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Recent Trail Reviews

Miami & Erie Canal Towpath

Not paved

October, 2022 by rdhemm63

We live just 20 miles from this path. And did it for the first time yesterday. We did New Breman to St Marys. Started out beautiful but a mile out of town we lost the path. Only to find out it is a grass path between the canal and a corn field. Would be beautiful quiet walking path. But for sure not for bikes. We cut around and did some back roads and tried again further north. But the whole way from NB to SM is grass. May need to check out further south.

Jim Simmons Memorial Trail

Nice Views But Better for Walking

August, 2022 by 89hyzdnh6z

This trail is along a creek and has nice water, forest, and flower views but is not for the serious road bicyclist. The trail is narrow and very curvy so you can’t get any speed. There is one short hill that would be too steep for a person doing “neighborhood bicycling”. The trail would be great for walking.

Great Miami River Trail

Best Trail in the Area

August, 2022 by brea.denise

Long review for a long trail. This is my favorite trail by far in the area. I broke this trail up and completed it in sections starting from Piqua. There are plenty of restrooms and parking. Mostly shaded and cool because it runs along the river. Once you get to downtown Dayton there are several connectors to other trails along with a concession stand near riverscape if you want a quick bite to eat.


Great Miami River Trail

Scenic, Smooth, Frustrating

August, 2022 by daveschreiber

Great diverse scenery, for the most part smooth, well-kept, asphalt pavement but there are a number of intersections that are nor clearly marked as to which direction to go. My brother and I rode from Franklin to Piqua and there is a split in Dayton you have to watch for otherwise you'll go down the Mad River trail. The next area where there were a number of intersections that were not clearly marked was when you got close to Troy. There was one intersection where you had to make a 90 degree turn after crossing a bridge that was very poorly marked. There should be clear consistent arrows at each intersection indicating the direction the main trail continues. It was too easy at many of these to go the wrong way and find out a mile later you better turn around and go back.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Love most of this trail. 5 stars to everything but Springfield

July, 2022 by jessiesgirl9780

We ride this trail very often from Corwin to Yellow Springs and love this portion of the Trail. We went North of Yellow Springs for the 1st time this past weekend heading to Urbana. for the 1st time we felt unsafe on the trails in Springfield. We have been on 100's of miles of the trails all over Dayton, Troy, Miamisburg, Piqua, Loveland, Morrow, Beavercreek, Xenia. I have never feared being on the path with my husband. This was the 1st time we made it a point to turn around before getting to our planned stopping point to be sure we had the energy to keep a steady pace to get back through an area without slowing or stopping. homeless, graffiti, glass on trail, we love riding but will not go on this portion of trail again. I want to be clear it was only the Springfield area. If going North of Yellow Springs I would stop at I believe it was called Beatty Park, skip Springfield and hope back on at a different time north of Springfield. I will Note that we never passed any other bike riders in this area in either direction, which we have never encountered being completely alone for a few miles.

Canal Feeder Trail

Very pleasant, well maintained trail. Three miles paved. Perhaps it will grow.

July, 2022 by gsdavidson

Very pleasant, well maintained trail. Three miles paved. Perhaps it will grow.

Tecumseh Trail Multi-use Pathway

Super nice local hike

July, 2022 by mbrown30

Really a great local area hike, easy not really any hills.
Broke the hike into 2 early morning hikes (6am) over the 4th July weekend.
First half from Bradford (Church parking lot) to Trail Head on Hartzell road(3-4 nice parking spots) -My Apple watch showed 7.70Miles.(2hr 20mins)
Next day we finished up from Hartzell Rd to the end at Garst. (6.16 miles, 2hr hike)
Really a great nice hike that we plan on doing frequently now. Trail is pretty well marked, could use a sign maybe at Ohio St & Martin and we could not find one to start the hike in Bradford, but really no big deal, easy to figure out if you take second.(or we may have just missed it-not sure)
If you have a couple hours, really is a nice walk if you split it up, or when it's cooler in fall just do the whole thing as we will.

