for the last .6 miles before encountering one of those DCNR yellow bar gates very near Rt 885. My T-shirt was soaked with perspiration. After taking some pictures and drinking a lot of water, I headed back. I found it best to bike the grass next to the dirt path that had been forged over the years from fellow travelers. The dirt path was narrow and many of the underlying stones had made their way to the surface which made the dirt path a bit treacherous in some places. I was able to bike at a fairly moderate pace on the grass with a hybrid bike travelling between 11mph and 15mph. When I finally got back on the crushed limestone surface, I was flying; hitting speeds of 21mph. If there had not been any soft spots on the crushed limestone surface, I would have been able to hit higher speeds. But the fear of wiping out held me in check. It took me about 2 hours and 10 minutes to ascend to the end of the trail and about 20 minutes to descend back to the Igou Rd Trailhead.

Some commentary: The trail is nice where it has been surfaced with the crushed limestone. It's wide and hard packed most of the way with lots of poop-out benches. There are mileposts every .25 miles. The ROW (Right of Way) was built on a shelf cut out of a mountain. So on one side of the ROW, one has an ascending hill while on the other side of the trail one has a descending hill with nice vistas. It is not until one starts to bike / hike the undeveloped part of the trail, that one can obtain vistas of distant mountains along with a couple of rock cuts. I covered this trail by myself in the evening and I could hear and see wildlife in the undeveloped section of the trail. I felt very uneasy and was ever so glad to be able to move quickly thru the undeveloped area on my return trip. I would recommend covering the undeveloped section with another person or dog.

I gave this trail 3 stars because I have been on a lot prettier trails and the fact that the majority of the trail is unfinished. I also don't like the fact that there is not a trailhead at its north end. If there were a trailhead at its north end, I would have spotted a car at the south end and driven to its north end with a friend and biked the trail in one direction downhill to the spotted vehicle.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Nice Trail for a Quick Ride

August, 2020 by jackybob

We ride this trail at least a dozen times each year. It is a nice, well maintained trail. About a mile of the east end and a mile and three quarters of the west end are paved with the remainder being small crushed stone. The trail pretty much runs east and west and there are two or three slight inclines along the way. In general the trail decreases in elevation from west to east so we usually start our ride at the east end.
Well maintained
Fast. Other than totally paved trails, this is probably the fastest trail that we ride.
Scenery. There are some really nice views looking north from the trail.
Farm fresh air.
An now, refreshment at both ends. If you ride the length of the trail, you'll see what we mean.
Numerous road crossings.
Definitely the dustiest trail that we ride. Not in your face dust...more so on your bike dust.
Wind. It always seems to blow (in our faces) on this matter which direction we ride.
Farm fresh air. Yes, this is also on the "Pros" list. Ride this trail often enough and you'll know what we mean.

Ghost Town Trail

Great ride August 2020

August, 2020 by cfernscpa

Riding East to West paid off because the ride back was down hill. Went from Black Lick to Nanty-Glo.

David S. Ammerman Trail (formerly Clearfield to Grampian Trail)

Beautiful Ride

August, 2020 by sjwjdw1

Had the same problem others have posted regarding finding the beginning of the trail. We drove past it and found a place to park just at the edge of Clearfield. The scenery is so pretty. Fun to go over the bridges. From Curwensville to Grampian is a long gradual uphill. Met some very nice folks along the way. Definitely will be back.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Wonderful Ride

August, 2020 by heartnhorse

Trail is level, well packed and scenic. Family friendly trail partially wooded. I am disabled and required a mobility scooter while my 4 and 7 yr old grandchildren and my husband rode bicycles. Wonderful family trail with courteous cyclists.

Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

Well maintained bike trail!

August, 2020 by robert.sholtis

Enjoyable bike trail. I'm a beginner - and I appreciated that it was flat. Bathrooms were well kept and parking was good. Gravel was loose but not dangerous in any way. A very enjoyable ride - as a beginner riding during a time when the trail was not crowded, I was able to ride about 15 mph.

Ghost Town Trail

Excellent trail

August, 2020 by jcarey52

Rode from Saylor Park in Black Lick to NAnty-Glo. Approximately 48 miles round trip. Outstanding trail. Very well maintained witH rest stops including picnic tables and bathrooms spaced along the trail. Very scenic, following a river. Historical markers along the way detailing coal industry history. Excellent coal miners memorial and mosaic map at a Vintondale. I’ve ridden a lot of rail trails and this is one of the best.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

Buffalo Valley Ride

August, 2020 by larry.adams6094

Very good ride on a partly cloudy Saturday. Plenty of other people on the trail, but it's a wide enough trail for bikers, runners, and walkers. Nice stop at the Vicksburg Trail Head about 4 miles from Lewisburg. Amish stand about 4 miles from Mifflinburg that has great root beer. Pay in cash on the honor system so bring $1 bills. Friendly people and everyone was courteous along the trail. Less than 10 miles one-way but good restrooms and good parking at each end.

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