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Foor Leisure Path

Groveport's Useful Connector Trail

June, 2021 by orangedoug

Essentially this trail is designed to connect the town of Groveport, Ohio with both the 17.8 mile Blacklick Creek Greenway Trail and the 25.2 mile Alum Creek Greenway Trail which connect to each other a few miles west of where the Foor’s northern end connects to the Blacklick Creek Greenway. (In fact, if you look at Groveport in Google Maps you will find that the Foor Leisure Path is actually identified there as the Blacklick Creek Greenway.)

The Foor Leisure Path ends just short of Groveport at Corbett Rd./Ebright Rd. However, if you cross over Corbett/Ebright and follow Front Street, after a 1/4 mile you will come to Blacklick Street where you can enter Groveport Blacklick Park. The park was once the sight of a canal boat manufacturing and dry dock operation back in the Ohio Canal era of the 1830’s. Lock 22 of the Ohio & Erie Canal can still be found in the park today. Now, you will find the Groveport Recreation Center, the municipal pool, and athletic fields in the park. There are several trail loops here as well. I rode nearly 6 miles on this out-and-back ride on the 1.3 mile Foor Leisure Path. The extra milage on this trip came from riding into Groveport to see what awaited me in Blacklick Park.

Canal Winchester Trail System

A Useful City Trail System That Could Use Some Updating

June, 2021 by orangedoug

On a recent trip to central Ohio, I took a trip to the city of Canal Winchester to give their city's trail system a ride. Like the trail network in Westerville, Ohio this trail system is designed as recreation and an alternative transportation (primarily cycling) option connecting residents with businesses, parks and city amenities.

I first started out riding almost 2 miles on an out-and-back trip on the northeast section of the trail system. This segment is not connected to the other parts of the city’s trail network. I wondered about the purpose of this trail section as the only connection to any residential neighborhood I saw was to an apartment complex. Otherwise there was a lot of open land around this part of the trail. The northeast section runs along Diley Road, passing an industrial park, the Diley Ridge Medical Center -- Canal Winchester's local hospital, and connects/ends at the local Meijer grocery store. Maybe that’s the purpose here — a way for workers to get more healthy lunches at break time. It looks as though the pathway was put in by the developer who built the industrial park and hasn’t been touched since.

The main part of the trail system in Canal Winchester is more connected and is in the main part of the city. And connects neighborhoods to the central business district, Winchester Industrial Park, the municipal pool, the local public high school. There were plenty of bikes at the pool, so many kids are utilizing the trail system to get to the pool. It appears that the trail system has good utility in connecting residents with many of the city's main points of interest but it would be more useful if it also connected to Walnut Creek Park in southern Canal Winchester and the Franklin County Metro Parks' Walnut Woods west of the city.

As far as the trail conditions go, the trail system is really just a widened sidewalk but with an asphalt surface rather than one made of concrete. The path is seven feet wide. It’s surface is in good to fair condition but it could use resurfacing in a few spots and seal coating at the very least. Traffic is very busy along Gender Road where the bike path is sort of a two-way extra lane in the commercial/retail district. This extra lane is not separated from the road. The Canal Winchester Trail System appears to be a useful trail to local residents, but in my opinion it could use a makeover.

Ohio Canal Greenway

Not Up to the Standards of Other Licking County Trails

June, 2021 by orangedoug

To celebrate Flag Day I rode 5.5 miles on an out-and-back ride on the Ohio Canal Greenway starting in Canal Park in Hebron, Ohio. Compared to the other Licking County trails I rode last Fall, this trail definitely was the roughest one I have ridden. The surface varies from concrete coming out of Canal Park to grass and dirt soon thereafter. Here, it reminded me in some ways of the Towpath Trail along the C&O Canal Trail in Maryland. However, south of Interstate 70 the surface changed from mostly grass and dirt to mostly gravel and grass. The gravel was more like ballast stones you would find underneath railroad tracks — about the size of ping pong balls.

I was disappointed in this trail, as the other Licking County trails l've ridden were paved and well maintained. Maybe this trail is still in its initial stages and not fully developed. It has potential. It is mostly shaded, and has a few interesting sites. It has a small covered bridge over a creek as the trail passes by the State of Ohio’s Fish Hatchery. The end of the trail south of Interstate 70 parallels parts of what remains of the Ohio Canal. The trail ends near Top Cat Concrete on Walnut Road (OH-79). Walnut Road is also the county line between Ohio's Licking and Fairfield counties.
The remnants of the Ohio canal continue south toward Buckeye Lake. I think that Fairfield County should consider extending this trail from its current Walnut Road end to the northern shore of Buckeye Lake which would certainly give this trail more utility.

At present, I would not recommend this trail for biking unless you were riding a mountain or fat-tired bike. It definitely is not for narrow tired street bikes. At best, for right now, I'd leave it for pedestrians to hike.


Alum Creek Greenway Trail

Beautiful walk, jog, or ride, but not skating!

May, 2021 by ldisinger

I saw this trail was recommended or inline, so I thought I would try it on roller skates. Taking the Sunbury trail head going toward Downtown I encountered 3 boardwalk bridges pretty quickly. Lots of sticks and other natural debris on the path, too. I put up my skates and took a walk instead! Maybe another portion of the trail would be more suited for skating?