Buck Creek Trail (OH)

A hidden gem in Springfield

June, 2022 by guslipp

I cycle the Old Reid Park / Pumphouse Rd to the Simon Kenton section of the train on a regular basis. It is very common to see deer, rabbits, Blue Herron and ducks along this area. Also will see kayakers on the creek during the summer and fall months. Going from east to west the trail forks at the 2nd rail road trestle. Bear left to go to the Little Miami and Sinon Kenton trails. Bearing right will take you under the bridge and toward Cliff Park and Springfield Art Museum. This will put you just north of the downtown and the southern edge of Wittenberg University.

Do note some sections of the trail may be muddy after heavy rains.
Recommend parking at the ranger station at the reservoir or art museum .

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Homeless people

June, 2022 by fartinggood

Scary sections of the trail. My husband and I road the trail starting in Corwin to Springfield. Several sections of the trail we went thru were questionable areas. On more then one occasion we were harassed by random homeless people. This can be very scary when out on the trail in the middle of nowhere . I recommend taking some sort of protection with you. I don’t know about the other sections of the trail but we will not be riding these parts ever again. Also, large sections of the trail were overgrown with lots of sticks and brush on the trail. I did not feel safe riding this trail

North Lewisburg Trail

Peaceful & Beautiful

June, 2022 by miniauthor

I enjoyed running the North Lewisburg trail! To the end and back was about 3.4 miles. It is flat and very straightforward. Love the tree cover - it makes it cooler and more secluded. The covered bridge is beautiful, also. Definitely will be back!

Marion Tallgrass Trail

Mother’s Day 2022

May, 2022 by eagle0086

Had a very enjoyed day on the trail. There were more users on the trail, than I thought there would be… but everyone was spread out and hardly noticeable. The trail had some debris all along the trail, but nothing that made the trail impassable. Plenary of benches spread out… but the only restroom facility was an port-a-John at the very beginning of the trail in Marion.

Simon Kenton Trail

Bellefontaine to Urbana is Pretty Nice

April, 2022 by jonesandrewd_tl

I rode from Urbana to Bellefontaine and back today. It's a nice trail. Most of it is shaded, which compares favorably to Hilliard's Heritage Trail, and parts of the Ohio to Erie, such as Cedarville to South Charleston. It's probably pretty when it is in bloom, but it's still a bit too early in the year for that with our late spring. Still, it was a very calm ride, with only two other riders and a couple hikers spotted on the entire section, out-and-back, and all near Bellefontaine.

The surface is mostly chip-and-seal (other than 1.5 miles north of Urbana), which is fine, and kicks up much less dirt than crushed limestone, for those who haven't ridden chip-and-seal before. There is one rough spot on the paved section just south of where the chip-and-seal ends, and for the first couple miles north of Urbana you have to keep an eye out for railroad spikes on the trail, but otherwise the condition of the trail is good.

There's a well-reviewed coffee shop by the trail in Urbana, and several restaurants that look promising in Bellfontaine, including a brewery that you'll find if you continue north of the northern end of the trail on the dirt trail that continues to parallel the railway for another block, and then follow the bike route signs towards town.

Along the way, if you're paying attention, you'll see some unusual animals for Ohio trails, specifically goats and what I'm pretty sure are elk. Although Wikipedia will tell you there are no elk in Ohio, I counted eight of them visible from the trail, and my research indicates they are likely domestic elk at a farm that neighbors the trail. Now I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to figure out exactly where they are. You might want to start soon - once the leaves are out it might be much more difficult to see them.

Overall, I'd put this slightly above 4/5. It's not as picturesque as central Ohio's top trails - the Kokosing Gap and Alum Creek Trails - but I'd put it above the Heritage, Camp Chase, and Ohio to Erie west of London. Worth the drive if you're looking for somewhere new to explore, and keep an eye out for the elk.

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