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Downtown Connector Trail (Columbus)

Downtown Connector

October, 2022 by mwitkoff

We rode this trail on October 23, 2022. It is best to take this trail on a Sunday when there is not a lot of traffic. The trail along Jack Gibbs is in need of repair. Also the weeds and brush need attention by the city of Columbus.

Ohio to Erie Trail

Enjoy Ohio on a bike...

October, 2022 by 7s5a692x35

• If you are a gravel enthusiast, you will be very disappointed as the OTET is 92% either paved or concrete.
• I would not attempt to experience the OTET without GPS guidance {bike computer or 3rd party software on a smartphone {i.e. Ride with GPS} or you will experience navigation set backs on your adventure.
• Areas that are crushed limestone/chert have a sparse covering and could be messy after a rain as there was plenty of exposed hard packed dirt due to a lack of limestone/chert covering.

Cleveland to Massillon 5 October 2022 ~ 70 miles
• Trails Experienced:
o Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail

• Beautiful views of the Cayuga river and Canal tow path with some locks in remarkable condition.
• Detour at the city limits of Massillon and as we arrived at end of the workday and the transition through was met with heavy traffic. You will need to make the downtown transition to rejoin the OTET on the Southside of Massillon.
Massillon to Mount Vernon 6 October 2022 ~ 80 miles
• Trails Experienced:
o Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail
o Sippo Valley Trail (10 Mile)
o Holmes County Trail (23 Mile)
o Kokosing Gap Trail (13.5 Mile)

• Expect rural road riding (20+ mile) through Mennonite/Amish communities from Dalton to Fredericksburg. This transition was well marked at every turn and you can see an example in the photo section for this trail.

Mount Vernon to Columbus 7 October 2022 ~ 52 miles
• Trails Experienced:
o Heart of Ohio Trail (17 Mile)
o Alum Creek Trail (25.2 Mile)

Columbus to Xenia 8 October 2022 ~ 60 miles
• Trails Experienced:
o Camp Chase Trail (15.9 Miles)
o Robert’s Pass Trail (6.5 Miles)
o Prairie Grass Trail (29.2 Miles

Xenia to Cincinnati 9 October 2022 ~ 70 miles
• Trails Experienced:
o Little Miami Scenic Trail (78.1 Miles)
o Armleder-Lunken Connector Trail (1.0 mile)
o Lunken Bike Path (5.0 Miles)
o Ohio River Trail (7.6 Miles)

• There is a detour on the Little Miami Scenic Trail halfway to Cincinnati near Kings Mill Bike Trail Access. After talking to some local runners on the Trail, they highly recommend not taking the detour due to road safety for cyclists. You can safely and easily make it through the detour and once you make it to the construction area with the buildings, head to the Cartridge Brewery and on the backside of it you can rejoin the trail.

Miami & Erie Canal Towpath

Not paved

October, 2022 by rdhemm63

We live just 20 miles from this path. And did it for the first time yesterday. We did New Breman to St Marys. Started out beautiful but a mile out of town we lost the path. Only to find out it is a grass path between the canal and a corn field. Would be beautiful quiet walking path. But for sure not for bikes. We cut around and did some back roads and tried again further north. But the whole way from NB to SM is grass. May need to check out further south.


Sawmill Parkway Trail

easy ride

September, 2022 by ajritter88

Easy ride . Wasn’t too amused with the sites of housing developments but it’s the location . Some adorable steers in the farmland area made the ride worth it .

Hamilton Beltline Recreational Trail

Trail is now 1.15 miles in length with easy access at both ends and in the middle. Short length but pleasant ride.

September, 2022 by dianecombs55

Trail is now 1.15 miles in length with easy access at both ends and in the middle. Short length but pleasant ride.

Olentangy Trail

Needs re-paving esp for roller skating

August, 2022 by eheiberger

This trail is great for the scenic views of the river and the bridges over the Olentangy however, it is incredibly rough, esp the south end near the Scioto trail interchange. There is one nice smooth part from the Bethel Rd connector up to Antrim Lake. It’s maybe only a mile but the pavement there is glorious! A roller skater’s dream! The other area that’s really smooth is near Northmoor Park, both Olentangy Blvd and Kenworth are super smooth and really nice to skate. I also really like the new bridge and Astor Park they’ve recently constructed at the southern most part of the trail. The bridge and park are really nice smooth new concrete, but then you get on the trail and the trail condition sucks right there. :-/

Heritage Rail-Trail

Mile 3 gets smoother for skaters

August, 2022 by eheiberger

I enjoy roller skating (quad skating) the trails around Columbus and this one is just okay. It’s pretty straight and flat with only one decent hill. It just makes for a rather boring skate. The first few miles have big cracks and the asphalt is older and just not as smooth, but after about 3 miles it smooths out and is really nice… still straight and flat but at least the surface is nicer.

Hamilton Beltline Recreational Trail

The new Hamilton Beltline between Cleveland Ave and B Street needs police to be present if you want people to feel safe. Drugs, derelics and punks. Are you listening Hamilton? I just seen all three!!!

August, 2022 by ss1320ss

The new Hamilton Beltline between Cleveland Ave and B Street needs police to be present if you want people to feel safe. Drugs, derelics and punks. Are you listening Hamilton? I just seen all three!!!

Jim Simmons Memorial Trail

Nice Views But Better for Walking

August, 2022 by 89hyzdnh6z

This trail is along a creek and has nice water, forest, and flower views but is not for the serious road bicyclist. The trail is narrow and very curvy so you can’t get any speed. There is one short hill that would be too steep for a person doing “neighborhood bicycling”. The trail would be great for walking.

Great Miami River Trail

Best Trail in the Area

August, 2022 by brea.denise

Long review for a long trail. This is my favorite trail by far in the area. I broke this trail up and completed it in sections starting from Piqua. There are plenty of restrooms and parking. Mostly shaded and cool because it runs along the river. Once you get to downtown Dayton there are several connectors to other trails along with a concession stand near riverscape if you want a quick bite to eat.

Lebanon Countryside YMCA Trail

Great Workout!

August, 2022 by brea.denise

Very well maintained. Somewhat scenic. Steep hills in both directions. Very little shade, I saved this trail for a cloudy day and I’m glad I did. It was an awesome workout.

Prairie Grass Trail

Perfectly Glorious Trail!

August, 2022 by karen46

The Prairie Grass Trail is always one of our favorites! We rode the 18 miles out from Xenia to South Charleston and were pleasantly surprised to enjoy the 13 miles of NEW pavement from Xenia to the Greene County Line. Of the remaining 5 miles - only that last 1.5 - 2 miles into South Charleston has some marked "potholes" and root bumps - otherwise it is mostly smooth and enjoyable. This trail is mostly unshaded and super straight so heat and wind may be your only worries - but pick a nice and non-windy day and it is a glorious ride. This route is never crowded and the path is super wide too.

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