North Lewisburg Trail

An Isolated Local Rail Trail With One Interesting Feature

May, 2021 by orangedoug

I recently rode an out-and-back ride on the 1.6 mile long North Lewisburg Trail. I started in North Lewisburg in Ohio's Champaign County and rode out to the Pottersburg Bridge found at the end of the trail just off of Innskeep-Cratty Road (County Rd. 163). The highlight of this short trail is the Pottersburg Bridge; a wooden covered bridge that was moved to this trail in order to preserve the historical structure. The surface of the trail is asphalt which is still in fairly good condition but it is beginning to show its age as there are several rough spots caused by tree root uplift.

This rail trail was built upon an abandoned Erie Railroad rail line. The southern end of this same line starts as the Simon Kenton Trail, which currently ends at Urbana, Ohio. This creates the potential to expand this trail and connect it to a much longer regional trail. However, I don't know if there is the will to see such a project through to completion in this mostly agricultural area of Ohio. Currently, this trail is one that serves just the local residents.

Downtown Connector Trail

The Trail's New River Route Improves Rider Safety

May, 2021 by orangedoug

Recently, on my way to ride several Central Ohio trails, I stopped in Mount Vernon to check out this new addition to the city's Downtown Connector Trail. I've ridden through Mount Vernon on several occasions while riding across Ohio on the Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) route. The Downtown Connector is an important addition to the OTET. The trail links the Kokosing Gap Trail to the Heart of Ohio Trail. A vast improvement over riding the city's streets to make the appropriate connection back in 2013. Since my last trans-Ohio ride in 2019, an additional arm to the Downtown Connector has been added -- the River Route. The advantage to using the River Route is it allows users of the trail to pass underneath the South Main Street Bridge over the Kokosing River without having to wait for a crossing signal on this very busy roadway. The one disadvantage of this trail option is that it is subject to closure when the river's water levels are high. I appreciate Mount
Vernon's continued desire to find ways to improve the trail experience for those using the trail.

While this short mile long trail has a lot of utility in connecting two key trails in the Ohio to Erie Trail route, I still cannot grade the trail higher than 3 stars due to its short length and in comparison to the sights seen along the two trails that it connects.

Owl Creek Trail (OH)

Could This Be a Link in a Much Larger Regional Trail?

May, 2021 by orangedoug

I took a pleasant little ride on the Owl Creek Trail (OH) in Fredericktown, Ohio yesterday. This rail trail has been constructed from the same rail line that is now part of the Richland B&O Trail further north in Richland County. Currently, there appears to be a 6.5 mile gap between the southern end of this trail and the northern end of the Heart of Ohio Trail in Ariel-Foundation Park in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It would be great to see this gap closed, although that might be problematic as there is an active silica sand mining & ready mix concrete operation of the Olen Corporation located along the undeveloped old rail bed at the southern end of Fredericktown. Connecting to Mount Vernon and the Ohio to Erie Trail route (both the Heart of Ohio and the Kokosing Gap Trails) in Mount Vernon would be advantageous for the local residents. In addition, this abandoned rail corridor travels north to Ankneytown and eventually Butler, Ohio 8 miles away. Trail development to Butler would connect with the 18.5 mile long Richland B&O Trail. Complete development of this old B&O rail line would create a regional trail from Mansfield all the way to Mount Vernon. However, at present, driving to Fredericktown to just ride this 1.5 mile long trail probably isn’t worth the gas. It is strictly just for local residents at this time.

T. J. Evans Trail

Nice trail

May, 2021 by skurzer311

I ran this train in the late afternoon after golfing at echo springs. Nice paved trail. Cars seem to go fast on some of the street crossings but there was not much traffic. Started in Johnstown. There is a small parking lot and 1 bathroom. I ran out 8 miles and turned back. Passed a parking lot and wished there was a porta potty. There is no bathroom for. Runner except at the entrance. Not sure where a female could go.

Jim Simmons Memorial Trail

Great trail

May, 2021 by sjf0809

I liked that the trail followed the creek so it wasn't so straight. Having both parks and parking lots gives trail users quite a few options. I drove into the Schwartzkopf Park, even though the GPS in my vehicle told me to go a bit further south. It made me wonder if I was really at the southern endpoint. I finally found a sign for the trail, but it was small and located on a post by a trash can. Maybe a more prominent sign is in the dream phase.

North Lewisburg Trail

Nice trail for the area

May, 2021 by sjf0809

The trail follows a stream, is flat and relatively straight. It is a nice trail for the area. I started at the bridge, went to the endpoint in North Lewisburg, and then turned around. My cycle-computer clocked the roundtrip at 3.5 miles. The write-up by TraiLink said there was a second bridge part way on the trail, but I only saw the foundations for one. There was a port-a-pot at the parking lot by the covered bridge. I was there mid April of 2021.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Wide trail, blacktop, woodsy trail with stops at towns. Easy riding, highly recommend, safe area. Highly recommend the brewery for lunch. About 8 miles from Newton, right on the trail. Loved this trail. Rode 35.5 miles, starts Rt 32, at speedway.

May, 2021 by ponyrider32

Wide trail, blacktop, woodsy trail with stops at towns. Easy riding, highly recommend, safe area. Highly recommend the brewery for lunch. About 8 miles from Newton, right on the trail. Loved this trail. Rode 35.5 miles, starts Rt 32, at speedway.

Big Walnut Trail

good trail

May, 2021 by filmnoir2003

Straight line from Friendship Park to end of trail (connecting through Creekside and run through a neighborhood (.3 miles)) about 4.5 miles. If you take the turn off and run around the other trails and the park it might be worth another 4 miles.

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